The Best Desks That Fit in Small Spaces – Review and Guide
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The Best Desks That Fit in Small Spaces – Review and Guide

|May 9, 2024

One of the most difficult parts of getting furniture for your office is finding something that actually fits the space you have available. More specifically, it's truly challenging to find a small space desk that is enough for all your equipment and gadgets.

However, people into desk ergonomics and office furniture know there are several types of options for workers going through this struggle. The only thing they need to do is learn where to look and the desk dimensions they need for their workspace.

I’m here to help you find the best desk for a small space on the market! Read on to learn more about the desks you can fit in small spaces. I will talk about the five main types of products you could buy and review a specific item for each of them.

Many of the options you will see on this page are available on the Autonomous website. Check it out now to see all the furniture available there. You will also find more blog posts related to ergonomics and office work.

What Are the Best Types of Desks for Small Spaces?

As mentioned before, there are different types of desks for small spaces. While they all serve the same purpose, they do it in various ways to address specific needs.

Apart from telling you the different space-saving desks you can get, I want you to have access to one right away in case you don’t want to spend hours browsing for one. Hence, each type of desk will have a review of a product of the same kind in case you want to buy it.

1. Small Rolling Desk

If you work in an office where you need to work with other people and show them your progress, you need a small rolling desk. These options have casters on their legs for you to move them anywhere you want.

Not all rolling desks are small, so you will need to look for an option that fits in your workspace. I recommend the Autonomous SmartDesk One. This is the latest release of the company, and it shows that this business is always looking for new ways to optimize desk ergonomics and offer new features.

The whole idea of this rolling adjustable height desk is to allow people to have a compact desk they can move wherever they want. That way, they can integrate it with their other office activities and improve productivity.

Small Rolling Desk - small space desk

Being compact is not the only feature this small standing desk offers. You can use it to lift up to 140 lbs, which is more than enough for your office equipment. It features a leg frame made of steel with wheels that makes it dynamic and resistant.

I personally love it when products come with additional features to make my work life easier, and the SmartDesk One does that! It comes with a wireless charger with USB outlets. Thanks to it, I can charge my smartphone or plug my laptop and move to where my co-workers are without unplugging them.

Similar to other products from the SmartDesk lineup, this small modern office desk is height-adjustable. Hence, you can work while sitting or standing. Adjusting the desk takes a few seconds thanks to its keypad control. It has a one-year warranty in case you have any problem with it.

2. Triangle Style Desk

People often call them corner desks, but they are not the same. As their name suggests, triangle-style desks have the shape of a triangle, and they are compact enough for small offices.

The idea of these small space desks is to let you pull the chair close to them and have everything you need within your reach. They give you the literal definition of a compact workstation. 

When I was looking for options to try for the review, I came across the VECELO Corner Computer Desk. I was hesitant to buy it at first because the name doesn’t specify that it’s a triangle space-saving desk. However, it is one.

This small home office desk with drawers is one of the most affordable options on the list, so it’s an excellent option if you are working on a budget. You can get it in different colors, and they are appealing enough for most offices.

Triangle Style Desk - small space desk

Many people think buying a small desk for a small space means not having where to put your office equipment. That couldn’t be further from reality. These furniture pieces often offer creative ways to store everything without compromising space.

In this case, the VECELO desk comes with a keyboard tray and two open shelves. The best part of this is that you can store all your office gadgets and get them without standing up from your chair.

Similar to the previous option on the list, this narrow desk for a small space is sturdy and resistant due to the MDF material it is made of. It also has a versatile and stable design.

Assembling it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, but the company is always ready to answer any concerns you have about the installation process.

Apart from that, the desk’s developer packs the product in the best way possible to protect it from shipping damage.

3. Corner Desk

You may be surprised to see corner desks here. They are often bigger than most options, but they can help you save space in many ways.

The trick is in how you fit it into your office. Sometimes, even if a desk is small, it takes up a lot of space because its shape is difficult to put in your workspace. It happens the opposite with corner options.

Since you can fit this desk in any corner of your office, you can organize your workstation around it. What most people do is use the additional space these options give them to store other things they may need to work on later.

Autonomous, of course, has an excellent corner option in its stock. We are talking about the SmartDesk Corner. This product is available in three different colors, and you can order it with a wide variety of add-ons.

Corner Desk - small space desk

Something that makes this product unique among others is that it was lab-tested to make sure it complied with ANSI and BIFMA X5.5 criteria for furniture. Getting to its core features, the desk has a quiet triple motor with a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

This L-shaped standing desk is highly resistant thanks to its steel frame. That means the desk is ready to withstand the demands of a heavy-duty workspace. You can adjust anything you want about the desk through its keypad with four programmable settings.

Remember when I talked about small space desks that came with free add-ons? Well, Autonomous offers a free cable tray from the company with every SmartDesk Corner order. The product has a five-year warranty, too.

4. Floating Desk 

In my opinion, floating desks are not as popular as they should be. I’d say they are the best option for anyone looking forward to saving space. They are, in a nutshell, foldable desks you can put on the wall and unfold when you want to use them.

Naturally, they are smaller than most options but also save more space. People often use them as decorations, too.

This product doesn’t come from Autonomous, but it’s available on the company’s website due to the partnership Autonomous has with its developer. I’m talking about the FM FURNITURE Brickell Floating Desk.

Floating Desk - small space desk

Although it’s not the most affordable option on the list, it’s highly accessible considering everything it offers. Installing it is highly easy, and the main feature of this product is that you can mount it on your wall.

It’s worth noting that you won’t often see floating desks in office buildings, as they work better in home offices. People often use them to perform quick tasks they can finish in a few minutes.

This foldable standing table is one of the most appealing options on the list, so you should get it if you are going for a light-brown aesthetic for the place. It has a one-year warranty.

5. Standing Desk

The last option we will review on this page is standing space-saving desks. It may seem a bit obvious since many of the desks we reviewed here are stand-up options, but we wanted to give these products a specific section to explain all the benefits they offer.

Why do these desks save space? Because they allow you to work while standing, so you don’t need to get a chair in the office. However, that is not the only benefit this type of desk offers.

Working while standing is ideal for your back health, which means these desks are ideal for preventing back pain in the future and easing it if you already have it. If you have a standing desk, you can work all the time you need without worrying about your body hurting in the long run.

This doesn’t mean you can’t sit in all day but rather that you have the option to switch your position several times throughout your work routine. In this case, we will review one of the best options Autonomous has in its stock: The Autonomous SmartDesk Core.

SmartDesk Core - small space desk

Although it’s one of the first products the company released, it’s still one of its flagship desks. All the features it offers make it the perfect option for both remote and onsite workers. You can use it for other things apart from working such as gaming, watching TV, or programming.

The small space desk works with a quiet motor that allows you to make all the adjustments you want without making any noise. That way, you can set it up anytime you need to without disturbing your co-workers or neighbors.

I know I’ve said almost all the products on this page are resistant, but this one goes beyond that. It uses anti-collision technology to make sure you are safe while working and not at risk of losing the desk. The height range this product offers is wide compared to others, too.

Autonomous aesthetics is something important for all offices, so this small space desk is available in a wide array of colors and sizes for you to pick the one that best matches your office’s style. I know you won’t have any problems with this product, but just in case you do, it has a five-year warranty.

All products in the SmartDesk lineup share some features. One is that you can shift from sitting to standing by touching the desk’s programmable keypad. You can set up the positions you like better and get to them in seconds.

Final Thoughts – What Is the Best Option for You?

There are many options available for people looking for a space-saving desk that can fit in a small space. The only thing you need to do is look in the right place. In my case, I think Autonomous is the best store to look for ergonomics and office furniture in general.

You can see in the company’s catalog that it tries to cover almost all the needs office workers may have. Whether you want as much space as you can get or a compact workstation, this business has it.

Among all the options on the list, I’d say the SmartDesk Core and SmartDesk One are the best overall. However, it’s up to you to pick the one that best adapts to what you need at the moment and your personal taste.

Regardless of the option you choose, you can rest assured you’ll have a high-quality product if you buy it from this company. You can go to its website to see all the furniture pieces available and the different deals it offers.

Apart from being an ergonomics developer, Autonomous also posts blog entries regularly. You can read them to learn about office-work-related subjects and which products are best for your workstation. Check it out now!

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