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The Best Desk Setup for E-Learning from Home Office
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The Best Desk Setup for E-Learning from Home Office

|Nov 6, 2020

Today's education system is changing. Due to the constant developments of technology, there is almost no way around virtual classrooms and e-learning. 

Since it is inevitable, promoting an e-learning home office is a great way to keep students and employees motivated with online learning. If you feel totally lost on how to instruct others on the ideal online study room setup, here are some tips. 

Tips for an ideal online study room set up

1. Identify Learning Style

Define learning style

The best thing is to identify the learning style and run with it. Center your space on what makes you in the right mindset to absorb information. Maybe noise is a good thing and keeps learners calm. Therefore, a central location is ideal. On the other hand, perhaps complete silence is the only way to learn. Find what works for you and prioritize that. 

2. Organize, Organize, Organize

An e-learning home office works best when all supplies are organized and in the right place. Establishing a clear system or formation cuts down the time spent searching for supplies. Desk organizers are perfect, slipping perfectly inside desk drawers. This swivel desk drawer is excellent if you need a high-quality one that adjusts to how you want it. 

Maybe your desk has no drawers, but you need more storage space. A filing cabinet can do the job for you. This one from Autonomous has three drawers and wheels to work for you and your remote learning space. 

3. Light It Up

Light it up

There is evidence that light can affect productivity and overall mood. Sunlight, in particular, has brilliant effects on workers and students in an office. If you can, set up the e-learning home office in a room that gets plenty of sunlight. It can make the difference between a mediocre day and one full of productivity. 

Of course, not everyone has access to a room with lots of sunlight. The next best thing is to have lighting that emits blue or cooler tones. These are usually hotter bulbs, but they can keep your mind sharp. 

4. Upgrade to Technology that Keeps Up with Your Pace

Sometimes, we all want to be on top of things and get stuff done. However, there are times when technology holds people back. A glitchy computer or lagging Wi-Fi can lead to more frustration and less time for learning. People with worse technology tend to perform worse in academic situations. 

Therefore, if you can, upgrading technology can be an excellent way to improve productivity and make a better e-learning home office. 

5. Sit Comfortably

Sit comfortably

Having poor posture can lead to back trouble, headaches, and discomfort. Though these are the more pronounced effects, poor posture can also worsen focus and lower energy levels. A good chair can make a difference in providing back support and positive posture encouragement. 

Autonomous created this office chair intending to maximize support and maintain good posture throughout the day. Plus, you can pick from various colors that match your personality or your remote learning space's theme. 

6. Ditch the Chords

Clutter is the enemy of an organized online study room setup. There is no greater culprit of clutter than technology requiring cords. Whether they are attached to computer monitors or necessary for charging, almost anyone completing e-learning has routine run-ins with wires. 

Use this cable tray to organize all your wires conveniently, or use simple elastic bands to keep them all together and placed out of the way.  

7. Minimum Is Best

The ideal e-learning home office has a clean desk, which signifies a fresh slate. Clutter all over a desk, whether it is trash or unnecessary supplies, gets in the way and can cause distractions or interfere with productivity. 

To start each day with a fresh mind for learning, keep the desk organization as minimal as possible. Center the attention on learning to optimize engagement. 

8. Maximize Open Space

Space efficiency

Keeping the desk setup as clean as possible is the best way to ensure organization. However, this gets difficult when there is limited space in an e-learning home office. Maximize your space by going up. 

Instead of going for more drawer space of cabinets, utilize the wall space above the desk for hanging baskets, chalkboards for notes, or motivational images. 

9. Find a New Desk Altogether

Standing desk

If you experience low energy levels during the day, maybe your desk is bringing you down. A sedentary lifestyle can have negative effects, but a standing desk could counteract them. There are many benefits of a standing desk, including preventing weight gain and reducing back pain. 

Autonomous Desk 2 from Autonomous transitions seamlessly from sitting to standing desk within a matter of seconds. You can get the best of both worlds and maximize the distance learning setup. 

10. Accessorize the Remote Learning Space Efficiently

There is no problem with personalizing the online study room setup. However, it is easy to get caught up in decorations and unnecessary products. They get in the way and can serve as distractions when trying to focus on school. Maintain the mindset of keeping the desk space as minimal as possible, but don't be afraid to include some motivational pictures or visually pleasing plants. 

Pros and Cons of an Online Study Room Setup

While the technical aspect of learning is changing, there is no escape from attending virtual classrooms. However, an online study room setup can help.


  • Designated place for learning and completing assignments

  • Separation of academic work from home life

  • Customizing a workspace that fits personal needs


  • Potential for more distractions

  • Can easily get cluttered without proper maintenance

How Does a Remote Learning Space Improve Academics?

Remote learning set up

The main benefit of an e-learning home office is its customizability. Learners can move and change the space to fit their academic needs. Overall, it allows maximizing learning experiences free reign to determine the way people learn. 

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Learning?

Online learning is undoubtedly becoming more popular, even if some people perceive this as a bad thing. However, students can get a lot out of e-learning. For one, they learn responsibility and discipline. They also have to keep themselves motivated and on track to complete assignments on time. 

Online learning also creates a more flexible learning environment. Plus, students can set their own schedule, when they wish to begin their work, and when to call it a day. 

Many people focus on the disadvantages of online learning since it often makes visible the inequality between those who have access to quality technology and those who don't. Online learning can also be seen as less effective as in-person learning because there is less hands-on instruction. 

Is E-Learning Effective?

It comes down to the individual learner. People who stay focused and maximize their proficiency see better results. On the other side, those who get distracted easily or do not have the proper resources can see the ineffective side of virtual learning. 

How Does Sitting Position Improve Health and Focus?

Posture has a lot to do with circulation. Some researchers believe that better blood flow can lead to better moods, more energy, and improved productivity. Good posture also reduces back and shoulder pain, headaches, and tension within the shoulders and neck. People with good posture can also experience better digestion. 

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