What is the Best Furniture Store in Cambridge, Canada? | Top Options
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What is the Best Furniture Store in Cambridge, Canada? | Top Options

|Mar 12, 2024

Are you furnishing your office? Do you plan to upgrade the current decor of your house? Whether you want to buy the basics or replace your existing items with accessory pieces, it's essential to choose the right furniture store in Cambridge, Canada! 

Although most people enjoy the first stages of this process, things change when the reality of furniture shopping sets in. With so many in-person and online options out there, it's so easy to become overwhelmed.

However, if you're in the market for new furniture and want to know where to start your search, the following information may come in handy. Read on to learn about the best furniture stores in Cambridge, ON, and find one that fits your style, budget, and needs.

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Furniture Stores in Cambridge, Canada

Whether you're looking for modern household goods or want to buy an ergonomic chair to equip your office, you should consider several factors to ensure you're making a wise decision and choosing the right Cambridge furniture stores. Below are the most important ones: 


Quality is the first and foremost aspect when it comes to choosing the best furniture store. A reputable one will give you access to top-class and durable items. Ideally, you should evaluate the materials and construction methods used, paying attention to the following: 

  • The type of material used for the structure
  • The junctions of the furniture
  • The upholstery of the item
  • The finish on the piece's surfaces

If you're looking for high-quality furniture stores in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, choose one that uses only premium materials that can withstand wear and tear. Furniture pieces with smooth and even surfaces, nail-secured parts, and straight seams are always the best!

Quality - furniture store in cambridge

Style and Size

Before choosing a furniture store and adding items to your cart, determine your personal style and preferences. Although it may seem like you're only purchasing a few office accessories to simplify your everyday activities, your choice of furniture can greatly influence how a space looks and feels.

Do you prefer bold and vibrant colors? Are you drawn to nature-inspired designs with earthy elements? Do you want to keep your spaces simple and minimalist? By considering these factors, you can understand your unique style and choose furniture pieces that complement it.

If you're struggling to define your preferences and personal styles, pay attention to the existing decor of the space you want to furnish and determine if you think it has a good vibe or if you should make some changes.

Delivery and Assembly Options

Once you find a furniture store offering high-quality pieces and figure out the perfect style for your spaces, evaluate the store's delivery and assembly services.

If the furniture store you choose offers these options, you won't need to assemble your pieces on your own. Plus, these services will save you from the hassle of having to transport them.

Delivery and assembly services are particularly important if you're purchasing bulk furniture, such as wholesale office desks, for example.

Delivery and Assembly Options

Customer Service

Many furniture stores in Cambridge have knowledgeable and friendly staff, but that's something you shouldn't take for granted. Before making a decision and purchasing the items you need, evaluate the retailer's customer service.

If you choose stores with stellar customer service, your shopping experience will be better. Also, their staff should be attentive to your needs. This is a sign that you'll get comprehensive assistance to make a great purchase.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

Last but not least, you can take a look at reviews from previous buyers to learn about their experience with a particular store. There's no need to rush. Take your time to check out other people's reviews and determine if that retailer has a good reputation in the industry.

To do your research, you can check out the store's Google Business Profile and social media accounts or visit review sites.

Top 5 Office Furniture Stores in Cambridge, Canada

Are you ready to find the best furniture store in Cambridge, Canada? Check out the following reviews to narrow down your options. 

1. Autonomous

The world has evolved, and so has the furniture industry. New trends prove that more and more people are falling for the technological craze and are willing to replace their old household goods with innovative items. 

Autonomous has focused on that. Driven by technological innovation, this company offers minimalist but practical and fully functional products that can make your life easier. 

From smart or standing desks to reclining chairs, Autonomous has everything you need to create the ideal workspace. This store is the perfect place to find office solutions for the present and the ever-changing future. 

All the products you can buy at Autonomous come with a seven-year warranty and are shipped for free in just 24 hours.

Autonomous - furniture store in cambridge

2. Living Wood Design

If you're looking for reputable furniture manufacturers in Ontario, specifically in Cambridge, you'll hear about Living Wood Design. This company offers modern and luxurious furniture pieces to those who want to equip their homes, offices, or commercial buildings. Desks are the best sellers!

Living Wood Design uses sustainably sourced, high-quality local hardwoods and is committed to offering the finest craftsmanship. This makes prices high, though.

Although the manufacturer's furniture pieces are high-quality, material options are limited. Before choosing Living Wood Design, it'd be wise to define your budget and request more pricing information.

Living Wood Design

3. Scan Decor

Scan Decor is another option you'll find when looking for the best furniture store in Cambridge, Canada. This retailer has accumulated positive customer reviews on several platforms, such as Houzz, which proves its commitment to offering excellent services.

This multi-brand retail store has been in business for over a decade, providing premium furniture and decor solutions. Although Scan Decor focuses on contemporary living, it offers a wide variety of office items, including chairs, desks, and bookcases.

4. Canada's Boss Leather Furniture

Boss Leather Furniture is one of the most popular furniture stores in Toronto. This manufacturer has built a strong reputation over the years and is considered one of the best options in the area.

The store creates high-quality pieces of premium Italian and German leather that can last for years. Actually, all products come with a 10-year warranty. Plus, you can choose from multiple styles, including traditional, transitional, and modern.

Although this store is based in Toronto, it delivers across Canada and the U.S.

Canada's Boss Leather Furniture

5. Brassex Inc.

The best Cambridge furniture stores have remained in the market for years, demonstrating their uncompromising determination to offer top-class products and services. Brassex Inc. is one of them.

This company distributes office and home furnishings across Canada, offering traditional and modern products, such as gaming chairs and desks. Although Brassex Inc. is only a supplier, it works with a network of experienced manufacturers.

Top 5 Home Furniture Stores in Cambridge, Canada

Did you find the right office furniture store in Cambridge, Canada? Once your workplace is ready to increase your productivity, you can focus on your house. Below are some of the best places where you can find home furnishings.

1. Wood Sense Interiors Inc.

Do you think bold designs and styles will create the space you have always dreamed of? Wood Sense Interiors Inc. can give you a hand. This furniture store imports exotic wood furniture from India and the Far East.

The store offers a huge amount of furniture pieces and other items, including beds, consoles, TV stands, dining tables, couches, accent chairs, and more. If you need to decorate your spaces, you can also find accessories, artifacts, and antiques.

Wood Sense Interiors Inc.

2. Carrocel Interiors

With over 30 years in business, Carrocel Interiors has become one of the most popular furniture stores in Cambridge, ON. It sells and refinishes antique and high-end furniture, helping customers customize their pieces.

This store is an all-inclusive place. You can find new, vintage, and antique furniture pieces for every space in your home at Carrocel Interiors.

3. Toja Patio Furniture

While it's one of the top home furniture stores in Cambridge, Ontario area, Toja Inc. is different from its competitors. This company offers furnishings to customers who want to equip their residential properties, but it focuses on outdoor spaces.

Toja Patio Furniture brings the latest trends in outdoor living, providing customers with durable furniture collections of premium quality at affordable prices.

Toja Patio Furniture

4. Highland Chair Co.

If you're looking for a store that specializes in furniture and home decor, Highland Chair Co. could be an excellent option. It has been in business for over two decades!

Some of the furniture pieces you can find at Highland Chair Co. include counter stools, dining sets, and accessories. Although this collection is limited, the store offers different designs and fabrics to help you find the perfect style for your home.

5. G&B Urban Design

Many furniture stores specialize in wood furniture because this material is resistant and easy to work with. That's exactly what G&B Urban Design does.

Although it isn't based in Cambridge, G&B Urban Design offers delivery service to this city, which means you can buy its premium dining tables, custom kitchen cabinetry, and home decor without having to worry about transporting them.

This store offers a unique service for those who want a custom-built furniture piece. You can choose a base from its options or upload your design to create your own dining table, for example. G&B Urban Design also has a 20-year warranty program.

G&B Urban Design

What is the Best Furniture Store in Cambridge, Canada?

Choosing just one option can be challenging. Many stores in the area offer excellent products at good prices. However, Autonomous stands out for its innovative creations and the benefits it provides. 

The Autonomous Bulk Order Program

Do you want to purchase desks or office chairs wholesale? Autonomous has created a program that can help you save time and money if you buy in bulk.

The Autonomous Bulk Order Program has been designed to help business owners equip their offices and workspaces with furniture pieces that address employees' needs and can last for years.

The Autonomous Bulk Order Program

How the Autonomous Bulk Order Program Works

As mentioned, this program is available for customers who need to buy furniture in bulk. A purchase may qualify for bulk pricing if it contains at least five units of a single product.

Besides better-than-market prices, the Autonomous Bulk Order Program includes flexible shipping. Plus, there's a Bulk Order Referral option that can help you save even more.

Benefits of the Autonomous Bulk Order Program

These are some of the benefits that the Autonomous Bulk Order Program offers:

  • Flexible shipping, delivering packages when customers need them
  • Wide variety of products, including reclining chairs and standing desks, for those looking for furniture in Ontario
  • Bulk Order Referral program that offers better savings opportunities to "friends" and rewards to original customers
  • Quantity discounts to save more if you buy more products

Autonomous bulk order

Best-Selling Products at Autonomous

Thanks to its high quality and innovative products, Autonomous has become one of the top furniture stores in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. The following are the most popular:

SmartDesk Core

The SmartDesk Core is a standing desk designed for those who want to create a comfortable and flexible space, whether it's a gaming room or a study nook.

This adjustable-height desk can adjust from 29.4" to 48", allowing users to stay physically active throughout the day.

Autonomous incorporated technological features, such as a control panel with four customizable height options and an anti-collision system. In addition, this desk is highly durable and quiet.

ErgoChair Pro

This ergonomic office chair is another of the best-selling products that Autonomous offers. It has a flexible frame that adjusts to your body as you move throughout the day, helping you maintain a healthy posture and alleviate physical discomfort.

The Autonomous ErgoChair Pro comes with an armrest, a backrest, and a headrest. Also, it supports 300 lbs, is made of eco-friendly materials, and can recline in five different ways.

Final Thoughts

A comfortable home can make your daily life more pleasant, and a beautiful office can make your work more joyful. Luckily, you can achieve both by finding a furniture store in Cambridge, Canada, and purchasing innovative, functional, and attractive household goods.

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