Super Helpful Ergonomic Chair Review for You
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Super Helpful Ergonomic Chair Review for You

|Jul 28, 2021

If you think of buying the best office chair for your workspace, you are often bamboozled by the never-ending list of brands selling them. An ergonomic office chair is the need of the hour when you plan to set your office furniture in a way that you become more productive. Many office workers go through several ergonomic chair reviews to get the precise information that helps them get hands-on the best chair.

Unluckily, the reviews are usually disappointing as they fail to provide the information which you are usually looking for. We know that as a concerned person, who is particular about correcting his posture and workplace ergonomics, you must be looking for an ergonomic office chair review that gives you an overview of the best contemporary office chair and the brands that are selling them. Simple and Precise! Well, that’s exactly what we are delivering here. To know more details, read further. 

Best Office Chair Selling Brands

Having an idea of which office chair selling brands are reliable and trustworthy helps you make your selection more precise. Thus, you become more confident rather than confused while picking up the ideal office chair.

Some brands are better than others, and upon our closer evaluation of the market, we have sorted them out below for you. We have also added the best of these brands in this super helpful ergonomic office chair review to make this tough task a piece of cake for you. 

1. Autonomous


Autonomous is one of the best brands that produce top-quality products. It will not be wrong if you choose Autonomous if you are looking for an executive office chair with lumbar support, as their office chairs have one of the most durable and adjustable lumbar support.

The perks do not end here; we at Autonomous have manufactured the office chairs to have myriads of adjustment features like an adjustable armrest, headrest, height, angle, etc. All these high-end features make our chairs completely customizable as per your demands. 

We consider certain office chairs to top the list as their features are pretty advanced and can be ideal for any office worker. Let’s find out some information about its ergonomic computer chair review.

ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus

Our ErgoChair Plus is one of a kind. Autonomous has used eco-friendly materials to manufacture this chair to keep up with their standards. The use of a TPE to cover the ABS plastic frame has made this chair even more durable.

The best part is that this chair has a weight-lifting capacity of up to 300lbs and a wide range of height adjustments, so a large pool of customers can use it. Although the chair is worth $699, there is also an option of paying overtime to make this chair more affordable. ErgoChair Plus has many good ergonomic chair reviews.

Key Features
  • 5-year warranty
  • Adaptive spinal support
  • Breathable mesh fabric option
  • Available in six colors
  • The natural range of motion
  • Adaptive headrest
  • 300lbs load capacity
  • $65/month, payment over time 

ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro

If you cannot afford the Pro+ version, you can go for the ErgoChair Pro. We have ensured that the ergonomics are satisfied in this version as well. The quality of the material is not compromised even. The only difference is that the design is slightly different, and you do not get the TPE material here. However, the mesh fabric used for designing the back is still top-notch and ensures you have a breathable experience. 

Key Features
  • Load capacity – 300lbs
  • 2-year warranty
  • Price - $499 
  • $47/month if you wish to pay over time
  • Smooth recline and angle adjustments
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable armrest and headrest 

2. Steelcase


ThThe next most durable and trustworthy office chair brand is Steelcase. The company has used high-end technology to design its chairs. The adjustment features here are such that they support your movements and ensure your workplace ergonomics are satisfied. However, their best option comes with a slightly higher price tag than Autonomous. They are usually around $920. However, if you wish to customize the chair by selecting the fabric of your choice, you can expect the price to rise with the type of customizations you add. This brand has a lot of good ergonomic chair reviews.

If you think of which of the Steelcase chair models is best for you, we suggest you go for their Leap Office chair. 

Leap Office Chair

Leap Office Chair comes in various colors and various customizable features. It is rated one of the most comfortable ergonomic chairs for lower back pain. You get height adjustments, arm and headrest adjustments, and even nice lumbar support. However, some customers find the lumbar support not as good as the brand charges you. Still, the chair is overall a good option that you may think of going for. 

Key Features
  • Liveback technology to support movement and posture
  • Natural glide mechanism
  • Passive seat edge angle to provide support to lower back
  • Price – $920
  • Maximum load capacity – 400lbs 

3. Herman Miller

Herman Miller

A US-based office chair manufacturer, Herman Miller, is for those office workers, designers, and streamers who think workplace aesthetics matter the most. Since this chair brand is among the oldest ones, you can trust the quality. It has many sit-stand chairs and stools for your workstation. Their office chairs always have a unique and attractive design that makes them the apple of everyone's eye. Since the company has to cater with a high-end design and quality, you can expect these chairs to be more on the pricey side with a starting price of around $995 for the better ones. 

We find Herman Miller’s Aeron Office Chair as the best that this company has to offer and some of its ergonomic chair reviews. 

Aeron Office Chair

With the starting price of $995, Aeron Office Chair is among the best options with many positive ergonomic desk chairs reviews that you can think of going for. The chair also offers certain customization options, but you get charged for them, and the price may become closer to $2000 if you make all sorts of customizations.

Nevertheless, the features that you get with this variant quite much justifies its price. Some users have contradicting views for this option because they believe the company could have offered more color options at this price range. In addition, the chair also lacks a height and depth adjustment feature. However, the design is still unique and can be considered for your office work. 

Key Features
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Armrest pivot and adjustment available
  • Lumbar adjustment
  • No assembly required
  • $995 – base price
  • 12-year warranty 

End Note

We hope that these ergonomic chair reviews will help you a lot in picking the right chair for your office.

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