8 Common Types of Raising and Lowering Desk to Know
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8 Common Types of Raising and Lowering Desk to Know

|Nov 4, 2022

It looks like everyone is keen to get a standing desk for their work setup these days, and why wouldn't they? The health wonders of a standing desk have convinced everyone to have one of these in their office setups. A standing desk is a health and productivity booster for employees struggling with poor posture, physical pain, and similar issues in the workplace. While standing desks and the secret behind their mode of operation remain the same, a raising and lowering desk comes in many types with the difference in the working mechanism.

This computer desk that raises and lowers comes as an electric, manual, simple, and advanced version of the same method. The different types impact the price, user-friendliness, and the additional features you get with a desk. Below we have listed all the office desk that raises and lowers to help you work while standing and sitting.

1. Standing Desk Converters

Standing Desk Converters

The basic type of standing desk is the standing desk converter. These desks sit on top of your existing desk and can make any surface height adjustable. There are several reasons to opt for a. standing desk converter instead of a full flash height adjustable desk. This is because you get it cheaper than a whole desk; it is easier to use and helps the transition from sitting to standing and working to be easier.

Some standing desk converters are also two-tiered; hence you can use the first platform for the screen and the second for your keyboard and other accessories. Standing desk converters can be both manual and electric.

2. Electric Standing Desk

Electric Standing Desk

An electric standing desk or an adjustable height desk is a single-unit desk with a motor-controlled mechanism. You can get an electric standing desk as an L-shaped desk that raises and lowers or a simple rectangular desk. These desks can range from single motor to triple motor operation depending on the length and width of the desk and the load capacity required by a desk.

You can have the best of both worlds with a height-adjustable desk and an ergonomic office chair that is well-made. Of course, using a standing desk converter will also provide you with the same advantages.

A height-adjustable desk differs in that it has a sizable work area with room for your computer and other accessories. On the other hand, a converter will occupy existing desk space and need you to use the keyboard and monitor separately. There might not be as much area for additional devices or twin monitor setups.

3. L-shaped Standing Desk

L-shaped Standing Desk - raising and lowering desk

This is another type of raising and lowering desks. An L-shaped standing desk or a corner desk can come with height adjustment or as a fixed desk. Products like Autonomous Autonomous Desk Expanse and Eureka standing desks are some examples of electric L-shaped standing desks. These desks are most beneficial for large monitor and heavy-weight capacity work setups. They are also ideal for gamers, who have a lot of accessories and a multiple monitor system to work with.

4. Mobile Height Adjustable Desks

Computer Workstations

Who says mobility has to be vertical only when it comes to a working setup? Mobile height-adjustable desks bring the best of both worlds by providing an electric or manual height-adjustable platform along with a desk instilled with rolling wheels. These desks can move on the wheels and also be locked with the help of lockable wheel casters. The desks are suitable for fast workplaces like hospitals or industries involving movement.

5. Compact Height Adjustable Desk

Compact Height Adjustable Desk

As the name suggests, a compact desk is designed to work for compact work setups. These desks facilitate building a working setup in a short space. You can get a compact desk to set up your workstation in a bedroom or a shared space. Compact height adjustable desks are also useful for office spaces where there are many workstations, and you need to accommodate workers around the table.

6. Fixed Height Standing Desks

A fixed standing desk is built to a certain height, just like it sounds. It cannot be adjusted for different heights of sitting or working. These are effective in a few particular circumstances.

First, you can pair a fixed standing desk with a desk treadmill or stationary cycle configuration.

Additionally, a lot of mobile desks are fixed. These are excellent for collaborative work environments, doctor's offices, and other places where moving around and interacting with clients or patients is necessary.

7. Manual Crank Standing Desk

Manual Crank Standing Desk - raising and lowering desk

Manual crank desks, an alternative to electric workstations, may also be adjusted in height by hand cranking. Due to two factors, a crank-style workstation is frequently rejected. First, compared to an electric desk, it takes far too much effort to adjust your desk, and you also don't get the exact height. However, you also benefit from an increased calorie burn while working.

These desks are easy to use. To raise or lower the desk, all you need to do is turn the crank. The trick is to locate one with a sturdy and smooth hand crank. Additionally, ensure the crank can be folded up beneath the desk and out of the way.

Just keep in mind that you'll need to perform a lot of manual turning if you intend to raise and lower yourself frequently from sitting to standing throughout the day. This poses a challenge for some folks. Furthermore, frequent cranking may lead you to remain sitting for an extended period due to the laziness of doing all the manual work.

8. Pneumatic Standing Desk

As the name suggests, these desks work with pneumatic assistance to raise and lower the work surface. These desks are pneumatic cylinder-powered. It has a working mechanism based on a spring filled with air. The air inside the chamber is compressed. As a result, causing a lifting motion that causes the work surface to rise.

The air in the chamber expands as the piston is pulled further out, allowing the work surface to decrease. Engineers determine the pneumatic cylinder's chamber size based on the weight that needs to be moved. It is possible to build the cylinder so that it closes and opens at precise, constant speeds. The biggest benefit of pneumatic controlled desks is the noiselessness and smooth operation. These desks also save electricity costs, which adds to the expense of using an electric adjustable desk.

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