Effortless Installation: The Advantages of Prefab Pool Houses
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Effortless Installation: The Advantages of Prefab Pool Houses

|Jul 19, 2023

Having a secondary structure on your property makes for a great place that can serve both work and leisure purposes. The question is, should you go with a prefab pool house, or should you be looking at traditional construction?

The latter is popular and well-understood, but the same cannot be said for the former. What kind of benefits can you look forward to from a prefab accessory dwelling unit? How do you take care of a home pod? What are some of the recommended prefab studio options?

After reading the information below, not only should you be able to answer all these questions, but you should also confidently be able to move forward with an informed construction decision.

Are Prefab Pool Houses Easier Than Traditional Construction?

There is no doubt that construction is a complex matter. As far as a backyard pod goes, the decision of traditional or prefab construction is one you will have to make. Don't jump and subscribe to the school of thought that the traditional variation is better just because it has been around longer.

One of the first and most notable benefits of going the prefabricated route is the quicker construction process by comparison. After all, much of the process is the assembly of pre-manufactured components, and this means you could see construction times being reduced by as much as 50%. Additionally, this kind of design style means that foundation work and panel casting can happen almost simultaneously. Don't forget that the insulation side of things would also be taken care of ahead of time, meaning it's not something you'd need to worry about after the fact.

The next advantage is the fact that the material manufacturing phase of a prefabricated pool house all happens off-site. Not only does this allow for conducive conditions, but it also means that factors such as inclement weather or other environmental challenges that tend to lead to lengthy delays are not as much of a worry.

Quality control is another tough-to-manage element on a construction site. A total quality assurance process would be needed and would have to be simultaneously done with the building stage. While it's not impossible to pull this off, you improve your chances of better quality when the whole control process is happening before construction even begins.

Are Prefab Pool Houses Easier Than Traditional Construction?

Another thing to bear in mind is the lower risk of accidents happening on-site. The way a pool house kit is assembled naturally translates to less work needing to be done on-site. Furthermore, the process also requires fewer people. Heavy equipment is reduced, as are truck deliveries and other possible threats.

A prefabricated pool house design will also often translate to an environmentally conscious process since the materials that tend to be used in these structures are on the recycled or eco-friendly side of the fence. On the same note, the amount of construction waste to worry about is also drastically reduced.

As you can imagine, the costs associated with prefab designs are going to be lower. As indicated before, the number of workers will be fewer. Architect fees are not so much of a concern since the plans are pre-established. Additionally, the materials being used are mass-produced, leading to even greater cost savings.

You'll find that it's also a lot harder to be disappointed by the result, especially if you're going with a reputable provider. That's because you can get a visual of the finished product and understand exactly what to expect even before the construction starts. That way, your expectations will be better set.

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What Design Features and Amenities Make Prefab Houses Suitable for Use Throughout the Year?

Having this tiny house in your backyard is not something you should only expect to be used for limited periods throughout the year. The best-case scenario sees you being able to enjoy pool house sheds regardless of the season. Why is this the case?

All Weatherproof Design

This is a consideration that will come with traditional construction methodologies too. However, just because you're going the prefabricated route, you shouldn't have to suffer from inferior design choices. Therefore, you will find that reputable providers of modular pool houses will pay attention to the kind of materials that form a part of the design.

To this end, you will see conscious weatherproof choices being made. Who wants to pay for a backyard pool house only to have it crumble the moment heavy rain or snow is added to the equation?

All Weatherproof Design

Terrain Anchored

As weather conditions and other environmental changes happen, you may find yourself thinking about the true level of stability that prefabricated pool houses can provide. What if the ground gets really wet and muddy? Are you going to need to worry about your prefab pool house slipping away?

Just because the traditional construction method isn't being used, it doesn't mean that the alternative present here isn't reliable. Some of the best prefab designs get that title because they are well anchored into the ground. In fact, some designs are so well done that they are easily mounted on uneven terrain and can maintain their footing too.

Available Space

The amount of space you get as the owner of a prefab pool house is yet another reason it is so beneficial to have one throughout the year. Nobody can really tell you how you're supposed to use it. Some people will make it a gaming room, while others may want it to be a home office.

Apart from that, it can be a great place to unwind and take a load off. The space you get is typically convenient enough to put in just enough furniture to make it comfortable for whatever your needs may be.

Available Space - prefab pool house

Plug and Play Setup

Plug-and-play setup options are possibly the best part of a DIY pool house. Having to have a structure constructed and then worrying about all the wiring, insulation, etc., doesn't make for a very smooth experience.

Many prefab designs have this taken care of for you, with all the required systems already preinstalled. The only thing you will need to do is to have one connection made to the main power source.

Tips and Guidelines for Maintaining and Caring for a Modular Pool House

Obviously, a prefab structure has a lot of benefits for you to derive. Be that as it may, it's your responsibility to ensure that you take care of your unit well if you want to be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Sure, a well-built ADU is going to stand the test of time. However, wouldn't you prefer to see it look its most pristine and feel its most comfortable to use? If your answer is yes, then why not put these easy tips into practice?

  • Like your main building, you don't want to allow debris to settle on your roof. Even if it's just dirt build-up, you're doing yourself a favor by cleaning things up. Similarly, if winter is something you experience, carefully remove the snow buildup as it adds extra weight to the roof.
  • Keep your interior and exterior clean. The first and most obvious benefit to doing this is maintaining a visually Immaculate space and one that's comfortable to be in. Choosing not to do this could increase your chances of illnesses and of having to deal with pests.
  • Ensure that you’re cleaning your interior and exterior sidings, especially if you don't want to have to deal with rust, mold, or mildew. If you're already at the mildew stage, the cleanup is a bit difficult, but a 1:3 bleach and water solution should have your back.
  • Keep an eye on your ventilation and heating systems at regular intervals. If there are filters at play, you want to change them frequently. For air conditioning, look out for crawlers or insects coming in or if there's any mold appearing.

Tips and Guidelines for Maintaining and Caring for a Modular Pool House

Recommended Autonomous ADUs

Now you have all the background information you possibly can on how a prefab pool house can be advantageous and the little things you can do to keep yours in tip-top shape. The only concern left to address is helping you decide on the right ADU. Autonomous has three wonderful options, which will fit different needs.

Autonomous WorkPod

The Autonomous WorkPod is the original and core design, giving you a space that becomes whatever you want it to be. Whether you need it to be an office, studio, games room, etcetera., you're getting a building that is fully wired and ready to go.

Inside your WorkPod, there will be an electric cabinet, Autonomous Chair Ultra, Autonomous Desk Connect, dual monitor arm, anti-fatigue mat, cable tray, and a bookshelf. You don't even need to worry about internally setting it up.

A wooden frame with plywood support, honeycomb paper, bitume, and vinyl sidings exceeds industry standards and factory expectations. This ensures that you have a sturdy structure on your side.

There is no need to prep your terrain as the fuss-free foundation can be adjusted to even handle uneven ground with no problem.

You're getting a 2.9-ton weight capacity, 98 square-foot backyard pool house structure that is easily assembled in a couple of days. While you should check your local requirements, most places won't need a permit for the WorkPod.

Autonomous WorkPod

Autonomous WorkPod

Dimension8’6’’W x  11’9’’L x 11’H
Ceiling height6’10’’ to 9’4’’
Window materialWooden frame, 5/16” tempered glass
Door materialAnodized aluminum frame,  5/16” tempered glass
MaterialSiding: bitumen, housewrap, vinyl silding
Roof: bitumen, housewrap, shingles roof
Floor: plywood
Balcony: composite wood
IncludeOptional: Autonomous Desk Connect, Autonomous Chair Ergo+, Dual Monitor Arm, Cable Tray, Steel Cabinet, Anti-Fatigue Mat. Always included: Electrical Cabinet & Bookshelf
Floorspace98 square feet
Capacity2.9 tons

Autonomous WorkPod Versatile

The next entrant on the horizon is the Autonomous WorkPod Versatile. Like the WorkPod, it has a capacity of 2.9 tons. However, it covers 105 square feet. This doesn't change the fact that it only takes a couple of days to assemble.

Your inclusions this time around will be an electric cabinet, TV shelf, desk, small shelf, big shelf, cabinet, foldable coffee table, and a convertible sofa bed. Immediately, you'll realize that there is quite a bit of versatility and multi-purpose potential that the WorkPod Versatile grants you. You could theoretically even rent it out as an Airbnb.

Again, you're getting a plug-and-play design, so all connections and sockets that you need for both electricity and climate control are set up for you, and you need only connect to a main power supply. Mood lighting is a part of the design and allows for three-column modes.

Instead of a standard wood frame, you're getting an even sturdier steel frame, making the WorkPod Versatile truly built to last. Of course, the aesthetic is nothing short of stunning.

There shouldn't be a permit needed for most localities. However, we can certainly provide a technical drawing if one is needed for submission.

Autonomous WorkPod Versatile

Autonomous WorkPod Versatile

Dimension8’4”W x 12’6”L x 9’10”H
Floorspace105 square feet
Ceiling height7’3”
Weight capacity2.9 tons
Pedestal18”W x 43”L x 7”
Window & door materialPowder-coated aluminum,  5/16” tempered glass
MaterialSiding: plywood 1/2”, steel frame, honeycomb paper, plywood 3/8”, bitume, housewrap, vinyl siding
Roof: roof shingles
Floor: plywood
Pedestal: steel frame & wood plastic composite
Electrical devicesRCB, Wall outlet, Ceiling light switch, Ceiling light, Ventilator switch, Ventilator, Ethernet wall port, 66ft power cable with 2 connectors
IncludeOptional: Cabinet, Desk, Small & Big Bookshelf, TV Shelf, Foldable Sofa Table, Convertible Sofa Bed. Always included: Electrical Cabinet
Power inputMaximum voltage : 110V AC (US standard)
Maximum current : 25A
Maximum power dissipation : 2750W

Autonomous WorkPod mini

Finally, there is the Autonomous WorkPod mini. Even if you like the Autonomous WorkPod or WorkPod Versatile, you may want an even more affordable pool house shed option. Though it's smaller, you can get the same kind of high-quality and sleek design in the form of this scaled-down structure. Your wallet will thank you for it, and the minimalist aesthetic is certainly attractive.

Even with its smaller size, you can have this structure serve several possible functions while providing you with complete privacy. It makes a good yoga studio, bedroom, or even a small office.

Multiple outlets are included, and the whole structure is prewired. Once you connect the unit to a main power source, it's ready to go. Solid steel framing, honeycomb paper, bitume, housewrap, vinyl, and two layers of plywood come together to create an all-weatherproof design.

Autonomous WorkPod mini

Autonomous WorkPod mini

Dimension8.7"W x 8.12"L x 9.3"H
MaterialWindow and door: powder-coated aluminum, 5/16-inch tempered glass
Siding: plywood 1/2-inch, steel frame, honeycomb paper, plywood 3/8-inch, bitume, housewrap, vinyl siding
Roof: metal roofing
Floor: plywood
Balcony and Pedestal: steel frame and wood plastic composite
Pedestal24"W x 103"L x 9"H
Electrical devicesRCB, Wall outlet, Ceiling light switch, Ceiling light, Wall light, Ethernet wall port, 66ft power cable with 2 connectors
Weight capacity2.3 tons (including Pod body)
Floorspace80 square feet
Ceiling height7.3-inch

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of great backyard small pool house ideas out there. It's all about choosing the one that meets your needs the best so that you can comfortably enjoy it for work or whatever leisure purposes you may have in mind.

It's nice to know that you could opt for a prefab ADU and have a more streamlined and quicker construction process ahead of you. Additionally, the plug-and-play style of the Autonomous structure reduces the amount of setup you have to worry about since all that's necessary is getting connected to a main power source.

Don't forget about the tips provided to help you keep your structure as clean and visually stunning as possible.

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