The 20 Best Desk Chairs in Canada (2024 Update)
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The 20 Best Desk Chairs in Canada (2024 Update)

|Oct 1, 2021

Ergonomic chairs are the way to go if you spend long hours at a desk. However, finding one that meets your height, weight, ergonomic, and aesthetic requirements isn’t always easy. Those who live in Canada may be wondering where to begin the search. 

Here are 20 of the best desk chairs in Canada.

20 Best Desk Chairs in Canada in 2022

1. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra

The Autonomous Chair Ultra is the best office chair for lower back pain because of its adaptive, innovative lumbar support technology. It has an appealing fishbone structured backrest. 

A great feature of this chair is that you can customize it to suit your preferences, choosing between Eco-friendly TPE or mesh for the backrest, and it comes in a variety of colours. 

With Autonomous, great looks come with excellent ergonomics, so you can rest assured that you get the best value for your money when you purchase one of its products. 

This top-of-the-range chair has all the features an office chair should have, and it is fully adjustable, so no part of your body is strained while you are seated. 

Unlike many other chairs on this list, you can use the Autonomous Chair Ultra for long hours of sitting, and it lasts for many years, which is why the manufacturers offer a full five-year warranty, making it the best desk chair in Canada. 

You can find this ergonomic chair online, and it ships to Canada for free! 

2. Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline - Desk chair in Canada

Another great reclining office chair is the Autonomous Chair Recline. Like other chairs in its range, Autonomous does not sacrifice ergonomics for looks and vice versa. 

It provides excellent comfort, and even has an optional head and leg rest for optimum support and comfort while spending long hours at the office. In the choice between a gaming chair vs an office chair, the gaming chair tends to always win. 

This is because gaming chairs are designed to be comfortable and supportive, making them great for the office. However, when it comes to an office chair from Autonomous, like this one, the office chair wins every time. 

While it does come in just two colours, this chair is the best office chair with a leg rest

3. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo

The Autonomous Chair Ergo is one of the most popular Autonomous desk chairs in Canada because of its great features. There is nothing negative to say about this chair because it comes with the whole package. It is modern, completely adjustable, supportive, and comfortable. 

This ergonomic chair is made from eco-friendly materials, and adjusts any way you need it to, so you are supported no matter how tall or short you are. It can also carry 300 pounds of weight and comes in a range of attractive colours to suit any office environment. 

4. Herma Miller Sayl

The Herman Miller Sayl has a distinct design that you notice the first time you see it. While it is near the top of the list, it does not provide the most comfort, and the chair's unusual design may not be for everyone. 

One thing that is admirable about this chair is its eco-friendly build. Manufacturers use as little material as possible, and no PVC is used to make this product. All materials are recyclable too. 

However, this office chair is also on the greater end of the price spectrum, so it may not be a feasible option for many. It is a good desk chair in Canada, especially if you like the modern look, but it may not be for everyone.

5. Branch Task Chair

Branch Task Chair

The Branch Task Chair is another ergonomic chair in Canada built to appear like any other office chair, but it is actually smart furniture with premium ergonomic features. It would be suitable in a corporate environment or for a home office. 

This chair's most prominent feature is its double woven mesh high backrest, making it comfortable to sit on for long periods. Unfortunately, it isn't the most comfortable of chairs and does not include a headrest. 

6. Steelcase Series One

The Steelcase Series One has LiveBack technology to support the natural contours of your spine, and it is made from breathable micro-knit mesh. It adjusts to your posture, and keeps moving with you, allowing your legs and arms to remain stationary even as you recline. 

Some people may find the tilt angle of the backrest strange because it is slightly angled forward, giving the impression that you are leaning towards your desk, but this is intended to rectify your posture. That being said, it may not be suitable for everyone. 

7. Professional Air Grid 5700E by Space Seating

Professional Air Grid 5700E by Space Seating

The Air Grid 5700E may not be the most visually appealing computer chair in Canada, but it has earned its place on this list because of its value for money.  

It swivels 360 degrees and has a tilt and lock feature to prevent it from leaning too far back. Even though it only reclines 15 degrees, you may be surprised to find that the chair can rock back and forth comfortably. 

The 5700E's PU leather seating has foam, providing maximum comfort. However, if you sit on this desk chair for more than five or six hours per day, you may become sweaty or sticky because of its leather upholstery. 

8. IKEA Marcus

The Marcus has been on the market for a while now. It tends to leave much to be desired in terms of ergonomics, but what it lacks in adjustment options more than makes up for in comfort. 

This office chair in Canada offers an elevated ergonomic position to help you achieve the correct seated posture. The built-in headrest and tall mesh backrest make it a good chair for semi-extended periods. 

It lacks fancy ergonomic technology for its price point, so do not expect it to provide relief from lower back pain, but it does have many standard features such as an adjustable backrest, height, and seat tilt. 

9. Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron - Desk chair in Canada

This ergonomic chair in Canada is made of pellicle, a breathable membrane that enables air to circulate evenly, preventing the buildup of odour and sweat. 

The basic version of the Aeron does not include the renowned PostureFit SL mechanism, which is a great feature to have if you are purchasing a Herman Miller office chair. It is customizable, and comes in three sizes, but it is an expensive option. 

10. Humanscale Liberty Task Chair

The Liberty chair has a minimalistic design that is suitable for any office space. Liberty integrates performance with simplicity to produce good ergonomic chairs in Canada. 

This desk chair has advanced features such as an automatic recline, armrests attached to the rear end of the task chair for consistent support, and a tri-panel backrest. Humanscale’s Liberty is a classic and environmentally friendly design with fewer components than traditional task chairs. 

However, this chair has its drawbacks, including a high price tag, no headrest, and armrests that are not adjustable.

11. BestOffice Desk Chair

If you need a high-quality office chair that includes all the features but does not have the money to spend on a luxury brand, you can try the desk chair from BestOffice. It provides adequate ergonomic support, including lumbar support and armrests to relieve strain on the arms. 

This computer chair in Canada is lightweight, and lets you move around your office with ease. Choose one of the many colours offered, and your chair blends right into your office space. The best part is that it is affordable. 

12. Neuhaus ErgoDraft

The ErgoDraft by Neuhaus, which is available in Canada through Amazon, has a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds, making it a good office chair for overweight people. This desk chair in Canada also has a modern appeal, and it includes several ergonomic features. 

It has an adjustable headrest to support the neck, a synchro tilting back that can recline up to 135 degrees and locking casters to prevent unwanted movement. The only drawbacks are a lack of embedded lumbar support and a limited colour choice. 

13. MotionGrey Computer Desk Chair

MotionGrey Computer Desk chair in Canada

This chair from MotionGrey has an advanced ergonomic design that responds rapidly to your body's movement and posture, providing natural balance and support.

The crafted mesh is breathable and temperature neutral, and it is tailored to accommodate and adjust to the human form. It conforms to body movements and provides an even distribution of pressure. 

It is available online in Canada through Best Buy.

14. Ugoburo Aircentric Ergonomic Desk Chair

If you're looking for a customizable office chair in Canada, the Aircentric might just be for you. It is expensive, but has good ergonomic features to keep you healthy, supported, and free of injury. 

The chair features lumbar support that adapts to your body to provide proper support of the curvature of the spine, and it can be adjusted to suit your height preferences. It does come at a high price, though, so keep that in mind. 

15. Moustache High Back Chair

Moustache High Back Desk chair in Canada

This high back ergonomic chair is available from Best Buy, and provides the comfort of a gaming chair, thanks to its comfortable mesh high backrest. The chair also features a comfortable headrest and is fully adjustable to give you the best support for your body type. 

It has a chrome base and nylon wheel casters that let you swivel 360 degrees. Unlike other high back chairs, the Moustache is affordable, offering good ergonomic support for the price. 

16. Grace and Grace Drafting Chair

If you need a desk chair in Canada that tucks away effortlessly under your desk, then you may enjoy the drafting chair from Grace and Grace. 

Available on Amazon, this chair is a nice little chair to keep your back supported. It is also height adjustable but does not provide much in terms of ergonomics. 

17. Nicer Furniture Mid-back Task Chair

Nicer Furniture Mid-back Task Chair

The Nicer Mid-back chair is unquestionably a good option when it comes to quality and price. 

Its breathable mesh backrest curves to support your back, allowing air to pass through, and increases long-term comfort by preventing body heat and moisture buildup. 

This chair has a base that is made of sturdy nylon with hooded double wheel casters. However, it does not provide much ergonomic support apart from the lumbar support. 

18. Sonas Seating Candescence High Back Office Chair

The Sonas Seating Candescence high-back task chair is specially designed to help to improve your workday through comfort and support. It has adjustable lumbar support, a moulded, high-density seat, and a mesh backrest to help reduce pressure points. 

Use the pneumatic height adjustment and a tilt-lock mechanism to get the chair to the optimum height. The chair is only available in black and may not include all the features you need from a desk chair in Canada. 

19. FurnitureR Task Chair

FurnitureR Task Chair

This simple, sleek task chair completes your space, making it ideal for the modern office. It has a touch of class, thanks to its fabric texture and clean, modern lines. Effortless, easy-rolling wheels with an armless design and a 360-degree swivel are all features of this desk chair in Canada. 

However, there is little ergonomic support provided with this chair, and the low fabric backrest could leave your back sore and sweaty. 

20. Office Star OSPDesigns Desk Chair

This Office Star task chair is suitable for a home office setup. It has a mesh back, padded mesh seating, a seat height adjustment feature, and a 360-degree swivel to let you get to the things you need without getting off your chair. 

The chair's contemporary style also lends it an eye-catching aesthetic appeal, and the lack of arms lets it slip effortlessly under your desk. It is not suitable for prolonged use, as there aren't many ergonomic features to the chair's design. 

Final Thoughts

Those who spend time at a desk all day must invest in a good ergonomic chair that can prevent injury, fully support your body, correct posture, and keep you comfortable throughout the day.

We highly recommend the Autonomous Chair Ultra, as it has everything you could need and more in a desk chair in Canada, without the high price tag.

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