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Stop Using Manual Standing Desk & Change to Electric One?
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Stop Using Manual Standing Desk & Change to Electric One?

|Jul 12, 2021

If you were to look up standing desks online, you would find that there is minimal mention of a manual standing desk. We found that it isn’t as popular as a converter or its motorized counterpart on closer inspection. It does aid in lowering the heart diseases, blood pressure, and other risks associated with the ‘desk life.’ A manual standing desk frame even breaks up the monotony of the workday. So why is it so unpopular when compared with an electric standing desk? There are many reasons for this, and we’ll explain all those in detail here.

Electric desk benefits

Electric desk benefits

Easy operation

home electric desk can be raised or lowered using a button panel. The desk moves quickly, and this control can be easily accessed even when you’re making a call or are busy with other things.

Weight capacity

Most of the tabletops that you get today are capable of handling an increased weight. Some people often choose an electric desk frame because of this factor over a converter or a manual standing desk. It is an ideal solution for those who need to have more items on their desks.  

Faster adjustment

An electric desk can be moved up or down much faster with advanced motors. So, that way, you spend less time as you move from sitting to standing. Usually, when you compare a manual vs electric standing desk, it takes about one second to raise or lower the desktop about an inch. So, eventually, you only need to wait out a maximum of fifteen seconds.

Bigger desk sizes

Bigger desk sizes

Since the desk moves with motors, even two of them, the size of the desktop is limitless. This is just the room that an individual working on a dual monitor setup needs. In fact, you can get those really big U-shaped and L-shaped standing desks as well and feature three motors.  

Justifiable cost

Electric desks are more expensive, but you can choose from various models ranging from the low-end to the high-end. These desks last longer, have more health benefits, and you can get technical support in case of issues. They are also bigger and can support more weight as well, and these specifications are factored into that price tag.

Power requirements

Power requirements

Electric desks need a power outlet so that the motors can work optimally. This might leave you tied to certain areas of the house, but it is worth it as these desks have a lot to offer. Even if the desk gets stuck during transition owing to power loss, you can always reset the desk. There is a failsafe for everything, including one that prevents desk’s movement when excess weight is detected.   

Electronic issues

Electric desks have fewer technical issues as each company tries to test out its models before the sale. Usually, if the desk is installed and used correctly, there are no problems – for this, you have a manual, read it carefully. In some cases, electronics can still fail owing to several reasons. If that is the case, you have someone to call for replacement parts to get.    

Motor sound

Motor sound

The whining sound that the desks have proves that the desk motor is working. The sound is normally produced when the gears start to turn. Most desks are fitted with motors that have reduced motor decibel output. The only time the noise is noticeable is if the workplace is very quiet. 

Manual standing desk downsides

Manual standing desk downsides

Slow adjusting

The biggest cons of a crank standing desk are that you need to adjust the height. This is time-consuming because you would need about 15 inches of adjustment to get to the ideal standing position. Most models required about five full cranks just to get an inch of adjustment. So, in total, that is about 30 to 75 rotations of the crank to get from sitting to standing!

Reduced weight capacity

Reduced weight capacity

Some users are fine with the extensive cranking adjustment, but they eventually dislike the reduced weight capacity. Most crank standing desks have a 30% lower weight capacity when compared to an electric one. There are models made with higher weight-lifting in mind, but these require even more cranks per inch to adjust.  

Sticking cranks

As you would expect with most manual mechanisms, a crank does get stuck. Nothing could be worse than a manual standing desk stuck at the wrong height. The crank moves the desk up other times, but the manual standing desk won't go down. A crank desk gets stuck because the legs are uneven, a poor locking mechanism, or there is too much weight on the desk. Since it doesn't have an advanced detecting motor, you can’t prevent the crank from getting stuck.      

Uneven load

The manual standing desk is only efficient when it is well balanced. Weight on the tabletop has a lot to do with that balance. When you place too much weight on either side of the desk, it becomes tough to move the crank. The cranks might even get stuck, as we’ve mentioned before. As a result, the user has to constantly move items from the desk in order to adjust them.

Desk sizes

Desk sizes

Electric and crank desktops are the same sizes, more or less. But, as described earlier, the size of a manual standing desk might be smaller due to weight capacity and cranks movement.    


A crank desk is affordable only because it doesn’t have a mechanized motor. And, without a motor, you get all those drawbacks that we mentioned earlier. But here, too, you have a wide assortment of desks ranging from the very high-end models to the entry-level crank model. 

No power

A cranks desk or a manual standing desk doesn't need the power to operate, and this may work in an area with lots of power cuts. You have the advantage of placing the desk anywhere you like. The only downside is the inconvenience of moving all items off the desk.

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