Top 20 Portable Standing Desks to Work from Anywhere
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Top 20 Portable Standing Desks to Work from Anywhere

Autonomous|Mar 28, 2022

Traditionally, when you hear people talk about standing desks, they're talking about full-sized models that allow them to work using a standing position. Some of these are static, meaning you must stand consistently, while others are adjustable, allowing you to capitalize on sit-stand sessions. What about a portable standing desk, though? 

It's not necessarily the most common trope in the world, but some office contexts are conducive to portable sit-stand desk designs, and even thrive on them. Of course, some people are quite familiar with this, while others may not necessarily be aware. Regardless of which camp you are in, there is something for you to learn here today. 

First, you are going to get a brief overview of what a portable standing desk is, especially since there are a few distinct styles that the term can encompass. 

Additionally, you get an intimate look at 20 such designs, which should make your selection process barely an inconvenience. 

What Is a Portable Standing Desk?

What Is a Portable Standing Desk?

A movable standing desk allows you to either transport it from one building to the next, or is so easily movable that with minimal effort, you can take it from one position to the next. Note that this does not include your typical full-sized models, because moving them around is a pain and people don't do it very often. 

However, a true portable sit-stand desk is one that if you wanted to, you could easily take from one place to the next or push it with no challenge whatsoever. You tend to find that these fall under several categories. 

The first type sits atop casters just like an ergonomic chair would. They are often best suited for small workspaces that may require a lot of movement. For example, there may be a shared area in the office with a small portable workstation that needs to be shifted from time to time. 

Alternatively, there could be a presentation room that has two optimal locations for a workspace. One is used when it's presentation time, while the other is used when it's not.  

Since there is no need to have a machine in the presentation area when no presenting is happening, it may not necessarily be feasible to purchase a second one, so a movable standing desk is used to fill that gap since it’s on wheels. 

There is also the foldable standing desk style, which as the name implies, allows you to fold it for transportation reasons or when you are simply not using it and want to tuck it away. There are a few implementations of this one, but you tend to find that the form factor is pretty small and the weight loads that they can handle are quite low. 

Finally, there are standing desk converters, some of which are technically folding standing desk options. These convert your existing office desk into a standing design by presenting you with a height-adjustable unit to place on your tabletop. 

Your workstation elements, such as your screens, laptop, and peripherals, are then placed on the converter. Depending on its size, you may end up having to clear the entirety of your existing tabletop with everything being placed on the top-level unit. 

However, other designs allow you to retain some of your existing real estate, which means you get to take advantage of the best of both worlds. 

20 Amazing Portable Standing Desk Options

1. Mount-It! Height Height Adjustable Rolling Desk

Mount-It! Height Height Adjustable Rolling Desk

This height-adjustable rolling desk by Mount-It! is a wheeled design featuring two upper platforms for screens and peripherals and two lower ones exclusively for storage. 

It’s sturdily built, and you are even offered a 10-year warranty, just in case you run into any challenges down the road. Take advantage of the small yet effective footprint. 

2. Mount-It! Height Adjustable Laptop Tray

Mount-It! Height Adjustable Laptop Tray

The Mount-It! height adjustable laptop tray, as the name implies, is only for your laptop, and offers both height and angle adjustment for the most optimal workflow. 

The safety ledge prevents any slipping, while an incredibly ventilated surface prevents you from having to worry about overheating challenges. Like the previous entry, you get a 10-year warranty here. 

3. Mount-It! Desk Converter

Mount-It! Desk Converter

Next on the list is the Mount-It! desk converter gas spring design. It has an aptly sized tabletop, able to fit two screens quite well. You also get a separate peripheral tray, and the Z-lift mechanism is quite smooth. 

It doesn't necessarily need to consume your entire tabletop space, but that depends on what your traditional desk looks like. Again, you are covered by a 10-year warranty. 

4. Mount-It! Rolling Standing Desk with Tray Retraction

Mount-It! Rolling Standing Desk with Tray Retraction

The final entry is none other than the Mount-It! rolling standing desk with retractable keyboard. It is much like the previous rolling wheeled model, with the difference being that you can tuck away your keyboard tray when you need to. Beyond that, just about everything is the same as the number four entry on the list. 

5. Grandma Shark Laptop Table

No one can say that this portable standing desk doesn't have one of the most interesting names on the market. What you get here is a typical wheeled model standing atop four casters with quite a wide stability bar running across its lower area. 

It’s height-adjustable and provides a small yet workable tabletop surface for you to take advantage of. 

6. SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk

This wheeled unit provides generous height adjustment and features three separate desktops that you can angle to create one large flat surface. Alternatively, you can have a tabletop, peripheral tray, and accessory tray, all separated effectively. 

Note that you get value for your buck here, considering it is well designed and aptly featured, yet it is incredibly cost-effective. 

7. Bontec Mobile Standing Desk

The Bontec wheeled design is next, and instead of having a frame with two leg areas, it has one central beam running from the base to the tabletop. Note that there is a headphone hook along the beam for effective storage. 

The tabletop space is nothing to write home about, but you come to expect that from designs such as these. 

8. Avantree Neetto Adjustable Laptop Bed Table

Avantree Neetto Adjustable Laptop Bed Table

This portable standing desk from Avantree falls under the foldable standing desk category, allowing you to fold its legs inward after use, which contributes to flat storage. Its size makes it portable, and it could even double as a breakfast tray if you wanted it to. 

As far as tabletop space goes, you are not going to be fitting more than your laptop and your mouse atop this one, but the chances are that you didn't purchase it for much more than that. 

9. S Stand Up Adjustable Mobile Desk

If you're going to be opting for this one, you should note that it's not the most cost-effective option on the list. Nevertheless, it is sturdily built, and you can get it in manual crank or electrically adjustable versions.  

With a tabletop of either 48 inches or 60 inches, it's one of the few models that can rival your typical standing desk in surface area. 

10. Huanuo Adjustable Laptop Stand

Huanuo Adjustable Laptop Stand

This one from Huanuo falls under the folding standing desk category, and it has an incredibly small footprint. The only thing you're fitting atop this portable standing desk is a laptop though, so if you have anything more, you are going to need to look elsewhere. 

With the Z-lift mechanism, you get a smooth and sturdy experience in a durably built package. It's incredibly easy to get set up, and transporting it is going to be no challenge whatsoever.

11. Zinus MollySmart Adjustable Desk Converter

This is one of the smaller portable standing desk converter designs out there, it's very effective at what it does. It has an X-pattern lift and can fit a screen, a laptop, and two small peripherals, though it may be a little bit of a tight squeeze. 

One of its benefits is coming pre-assembled, meaning that you can take it out and start using it. You should have a smooth and comfortable experience if you should opt for this one. 

12. Songmics Bamboo Standing Desk

Again, you are getting a portable standing desk that falls under the converter umbrella, but this one is made entirely out of bamboo, meaning there is no reason to question the durability.

The unique thing about it is that you don't adjust the unit as a whole. Instead, there are two shelves that you can move along several grooves, meaning that you can place your monitor and your peripherals as high or as low as you need to. 

13. DlandHome Laptop Stand

DlandHome Laptop Stand portable standing desk

While the name of this one can be a little awkward to say, there is nothing strange about its wheeled design. A thick stability bar is used just below the vertical halfway mark, meaning that you shouldn't have to worry about any wobbling when you get to higher heights. 

The bar and the tabletop are both made of high-quality wood, giving an earthly aesthetic to your ergonomic office space. No peripheral trays are included here, but you do have a respectable tabletop size to make up for it. 

14. Tounee Laptop Stand

No one can say that this design doesn't stand out among the rest. It's most accurately placed in the foldable standing desk category, though it's nothing more than a thick beam with a shelf at the top, allowing you to suspend your laptop in the air and angle it as you wish. 

It supports units up to 21 inches, and its small footprint means that transporting it is a very easy task. 

15. BonVIVO Standing Desk Converter

BonVIVO Standing Desk Converter

What BonVIVO designed here is a fully-featured standing desk converter with an incredibly respectable tabletop size, able to fit two full screens and even a tablet if you want it to. 

There's a separate peripheral tray that can handle a full-sized keyboard, just as well as it can handle a smaller one. The converter uses an integrated gas spring, and you don't have to worry about a productivity cut in the slightest. 

16. Dripex Sit-stand Desk

The level of sophistication in this wheeled design cannot be overstated. The black frame and dark wooden aesthetic are very easy on the eyes. Enjoy a tabletop for your screens, as well as a generously sized peripheral or laptop tray that you can angle as you desire. 

A system unit stand is included, as are stability bars running horizontally and vertically to maintain a grounded experience for users.

 17. Tangkula Standing Desk

Tangkula offers yet another wheeled design here with a generous tabletop that can accommodate your screens and your peripherals quite easily. A high-quality gas lift is used to achieve adjustment. 

Having two lockable wheels is also a plus since there are always concerns about desks on wheels slipping or shifting as they're being used. 

18. Fully Cooper Converter

Fully Cooper Converter portable standing desk

Fully is certainly well known in the ergonomic office furniture design space, and it's no surprise that an excellent portable standing desk converter comes from the manufacturer. Ergonomic features are found throughout, such as the beveled edge the keyboard tray features. 

The wooden surfaces are durable and pleasing to the eyes, and the X-pattern lift provides a streamlined look and function. Note that you get a separate tabletop and peripheral tray here. 

19. Ergotron WorkFit-T

This standing desk converter is quite compact, but large enough to accommodate a screen and a laptop on its upper surface. The adjustment mechanism is electric and operates using the press of a button. As always, having a separate peripheral tray is a welcome design choice. 

20. VIVO Electrical Dual Platform Standing Desk

VIVO Electrical Dual Platform Standing Desk

This is yet another wheeled design featuring two platforms, one of which is for your screen, while the other is for your peripherals. 

It's another ergonomic design that fits incredibly well into small spaces and takes advantage of electric adjustment. 

Final Remarks

If you didn't know what a portable standing desk was before, you should be acutely familiar with the term now. Certainly, this is not to say that there is no longer a need for your traditional standing desk type, especially since these movable options tend to be quite restricted where size is concerned. 

However, there are some contexts in which it may simply be more convenient to rely on one of these models that allow for fluid movement, as opposed to opting for an immovable design.  

So, you were first introduced to three different types of mobile standing desk designs, in the form of wheeled, foldable, and converter styles. Following that, you got an incredible spread of 20 different designs that you can review and consider at your leisure before committing to a final purchase.

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