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Should Stylish Office Chairs Have Ergonomic Features?

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 3, 2021

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Should you go for a stylish office chair or an ergonomic one? Many people these days seem to prefer going the route of the former, as visual appeal seems to be the way forward in today's office spaces. 

Even if you work from home, it's not as if no one is ever going to see your workspace, especially in a world where there are so many visual conferencing platforms available. Stylish office furniture is the order of the day, and the world seems to progressively be going that route. 

On the flip side, there is the ergonomic market. If your office chair falls under this category, it's more than just comfort. Remember that the principle of ergonomics speaks to uniting the worker, equipment, and the environment in an optimal mix that ensures better health and productivity. 

A modern ergonomic cheer that is designed by a capable vendor has a series of baseline features to achieve this goal. These include armrests, mesh backrest, tilt mechanism and tension, recline, adjustable seat height, etc. 

Unfortunately, many people are willing to do without these necessities just to get their hands on an elegant office chair design. If the ergonomic side is so necessary though, is this a good practice? 

Should people be more concerned about their health and comfort than the ability to nab pretty office chairs? These are the kind of questions to be answered below, and hopefully, by the time it's all over, you feel confident in whatever decision you are going to be making. 

Stylish Office Chair Designs Vs. Ergonomic Designs

Stylish Office Chair Designs Vs. Ergonomic Designs

The idea here is to contrast what you get with a stylish desk chair versus the ergonomic designs on the market. 


As you can imagine, the idea of being both stylish and trendy is all about the visuals and finding the ones that are the most popular or sought after. Everyone, when designing an office space either starts with an idea or progressively develops that idea as the process unfolds. 

Some pieces of the puzzle form the centerpiece around which everything else must fit. For example, the stylish office furniture. You are going to find that it's much easier to build the rest of your office around your desk and chair than doing so in the reverse order. 

Your work time is going to be spent using these things, which means that they become your de facto centerpieces. That's not to say you can't have ideas, such as color and placement in your head beforehand, but don't be surprised if some areas must be modified heavily after you purchase your desk and chair. 

The whole idea of the style is to create a pleasing aesthetic, isn't it? What would be the point of buying a modern white office chair to improve your visual appeal, only to buy other office furniture and equipment that clash with the color and create a less pleasing look in your office? 

If you are going to forego an ergonomic design for a stylish office chair, you must at least get the appearance you are shooting for right. 



As popular as the stylish niche is, there is a host of people who are all about modern ergonomic chair designs, as opposed to the visuals. Unfortunately, there seems to be a misconception that the chairs that are wholeheartedly embracing ergonomics cannot do so while remaining aesthetically pleasing. 

This couldn't be further from the truth. Admittedly, there are some chairs built with an ergonomic focus that are not the most beautiful to look at, yet they provide all the healthy features and design choices that you could want. If your objective is to have something that at least looks nice, then it's not hard to understand why you may not necessarily be too enthusiastic about going that route. 

However, an ergo office chair that is very easy on the eyes is not something unheard of. In fact, if you should pay attention to the right manufacturer, you may find that it's not as hard to get the best out of both worlds as you may think. 

Still, the benefits of opting for a stylish office chair have been documented above. So, what about the benefits that you get from getting an ergonomic design instead? 

Well, office workers find their work and personal lives can start to deteriorate because of repetitive strain injuries, which lead to chronic complications later. One of the most popular is low back pain, which can be crippling in many areas of life. 

An ergonomic chair is designed to reverse some of these issues as much as possible while mitigating and preventing the ones that have not yet occurred. To this end, there are specific design choices in each unit that are geared towards different areas of the human body for the best results. 


One of the prime examples is adjustable lumbar support. The low back pain mentioned earlier is not only a problem that office workers deal with, but it also happens to be the most common. With the required level of support present, you find that such injuries may not necessarily be as big a concern as they would have been otherwise. 

Additionally, for those who may already be suffering from back pain, lumbar support helps to maintain the neutral position that the spine needs. When it's adjustable, it can adapt to fit a wide range of personal needs. 

Maybe the amount of support that one person needs is greater than that of another. Even the same user can have two different requirements at two different points. Adaptation is one of the strengths of an ergonomic design that can offer consistent comfort even when variables are changing. 

Autonomous Stylish Ergonomic Office Chair Designs Give the Best of Both Worlds

This is a good time to bring Autonomous into the conversation. As far as ergonomic equipment suppliers go, you would be hard-pressed to find one that combines value and a broad base of products like Autonomous does. From elegant office chairs to standing desks to even accessories, such as flow mats, you can find it all. 

Earlier, there was mention of manufacturers that hit the nail on the head in both the ergonomic and aesthetic areas. Autonomous is one such name that manages to pull this off to tremendous effect, and it has been done repeatedly. 

Finding a stylish ergonomic chair here is just about second nature at this point, which is just one of many things that prove you don't have to completely compromise your health just to get a good-looking seating option. 

A modern workspace tends to include a standing desk, which is another piece of equipment that's at the core of maintaining comfort and support for the human body. When paired with the right stylish ergonomic office chair, a worker can use sit-stand sessions to be productive without ever having to worry about the health complications that can develop from working too long in an incorrect position. 

You can easily obtain both pillars of this modern layout from Autonomous, and there are variations of each element that you can check out and evaluate to meet the needs of your office visual and your body. Customization is present in spades. For example, you can choose standard and unexpected colors as you pick out the next piece of your office design puzzle. 

Some Stylish Designs to Consider

Now you know that a hybrid of style and ergonomics isn’t so farfetched. The only matter now is giving you some good examples that can guide you in setting your office space up the right way.

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

ergochair pro stylish office chair

Here is a comfortable stylish office chair that transcends most expectations. The moment you look at it, you are taken aback by the visually stunning design choices that Autonomous went with. If you do believe that style and function do not go together, this chair is so aesthetically pleasing, that you could even be led to believe it's of the stylish variety, as opposed to the ergonomic one. 

However, as you dive into the features, the picture of the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro starts to paint itself incredibly well. Starting from the visual side of things, you have a sleek and somewhat futuristic look from the headrest down to the seat. 

The colors available include gray, black and white, black, evergreen, and baby blue. The subtle ones do their job well while the vibrant ones are going to command the amount of attention that you would expect.  

On the functional side of the spectrum, there is high adjustability in the areas of the headrest, armrest, seat height, seat tilt, and backrest. Reclining is a non-issue, and there are five lockable positions along the chair’s path. 

The lumbar support of this stylish office chair is quite flexible and ensures that it maintains its function, regardless of your seating position. People up to 300 pounds can sit on this stylish desk chair without having to worry about its collapse. The woven mesh back and headrest mean optimal airflow and not having to deal with an overbearing amount of sweat.  

For the environmentalists out there, you are going to be glad to know that the materials used in the design of this unit are 100% earth friendly. 

2. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+

ErgoChair Pro+ stylish office chair

This is what you call the definitive hybrid office chair experience. Meet the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+. It sits at the top of the mountain as far as a combination of visuals and functionality goes.  

Compared to the traditional aesthetic of an office chair, you might even wonder if this stylish office chair was designed for comfort at all when you see how apparent the stylistic choices are. For starters, it uses frameless construction, which is very uncharacteristic of these units. However, as visually pleasing as it may look, the feature is intended to promote unhindered movement and natural mobility. 

Imagine a backrest that molds itself and continues to do so as you move to perpetually give you the best possible fit available. Of course, this pretty office chair includes adaptive spine support, which is always a welcome addition. 

Like the standard ErgoChair, this stylish office chair features a whole slew of adjustability options to accommodate a wide range of users, as well as the potentially different needs of a single user over time. 

Standard mesh is not the only option you have for your backrest. You can go that route if you so desire, or you can opt for the cooling naked TPE option. Yet again, the weight capacity is 300 pounds, which should be more than enough for the standard office user.

3. Herman Miller Cosm

Herman Miller Cosm stylish office chair

While the Aeron from Herman Miller may be more popular from the ergonomic side of the spectrum, this is probably a better option if you are looking to combine the best of both worlds. It has an incredibly futuristic visual, which seems to be a defining factor of stylish office chair options that gain a lot of traction. 

The high and seemingly doubly reinforced backrest looks and feels tremendous. It is incredibly supportive, as is the case where the seating portion is concerned. When you use it, your mobility does not feel restricted, and you can see and feel the durability throughout the entire composition of the unit. 

You would be hard-pressed to find many stylish desk chair options that go beyond the sheer presence and capabilities of this one. It's incredibly breathable, and Herman Miller did a great job with the suspension present. Expect your ergonomic needs to be taken care of, regardless of your body type. 


The lesson here is not to subscribe to the belief that style and ergonomics can't come together in a single seating option design. A modern executive office chair can look tremendous and take advantage of the latest in furniture fashion. At the same time, it can have all the adjustability and support features that you need to work productively and comfortably. 

Three stylish office chair examples were given above, which are, of course, not exhaustive. Even so, you may want to give some serious consideration to the Autonomous units, as they are designed with the office worker in mind.

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