Lists of Study Desk Supplies for Tech Students
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Lists of Study Desk Supplies for Tech Students

|Apr 7, 2022

Designing a proper dedicated study space ensures the students are well motivated to study and find the best possible way to focus on their work. A study corner at home is highly important since children spend most of their time at home. Completing their homework is also a better enjoyable task if they have a special dedicated study space. Other than having a proper study desk combined with a computer chair, your children must be well provided with all the study desk supplies that might affect their productivity and motivation to study.

A study desk décor is equally imperative for students to practice active sitting, prevent poor posture, and overcome various health issues such as back pain and physical fatigue resulting from bad and improper seating. This article will cover the study desk must-haves and the essential supplies to make your study corner the most productive it has ever been.

Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer study desk supplies

Desk organizers help keep the desk clutter to a minimum and provide your study space with the right organization. Especially for tech students and learners who need to take many notes while studying, having a proper desk organizer will help you achieve and set up a tidy workstation without much effort.

This magnetic desk organizer from autonomous is a two-in-one solution. The desk organizer comes with several compartments to store your multiple-sized stationery items, pens, notebooks, notepads, mobile phones, etc. Besides being large enough, the desk organizer also has a magnetic property to stick to your desk surface, so it doesn't move and cause you any trouble while working.

Monitor Mount

Monitor Mount study desk supplies

For a study station involving a lot of computer work, such as learning coding or programming, your kid probably has multiple monitors and various accessories. This monitor arm from autonomous is the perfect fit for such study stations with an ergonomic screen placement while freeing your desk from extra desk clutter.

The monitor arm comes with multiple settings such as a single monitor mount, dual monitor mount, and a triple monitor mount to make things work with multiple screens at once.

Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet study desk supplies

Here is one of the vital study desk supplies for organization. A famous fact regarding work desks or study desks is that clutter is the enemy of productivity. With a high level of clutter, it is hard to achieve the desired level of productivity. Hence, your desk setup must have enough storage options, so you don't have to meet the mess each time you try to find a notebook, pen, or file. A filing cabinet is a great accessory in such cases.

This ergonomic filing cabinet from autonomous and even the 2-drawer file cabinet are ergonomic solutions for a study desk organizer project. They are tiny in size yet spacious from the inside. They cover various needs and can easily slide right under your desk.

Wrist Rest

Wrist Rest study desk supplies

Keyboard and Mouse users are subjected to repeated stress and strain in the workplace resulting in various physical injuries. An ergonomic wrist rest is a great way to minimize strain on the wrist and provide your hands with an ergonomic position to work. This accessory is extremely helpful for screen users and gamers, and a child who has to study and complete their assignments all on a laptop or keyboard.

Desk Pad

Desk Pad study desk supplies

There are tons of study desk organization ideas that seem useless at first but, once incorporated, can make a huge difference. This vegan leather desk mat from autonomous is one such accessory with a tiny size and a huge impact. It is a desk mat that can cover a certain part of your work desk and help you define a boundary to work.

These study desk supplies are also helpful in keeping your work desk free from any scratches and prevent you from wrist strain and friction against the desk. Moreover, it will also add an aesthetic vibe to your entire workstation.

Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad study desk supplies

How many times has your laptop or cellphone died in the middle of a study session or an online class? The Task pad wireless charging desk pad is the simplest solution with dual functionality. First, it acts as an interface between your desk and desk accessories; secondly, simply by placing your devices on it, you can enjoy quick charging and never run out of battery during important study sessions.

The anti-scratch and the water-resistant surface provide a stain-proof action while working. The mouse pad is micro-textured, and the comfortable cushioned material ensures the ergonomic placement of hands. You can also purchase this wireless desk pad from autonomous with the help of the student purchase program and get affordable pricing.  

A Seat Cushion

A Seat Cushion

A seat cushion is an ideal accessory to make those painful times pleasurable and easygoing. When using a seat cushion to work or study as an added accessory to your chair, you can get rid of back pain and poor health issues. The cushion can be combined with any chair, airplane seat, car seat, or desk chair. You will also experience a better posture, relieved upper back pain, and an active posture while working.

Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp study desk supplies

This is one of the study desk supplies for students. When you study for an extended period under normal overhead room lighting, your eyes quickly become tired, and you feel sleepy. On the other hand, the Study Lamp solves this problem because the light from the lamp does not reach your eyes.

The LED Ultra Wide Desk lamp from autonomous has adjustable brightness levels and works with intensity control. It is wide enough to cover your entire desk surface, and you can also adjust the desk height and placement with the help of the tall lamp leg. You can also control the light temperature, brightness, and intensity depending on your needs and time of day.


Earbuds are highly important for a noise-free study experience, especially when you are attending an online class or online study session with your friends or group members. Apple AirPods deliver high-quality audio to devices running iOS 10 or later. It's simple to adjust the volume, change the music, and end calls with the built-in remote. You can pair it with your study setup and enjoy interrupted clear audio levels.

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