The 3 Best Office Chairs for Dad who Work From Home
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The 3 Best Office Chairs for Dad who Work From Home

|Jun 15, 2021

Surprise your dad this year with a practical gift that says, 'I care for your well-being and good health!' This Father's Day, make your dad proud to let him know you are a grown-up child to understand his needs as he works from home, caught in between the pandemic and office pressures.

Work from home dads deserves comfort; perhaps, your dad may need a pleasing workspace and be able to work in peace and comfort.

Look at our suggestions of a wide range of practical gifts that your dad will be delighted to enjoy throughout the day; little luxuries that add the missing “home” in the new normal “home office”.

The 3 Best Office Chairs for Your Dad

Gift your Dad, Papa, Pops, Papi, Father, the best practical gift.  Why should you consider our suggestions?

As your dad works from the home office, he must maintain his good health. Research shows that people, who work for long hours at a work desk, get multiple health disorders from incorrect postures and traditional work desks or a chair. They are easily prone to cervical spine issues, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Syndrome Injuries (RSI), obesity and related cardiovascular issues, and more. You don't want your dad to get any of these! 

What is the solution? Get him an office chair for Father's day! Give comfort to your dad and get rid of backaches and stiff body postures with an ergonomic office chair. These chairs offer you high adjustability and reduce probable chances of stiff body postures leading to associated health issues, as shared above.

We focus on the best products that are ergonomically designed for your dad’s comfort. Here are our reviews of some of the best reclining computer chairs. So read on and opt for the best office chair for dad that suits your needs for your dad!

1.  Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo

The Autonomous Chair Ergo offers your dad the freedom to adjust the seat height, armrests, seat tilt, headrest, and backrest to his comfort.  Change to any setting by easy-to-use levers that work conveniently. The backrest offers a twenty-two-degree recline! You may see your dad leaning back and resting as he reads a book or takes a break.  Of course, he can lock the position in any one of the five lockable positions as per his need.  Visualize him with a smile as his back is rested and in the correct posture. It is such a perfect office chair for dad.

When working at a desk, your dad’s back is supported with the natural S shape of the chair as he fits in comfortably. Don’t miss the guidelines for best comfort shared by OSHA, USA.  No more tiredness as the chair back takes all the stress of work!  Ensure that he adjusts the easy-to-manage lumbar support that gives strong support to his blower back. The fine mesh that makes up the chair continues to provide fresh air as your dad sits down to work.

Be surprised to see your dad rolling over to fetch a document or a book from his workspace or a different part of the room. The chair’s casters are smooth and roll over hard and soft areas easily.

Priced at $349 (instead of $499) for the EverGreen version and $449 for Red Apple and Baby Blue colors, the Autonomous Chair Ergo could be your best gift ever for your dad! 

2.  Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra

Another option for an office chair for dad is the Autonomous Chair Ultra. A statement of design, style, and elegance, this Father's day ergonomic chair has a marvelous twenty-five-degree backrest recline. Lock it in any one of the eleven positions for easier sitting.

This chair has all the offerings of an ergonomic chair with adjustable armrests, height, and seat tilt and backrest. Tired of working long hours sitting down? Cut out the tiredness by easing in the lumbar support into position with your lower back. No more tiredness or pains and aches!  This office chair for dad is made from Thermoplastic Elastomers (or TPE), also called thermoplastic rubbers. What are its benefits?  It offers you the properties of both strong plastic and easy, flexible rubber, giving you firmness yet comfort.

Available in a choice of six different subtle colors, those match almost all home offices. In addition, your dad gets easy access and mobility with the Autonomous Chair Ultra.

3.   Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline

An office chair gift for dad is your best choice for his health.  The Autonomous Chair Recline is the perfect example of an ergonomic chair. 

How is it different from other ergonomic chairs? With additional features of an adjustable headrest and footrest, it has all the basic features of an ergonomic chair. With easy-to-use levers, your dad can effortlessly manage all the adjustments – no need for any tools or help. The chair can easily accommodate a bodyweight of up to 250 pounds.  The supportive foam of the seat keeps your tush comfortable. The backrest is made from fine black mesh material, giving your skin air to breathe for your comfort. 

Don’t miss the accompanying options of a standing office desk.  What benefits does this office chair for dad offer? Well, just like an ergonomic office chair, a standing office desk gives your dad the freedom to lower or raise the desk height. So, if you are wondering why he would need that, it's simple! Ergonomics and research show that as folks sit down and work, they are subject to very little movement.  With the monotony of sitting long hours using incorrect postures, they are prone to pain and aches of the neck, back and gain weight.

A standing office desk is the solution to change your position to standing and working at the flick of a button. Benefits? It increases blood flow, breaks the monotony of cramped body muscles, burns more calories, overall giving you better health. Tired? Get back to sitting and working.  Check out the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), which offers all these health benefits of standing desk and more.

Here’s an irresistible offer for Autonomous Father's Day Promotion – only $699 for the bundled Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) + Autonomous Chair Ergo (EverGreen) instead of the regular price of $998 – 30% off! If you want to pick Baby Blue Autonomous Chair Ergo, it only costs $799.


Share your love and affection with your father figure, your Papa/Dad/ Pop/Father – as lovingly as you call him! This is time to take care of him as he did for you when you were young!  Protect his health!

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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