The 8 Best Office Chairs Help Avoid Carpal Tunnel
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The 8 Best Office Chairs Help Avoid Carpal Tunnel

|Jul 17, 2021

You may have heard of individuals getting these aches and pains as they work. A common name is carpal tunnel syndrome. It results in staying or sitting in the same position for too much time. Unfortunately, a few of us can afford the luxury of taking frequent breaks, and other times we forget to sit correctly or place strain on our wrists. You can turn things around by getting the right office chairs for the carpal tunnel. In case you need one, we’ve reviewed the best ones here. Check them out now.

What is Carpal Tunnel?

It is nothing but a condition, which can occur if you spend many hours uninterrupted in front of your PC. It might even develop if your posture is wrong or if you place your wrists on the keyboard the wrong way. Ultimately, the pressure being applied on the nerve (median) builds up, causing pain. This pain and discomfort can turn chronic, too, causing a tingling sensation on your fingertips.   

What is Carpal Tunnel? 

Luckily, it is very easy to prevent using the right tools: an ergonomic mouse, the right wrist angle, and even an adjustable armrests chair. An ergonomic chair for carpal tunnel is the best solution if you already have carpal tunnel. Good office chairs for carpal tunnel from the list below is a practical solution too, as it can prevent flare-ups.

List of Ergonomic Chairs

Given out here are some of the top-rated chairs other than the Autonomous chairs that we think is the best chair for carpal tunnel. You can easily find them online, along with a feature highlight to help you choose quickly.    

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo

Our Autonomous Chair Ergo is priced at $499 and worth it as we’ve put everything in it. If you need to buy an ergonomic office chair on a budget, you can avail of our Autonomous promo code and get a nice discount. This is a nice chair, especially for those who want to try the chair risk-free or return in 30 days. As promised, there are loads of adjustments: seat height, seat depth, three-way armrests, lumbar height, seat angle adjustment, and backrest. Also included is a 5-position tilt lock and tension adjustment too. We have even added our Synchro-tilt system for a free recline motion.       

2. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra

If you liked the Autonomous Chair Ergo, but need something more advanced, consider our Autonomous Chair Ultra. Known as the Kinn Chair, this ergonomic chair for carpal tunnel model offers some serious comfort in the form of an ergonomic design, full back support, lighter materials, and adjustment options. It features a mesh covering on a TPE backrest and seat for a cleaner and softer finish. In place of mesh, you have weight absorbing springs so the seat retains its shape. The lack of thick cushioning on the seat and back permits greater airflow.     

3. Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline

Also known as the MyoChair, the Autonomous Chair Recline is one the best AND most affordable chairs online. Easy to assemble right out of the box, this chair is wonderful as it is made entirely out of quality plastic. The seat is thick foam and woven fabric that is comfortable and breathable. As for the armrests, they’re made of memory foam that isn’t too soft or hard. There is mesh on the headrest and backrest that molds to fit you better. The headrest has height and tilts adjustment. As an all-around office chair, the backrest is slightly further away.  This encourages you to sit upright in a position that is much better for your back.     

4. Herman Miller’s Sayl Chair

This is a unique office chair for carpal tunnel with a modern design that promotes an ergonomic sitting posture. It comes in several color choices and is fitted with a plastic backrest. This backrest has a web design that not only keeps you cool but moves with you. The Sayl is one of the more affordable Herman Miller chairs, and it can reverse carpal tunnel syndrome by correcting your posture. It comes with exceptional lumbar support and a 12-year warranty too.   

5. Ficmax’s Gaming chair with Massage and footrest

Ficmax’s Gaming chair with Massage and footrest

Gamers are all too familiar with carpal tunnel syndrome and could also use a chair to prevent it from buying an ergonomic chair. The Ficmax chair has everything for a better gaming experience: swivel, rocking, adjustable armrests, and tilting. The chair can easily support up to 300 pounds and even features a retractable footrest. You can recline into any position and still play in an ergonomically sound way. It has a foam seat pad that is about 4.8 inches thicker and a winged backrest with a massager.      

6. Duramont’s Adjustable Office Chair

Among the features that this chair has, are the soft seat pad and separate headrest. There are lots of moveable parts that let you perfect your comfort: seat height, lumbar support, moveable armrests, and a mesh back. The chair even features a 360° swiveling, based with casters, for greater flexibility and movement. Duramont's chair can support a maximum of 300 lbs.’ and is strong enough for daily use.

7. Leap Executive Chair from Steelcase

Leap Executive Chair from Steelcase

The Leap chair’s unique feature is its ability to adapt to your bodily movements. It even has 4-way adjustable armrests that reduce pressure on your wrists. This office chair for carpal tunnel comes with wheels, seat levers that offer you movement. For example, you can adjust the seat height and depth to lower the pressure falling on your thighs.

8. Modway Articulate chair

This is a perfect option for your office chair for carpal tunnel. The chair has a basic design with great ergonomic support at a very low price. It features a mesh back, a mesh-covered foam seat pad, and many color options. The height of the chair can be adjusted and comes with a 360° swivel for mobility. The seat pad is six inches thick and can be adjusted using single-touch features.

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