The 15 Best Badminton Rackets for Every Skill Level
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The 15 Best Badminton Rackets for Every Skill Level

|Jan 11, 2023

Badminton is one of the most accessible and affordable sports. You can play it at home or in your office break room. This sport is a great way to stay fit and active. 

The sport has a lower impact than other activities like tennis, squash, and basketball. Therefore, here are our top picks on the market today that will help improve your game without breaking the bank. 

List of the Top 15 Badminton Rackets for Players of All Abilities

We've found some of the best badminton rackets that are excellent for casual and competitive matches, so feel free to check them out! 

1. Speedminton Junior Set

The Speedminton Junior Set is a great way to get kids into badminton! This badminton racket set provides everything your kids need to get started, including two specially designed junior-sized rackets, two Speedminton shuttlecocks, and a net. Its Minton rackets are made of high-quality aluminum and have an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in smaller hands, making them one of the best badminton rackets. 

Additionally, the Speedminton shuttlecocks can fly farther and straighter than regular ones, giving kids a better game experience. Kids can easily strike the shuttlecock and maintain it in play thanks to the large sweet spot on the rackets. 

Furthermore, the net is quick and easy to set up, so your kids can play in no time. If you're looking for a good badminton racket for your kids, you can't go wrong with the Speedminton Junior Set

Set includes2 Speedminton Junior Rackets
2 FUN Speeder
1 pocket with carrying strap
Warranty6 months

2. Speedminton Set S900

The Speedminton Set S900 is the best-brand badminton racket on the market. It's lightweight yet sturdy, making it ideal for novice and experienced players. This racket consists of carbon fiber, one of the most robust and durable materials. Also, the set features a unique stringing system that helps to maintain tension for improved accuracy and control. 

With its superior quality, the Speedminton Set S900 is ideal for serious badminton players. The handle of this set is ergonomic and comfortable, making it easy to grip and maneuver. 

Moreover, the head of the racket can reduce air resistance, allowing for faster swings and increased speed. Plus, the set has a protective case and spare strings to keep your racket in perfect condition.

Set includes2 S900 Speedminton® carbon composite rackets with Mega Power Zone and U-Profile
5 Speeder™ (1 FUN, 1 CROSS, 1 NIGHT and 2 MATCH) 
1 Wind ring for more wind stability
1 Easy Court Pro
4 Speedlights for night play; glows for approximately 3 hours 
1 X-racketbag with a reinforced shoulder strap
Warranty6 months

3. Speedminton S600 Set

Are you looking for the best badminton rackets? The Speedminton racket S600 set is a great choice. This set includes two professional-grade rackets, three Speedminton shuttles, and a bag for easy storage and transport. 

Additionally, the rackets are made of lightweight, durable materials and feature an extra-large sweet spot for more power and accuracy. Its strings contain a high-performance synthetic material that lasts longer than traditional nylon strings. 

Meanwhile, Speedminton shuttles can travel farther than regular ones, allowing you to play the game faster. The Speedminton S600 set is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take their badminton game to the next level.

Set includes2 S600 aluminium rackets
3 Speeder™ (1 FUN / 1 MATCH / 1 NIGHT)
1 Wind ring for more wind stability
2 Speedlights
1 X-racketbag with shoulder strap
Warranty6 months

4. Speedminton FUN Set

This Speedminton product is a professional badminton racket set perfect for any player. Speedminton's innovative technology provides more power and accuracy with every hit, making your game more enjoyable and intense.

Furthermore, the Speedminton racket is made of lightweight carbon fiber to achieve optimal balance and control. The set includes two Speedminton rackets and a shuttlecock. 

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, the Speedminton FUN Set is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and excitement. Its shuttles are also durable and have an aerodynamic design that ensures the shuttle travels faster and farther.

Set includes2 Speedminton® FUN rackets
1 HELI Speeder™
1 FUN Speeder™
2 Speedlights
Warranty6 months

5. Speedminton Paddleminton Two-Player Set

If you're looking for a good badminton racket set that you can use indoors and outdoors, this one from Speedminton is an excellent option. This set includes everything you need to get started and contains a badminton racquet, shuttlecocks, a carry bag, and two paddles. 

The Paddleminton set is excellent for players of all skill levels and is a great way to practice your game anywhere. With this badminton set, you'll work on your serves, volleys, and returns, making it excellent for outdoor use, so you can practice your game whenever the sun shines. 

Set includes2 paddles
4 fun speeder
2 wiffleballs
1 full court (13 x 13 ft) made of 2 durable nylon band squares and 8 metal pegs.

6 months

6. Speedminton Start Set

The Speedminton Start Set is the perfect way to get started playing badminton. This best-brand badminton racket set includes everything you need to get started. It consists of a badminton racquet, shuttlecocks, and a carry bag. Plus, it contains high-quality materials that will last longer and provide you with years of use. 

Speedminton's start set is perfect for beginners and casual players but also allows advanced players to experience more enjoyable competitive matches. Additionally, it's affordable - so you can invest in quality gear without breaking the bank. If you're in the market for a badminton racket set, be sure to check out the Start Set from Speedminton!

Set includes2 Aluminium rackets
2 Speeder™ (1 FUN / 1 MATCH )
1 Wind ring for more wind stability
1 Mesh carrybag
Warranty6 months

7. Speedminton Street Racket Two-Player Set

The Speedminton rackets set is perfect for trick shots and advanced plays. This set has a durable metal racquet, two polyester shuttlecocks, and a carrying bag. The metal racket is one of the most durable badminton rackets on the market. 

Also, the polyester shuttlecocks are durable and easy to handle, making them an ideal choice for trick shots and advanced plays. Speedminton's professional badminton racket set is perfect for experienced players that love to do more than just play the regular game.

Set includes2 Wooden Street Racket rackets with logo (38x20x0.6cm)
2 Street Racket Balls
3 Pieces of chalk
1 Carrybag
Warranty6 months

8. Falconz Badminton Set

This Falconz badminton set is perfect for beginners and intermediate players. You can get four graphite-glass fiber badminton rackets, 12 goose feather shuttlecocks, an aluminum racket, and a two-racket bag. 

Additionally, the rackets have an open string pattern that is easy to hit and come in weights of 80g, 81g, and 84g. Its shuttlecocks are durable, designed to improve their flight, and come in a pack of 12. Lastly, the shuttlecocks come in two styles: a goose feather and a multi-color shuttlecock. 

9. Boulder Sports Badminton Rackets

The Boulder badminton set can give beginners a good foundation in the sport. This set consists of a lightweight badminton racket, shuttlecocks, and a carry case. It comes in three string weights of 60g, 70g, and 80g and has a head size of 2.2 inches. Furthermore, the badminton racket weighs just over 2 pounds and consists of aluminum. 

A flat-bottomed shuttlecock and the goose-feather tip one are the two different types available. Moreover, the shuttlecocks are durable plastic and have a multi-color design for added appeal. The carry case can protect the racket and shuttlecocks while being used. 

10. AboveGenius Badminton Rackets

If you're in the market for a good badminton racket, the AboveGenius racket set of six is a great choice. This set includes six lightweight, durable badminton rackets and six nylon shuttlecocks, making it the perfect choice for outdoor backyard games. 

Whether you're an experienced player or just starting, this is the perfect set for a fun game of badminton with friends and family. The rackets contain premium materials that won't break while providing maximum control and accuracy. Plus, they're lightweight, so even beginners can use them without getting tired. 

11. Triumph Sports Four-Players Badminton Set

If you're searching for a complete badminton setup for an outdoor game, you'll want to check out this set from Triumph Sports. This badminton set comes with all the essentials you'll need to start. The Triumph set includes a badminton racquet, shuttlecocks, a carry bag, and four rackets. 

With this badminton set, you can work on your serves, volleys, and returns. Furthermore, this unit is perfect for outdoor use, so you can practice your game whenever the sun shines. Lastly, it is excellent for players of all skill levels and is a great way to practice your game anywhere. 

12. Franklin Sports Badminton Racket

These top badminton rackets are fun, affordable, and help you start learning how to play badminton. This badminton set comes with a durable black racket and a birdie shuttlecock set. The racket is sturdy and lightweight. It's ideal for beginners or those looking to get into badminton again. 

Furthermore, the birdie shuttlecock is meant for doubles play and has a durable mesh frame. Overall, the birdie shuttlecock is a versatile accessory used at home or out in the field and is durable and reliable, making it a good badminton racket for beginners. 

13. KH Two-Four Player Badminton Rackets Set

This badminton set is perfect for individuals or teams of up to four players. The set includes: 

  • Two badminton rackets (one black and one blue).
  • Two badminton shuttlecocks (one black and one white).
  • A durable carrying bag. 

These top badminton rackets are perfect for backyard fun or a competitive game at your local park or beach. They are made from steel and feature an open-frame design, making them lightweight and easy to maneuver. Moreover, the shuttlecocks are made of high-quality materials and feature a durable mesh frame, making it easy to shuttle the shuttlecock back and forth. 

Furthermore, this good badminton racket set is perfect for beginners and is durable enough to withstand regular use. Its lightweight and durable rackets make it easy for beginners to learn the sport without strain, and its bag is durable enough to store everything in one place. 

14. Xcello Global Sports Badminton Outdoor Game Set

You can enjoy your backyard game with family and friends with the Xcello badminton set. It comes with a 2.8-meter badminton net, four orange badminton rackets, four green ones, four neon yellow shuttlecocks, four LED shuttlecocks, a carry bag, and a badminton rules book. 

To play badminton in your backyard, you need a good net. This badminton set is durable and lightweight, making it easy to move from one place to another and store in a small area. The badminton rackets and shuttlecocks are designed for low-impact play, making them ideal for beginners and kids. Furthermore, the badminton set comes with an excellent net, making it even more convenient to play this sport.

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15. YONEX Graphite Badminton Astrox Lite Series Racket

YONEX Graphite is one of the best badminton rackets for beginners and children. This badminton racket is made of graphite and has a light frame that makes it easy to maneuver. The set also features an open-frame design, making it lightweight and durable. 

It comes with a wrist wrap and a carry bag, making it easy to carry and transport. Moreover, this badminton racket is also ideal for players with a lower skill level and those just looking to get into the sport.

Best-brand Badminton Racket - Buying Guide

You can get all badminton rackets and home fitness accessories from online retailers and discount sports stores. However, why go through the hassle when you can get your favorite badminton racket from the list below? If you're a beginner, we recommend getting a badminton set that focuses more on novice players. However, intermediate or advanced players can go for our professional badminton racket sets since they are more experienced. 

It's also vital to consider the following factors when buying the best badminton rackets: 

  • Length of the string: There are two badminton strings: synthetic and natural. Synthetic strings are not recommended for beginners, as they are harder to control and are more expensive. Natural ones are cheaper and more forgiving.
  • Head size: Badminton rackets come in a range of head sizes, from 8.66" to 9.06" (220 to 230 mm). A larger head size makes it easier to power the ball. A smaller head size makes it easier to control.
  • Rackets: These rackets come as one pair, so buy an additional one to double up as a backup. 


Badminton is a great way to stay fit, socialize with friends, and improve agility and coordination. It is one of the most accessible sports and can be played at home, at your local park, or even in your office break room. 

The best badminton rackets are a critical component in this highly competitive sport. There are many factors to consider when purchasing the best portable workout equipment, including a professional badminton racket, such as price, weight, durability, and flexibility.

Each badminton racket has a unique silhouette and will perform differently for each player. Consider our advice and top picks when choosing the best-brand badminton racket to get the most out of your investment. 

This sport is fantastic for moving your body, but if you’re looking for other alternatives to stay healthy, try to exercise at a standing desk while you work. Furthermore, you can even practice badminton at your outdoor home gym if you don't have any other place to play.

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