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Stylish yet Ergonomic Office Chair and Desk

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 13, 2018

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Chairs and desks are major investments that make up the necessary furniture for any office. Therefore these should be chosen considering the requirements or the major aspects that can extend great comfort during work.

It is also necessary to choose those desks and chairs that blend well with the overall look of the office.

The ergonomic but very boring chairs may make your office look very sick. What an office need is a lot of life, a vibrant environment which can bring the best in anyone.

An office should be a space that the employees should love to come in and not a place that gives a blunt and boring look. While designing the office interiors and picking the furniture for the office, you should carefully pick those that are not only beneficial to your health but also have appealing looks. Hence, you can consider the likes of Smart Desk 2 or the ErgoChair 2.

If one is trying to find out a handful of the best office chairs and desks that are comfortable for the employees and also add to the looks of the office, then here are the choices available in the market.

SmartDesk 2 Business Edition

SmartDesk 2 Business Edition

SmartDesk 2 Business Edition is a standing desk that is electric and adjustable. This is a desk perfect for the users who are looking for extra efficiency and power. It is the standing desk which has the capacity for lifting above 300 lb. This is the standing desk which goes well in supporting all the types of tools that one would want a desk to hold during the work. It has a dual motor which gives it a very smooth and quick rise. This smart desk which one can undoubtedly use for a comfortable working time also becomes a good choice with the 5-year warranty. It is also the one which supports XL 71 inch top and so fits the ones who would need a lot of space for thinking. Smart Desk 2 Business edition works very smooth. The change from sitting to standing position happens very fast and seamlessly thus giving the users more freedom to change between the working positions. Changing between the sitting and standing positions alternatively helps in maintaining healthy focus and circulation. This smart desk allows one to work without feeling sleepy with the long hours of sitting. The smart desks that allow both sitting and standing make things much easier and help in keeping people very active. These desks which in turn make the people active elevates the mood, energy level, focus and thus the productivity of the users.

Dynamic thinking happens only when the individual has a dynamic lifestyle. Work can be completed efficiently only if the individual is creative. Creativity can be triggered only if the individual is active. This smart desk helps individuals to stay fit and active during the work.

SmartDesk 2 – Home Edition

This standing desk is one of the height adjustable ones which is designed to work perfectly for working while sitting and standing. People do not want to sit for the whole day and work, putting health at stake. It is the smart desk that can be adjusted in sitting and standing positions to give a good posture to the users. It is the smart desk that also gives regular movement. It is a good choice to stay healthy and better. It is the smart desk which provides flexible movements in the workspace. It helps in increasing productivity and also enhance the way one move and work. It is the smart desk that is designed for supporting any kind of lifestyle. This standing desk comes with motors for ease in changing between sitting and standing. The standing desk has a wooden top of 52 inches. It comes with very comfortable beveled edges and also has the capability for lifting 220 lbs. There is a programmable button interface with the standing desk that allows in creating 4 customized presets for transitioning between the standing and sitting positions.

This smart standing desk is the one which helps in keeping the users very healthy and active. Staying active and healthy throughout the day help people in focusing better and staying more productive. It is the standing desk that has height settings which is customizable. The smart desk comes with enough space for desktop and is highly durable. It is the standing desk which has the ability to gauge the activities. It also gives tips on when to sit and when to stand. It is the ideal desk that anybody can own for staying active throughout the day. The smart desk also gives options to order food or create a chart through the shortcuts on the smart desk. AI assistance is an inbuilt feature in this smart desk. Intelligent suggestions help in juggling health, downtime, focus, and hustle. SmartDesk3 has got a design which helps in saving a lot of time and pain. It helps in prioritizing the tasks. The smart desk observes and analyzes the way the user works, live and move. Based on the observations, the smart desk recommends the shortcuts for better productivity. It creates very quick fixes for most of the problems which can work for a longer time frame.

SmartDesk 2 – Home Edition

The smart desk 3 with AI support gives tips on when one needs to stand or sit based on the burnout. All the activities and health tips reach the users without affecting the focus, productivity and the workflow. The SmartDesk 3 is connected with the so that one can order food from anywhere that they prefer. The SmartDesk 3 can be synced with the Google Calendar so that the smart desk schedules for the users. The smart desk syncs with the other devices that the user makes use of for streamlining the workspace. All the Apps that the user make use of getting integrated with this smart desk. The smart desk helps in getting the things to happen in just clicks or button presses. One can get a car booked in just a click away.

Ergo Chair 2

Ergo Chair 2

Ergo2 is an Italian and newly designed ergonomic chair. It is one of the office chairs that is fully adjustable and with tilt tension mechanism that gives complete support and resistance of chair for suiting the needs. The chair is paired with the Korean mesh back which is responsive and breathable. It is the chair which can be regarded as the perfect harmony of tools and materials for finding the balance required for the whole day. It is the best office chair which makes it easier and comfortable to work for the whole day. It is the chair which is highly durable with extensive customizable features and the breathable fabric. The chair is built in such a way that it can provide 360 degrees flexibility. It can give full support to the body in any position while sitting. It helps in making the users resort to good postures as it makes them healthy. 


Avo Chair

AvoChair from the Autonomous chair is functional and sleek. The design of the chair is inspired by the nature for the best looks of it. It is the perfect balance of nature and manmade. The chair has got curves on different and important parts so that the user feels great and comfortable while using the chair for a longer time frame. The AvoChair that is designed with the minimal features but has the feature to lock in the preferences for creating the perfect reclining position.


Myo Chair

MyoChair is a great pick for office use as it is a blend of comfort, adaptability, support, and affordability. It is built by considering all the features that make it ergonomic and the testing proves that it is a durable office chair. The low cost and the durability of the chair with the extra features make it a great pick. It is designed with great care to make it highly durable and also affordable. It gives a lot of support and cares about the spine. The material that is used for making this chair helps in boosting the circulation and gives the feeling of million bucks. There are features to support and give extra care to each part of the body. The adjustable headrest helps in easing the neck pain and giving required support to the spine. It can gradually help in correcting the posture. Extendable leg rest helps in reducing the burden of weight from the feet and boost the circulation through the whole body.

It is the chair that is designed for workspaces that have less space and are fast moving. The mesh that is multi-layered and finely woven supports the contours of the body, distributing the weight evenly. It is paired with the durable foam seat which comes with the right type of comfort and the focus. It is the chair which keeps one engaged even while he/she is sitting. It is equipped with an auto-balance mechanism that is of Italian origin. This mechanism brings one upright to the reclining very smooth. The weight-sensitive feature has ideal tension to provide optimum support. The levers are accessible easily when one is sitting, to listen to the body and easily change the postures when one wants to. Optimum sitting position can be created by adjusting the armrests, tilt, incline and seat height. It should help one experience the weightlessness. It is the office chair that looks very affordable and so beautiful to be used for both the looks and the ergonomics that it offers.


Osmo Chair

The chair is made with the mesh material which adapts with the body of the individual. The mesh is created by the textile engineers in Delhi. It adapts for giving optimal support and resistance that is needed by any posture or position. The even distribution of weight happens with it for improved focus and health. OsmoChair allows one to resort to different optimum postures. The chair has the auto balance mechanism for smooth movement and pauses anywhere between the 16 inches and 128 degrees back recline. It gives complete control of the multi-directional sea's t height, tilt, and the inclination. It also has external controls which are responsible and helpful in regulating the lock, position, tension and adjust position and direction at a sport. It is available in different sizes to fit the needs of a different set of people so that they feel very comfortable while sitting on the chair. 4D adjustable armrests comfort irrespective of the body type. Sitting should never cause any pain to the people who have to spend time in the most productive way.

Office chairs should be chosen with great care so that it is possible to get the right kind of look along with great comfort. Try to find out the office chair that blends with the interiors in the office and also provides a great deal of comfort to the ones who work for long hours. Spending money on the right piece of office chairs makes a lot of difference. Find out the best office chairs on our website. Explore our website to find the most sophisticated and stylish office chairs to adore the office space.      

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