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A Guide to Find The Best Furniture Stores in Barrie, Canada
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A Guide to Find The Best Furniture Stores in Barrie, Canada

|Nov 26, 2023

Most people are not going to be buying furniture every year. In fact, it’s one of the longer-term commitments people get into these days. That’s why finding the right furniture store in Barrie to go shopping in is so important. 

Furniture stores come in all shapes and sizes, just like the items sold inside. There’s not necessarily a need to visit every store in town to find the right fit for an office or a home. If people answer a few questions regarding the type of furniture they want to purchase, they can make the process easier for themselves.

The purpose of this guide to the furniture stores in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, is not just to list some of the options that locals will find in their shopping adventure. The guide also aims to help people decipher what type of store will most likely feature the products they’re looking for. When someone knows where to look, they’ll probably spend less time shopping.  

Factors That Should Be Considered When Choosing Home Furniture Stores in Barrie, Canada

The first thing to consider when looking into furniture stores in the Barrie area is the type of furniture the store sells. That can be interpreted in a couple of ways, and that’s actually a good thing because it can limit the options even further. If a store specializes in bedroom furniture, but the need is a dining room table, even if it’s a good store, it can be crossed off the list.

In most cases, when talking about the type of furniture that a place sells, people think about the trend or design prevalent within that store. Those looking for minimalist chairs and tables should stick to stores specializing in that style. The same is true for rustic or vintage designs.

Price is another main component in this decision-making process, whether people want to admit it or not. There will be stores out there that sell products at prices outside of what’s viable for some people. There’s no shame in that, but what doesn’t make much sense is wasting time within those stores.

The only reason it could make sense to visit these high-priced stores, even when the prices are outside the personal budget, would be to try to spot specific furniture trends. It’s entirely possible to find an almost identical furniture set at another store for a fraction of the price.

Choosing Home Furniture Stores in Barrie, Canada

Factors That Should Be Considered When Choosing Office Furniture Stores in Barrie, Canada

Do the factors that should be considered when buying home furniture apply equally to office furniture? Some of the main ones certainly do.

However, some styles that are currently popular within the office furniture market may not be popular in homes. It’s a good idea to visit stores that feature chairs and desks with a specific style. 

People who are looking for an adjustable-height desk or an ergonomic office chair won’t benefit much from visiting vintage furniture stores. An interesting thing to remember about modern Barrie furniture stores is that they may not sell the typical executive office chair.

Some of the larger leather chairs that were popular 10 or 20 years ago may not be widely available in furniture stores in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. This is especially true for stores that are currently specializing in ergonomic chairs and desks.

Also, this can be a bit of a shift for people who haven’t had to purchase office accessories for a while.  

Just like with home furniture, product prices are very important. Buying from local office furniture manufacturers may be one of the best ways to get a good deal on office chairs, as wholesale options are often available from certain local stores.

Choosing Office Furniture Stores in Barrie, Canada

Top 5 Office Furniture Stores in Barrie, Canada

This list is a mix of online options along with local furniture stores. There’s a bit of an advantage that comes with seeing something in a showroom before making the purchase. The issue with most of the furniture stores in Barrie, Ontario, is that many of them don’t specialize in office furniture.   

Actually, the main store that specializes in office furniture sells mostly used products. It’s not that buying used office supplies is the worst idea in the world. There’s a better chance to find wholesale office desks in the used section.

As with anything used, the level of wear and tear between different items is never even. Those are just a few things to remember before taking a deep dive into the list.

1. Autonomous

Autonomous is almost the opposite of Dunlop because this company actually manufactures the products it sells. It specializes in smart desks, ergonomic office chair options, and other modern furniture designs. 

The Autonomous lineup of products doesn’t include many “traditional options.” This brand stands out not only because of its modern furniture lineup but also because these pieces can be acquired at low prices, especially through the company’s unique bulk order program. 

Autonomous is the place to go to buy an ergonomic chair for around 300 dollars. 

Some people still have doubts about Autonomous. Most of them revolve around the potential durability of the products sold by the brand. Is it sustainable enough to sell desks, chairs, and other items at low prices if they’re made from quality materials? 

Autonomous has figured out that many of these modern desks are made from materials that are much cheaper than wood, for example, which was used in previous generations. 

Also, there are no leather chairs in the Autonomous line of products. All the chairs have mesh and foam seats. 

At the end of the day, what Barrie locals and people who purchase online from other areas can access are quality products at low prices. The brand can do this because it’s completely shifted towards modern minimalist designs. Some of the new items on sale at Autonomous may be cheaper than some used options because of this.

Autonomous furniture store in barrie

Autonomous Bulk Order Program

Autonomous offers the opportunity to furnish an entire office at low rates through its bulk furniture order program. The concept behind the program is very simple. The more products a person buys from the brand, the bigger the discount they’ll have access to.

What customers have to do is contact Autonomous before making any purchase through the site. Depending on the number and price of the items each person wants to order, Autonomous can classify them in one of the levels of the bulk order program.

Customers can get up to 15% OFF the total price of their order. This makes Autonomous one of the most appealing brands for people who want to go ahead and furnish an entire office space. The brand offers quick deliveries to the Barrie area, and all items are brand new.

Autonomous bulk order

Autonomous’ Most Popular Products

All of the products featured in the Autonomous catalog are part of the bulk order program. That includes the brand’s all-white smart desk. It features an automatic elevator that allows users to adjust their desk height on the fly.

Through the program, people can also order the basic Ergo chair for under 300 dollars. At that price tag plus the discount, it could be a good way to give every employee a decent seating option.

2. Dunlop Office Furniture

Dunlop Office Furniture is arguably the most well-known local store specializing in office furniture. The company offers a decent variety of office chairs. It’s important to remember that the options can vary depending on what’s currently in stock. 

When it comes to desks, there are plenty of L-shaped tables usually available. Most of the time, the options in stock are more traditional large desks typically seen in law firms. Finding a smart desk or a standing desk chair at Dunlop may be challenging. 

This is definitely the place to look for office chairs at wholesale prices. There’s a chance to find very good furniture at decent prices. The big issue is that there may be seasons when the company just doesn’t have decent options to offer. 

There’s another situation that buyers may want to consider. While this can be a great spot to find deals on large amounts of office furniture, there’s no guarantee that the same chairs or desks will be available later. Therefore, it may not be the best store for people who want to furnish their offices little by little.

Dunlop Office Furniture

3. The Office Shop

It’s another large online shop that delivers to Barrie and other parts of Canada. The Office Shop, though, actually has a showroom in this city. This makes it a very interesting option for locals who are trying to set up an office space. The company sells workstations, reception booths, and other items other stores won’t offer. 

Workstations are not easy to come by in some of the local shops around Barrie. What stands out about the ones that The Office Shop offers is their size. They are much larger than the typical cubicle that was popular in offices during other eras. 

There are also plenty of desks and chairs to choose from. Here, customers can choose ergonomic chairs or larger leather chairs for their offices. The biggest issue with this particular store is that it’s the one that offers the most expensive options on the list. 

Customers won’t have trouble finding any chair or desk they might be looking for. Would these chairs or desks be within the same price ranges as the ones that Autonomous or even Dunlop sells? That’s highly unlikely. Most of these chairs and desks are much more expensive. 

The Office Shop offers assistance with full interior design projects for companies that want to furnish an office space from scratch. In this situation, it comes in handy that there’s a physical store in Barrie. Potential customers can apply for a consultation with the company online.

The Office Shop

4. Aboda Decor

Aboda Decor is another place with a large showroom in the Barrie area. That gives the company an edge in a sense. The big issue is that the store mainly specializes in home furniture options. It does offer some office elements, and that’s why it ultimately earned a spot on this list.   

What type of office furniture can someone expect to find if they head out to Aboda Decor? There are a couple of office chairs available. Some are ergonomic options, but for the most part, the company sells leather chairs. 

It can be a good spot to find file cabinets or other types of furniture that can serve as storage space. Sometimes, people can be so caught up trying to find the best adjustable height desk that they forget to buy a file cabinet.

This store may be a better spot to find guest chairs or even couches for waiting areas. That’s another sometimes forgotten element in office furniture. 

Sometimes, it can be a good idea to take a stroll through these “mainly” home furniture stores that may have interesting options for offices.

Aboda Decor

5. Simcoe Home

The last option on the list, Simcoe Home, is another one of the furniture stores in the Barrie area that sells more home furniture products.

However, since home offices have become popular, the company expanded its office furniture options.

What people can expect to find are plenty of smaller-sized desks. These may not be great for an actual office space but can work well for crowded spaces. There are a couple of sit-stand desks in the company catalog as well.

If one thing can make this store attractive, it’s the prices it sells its products for. People looking for small desks for an office or a home office could benefit from looking at the different options. There may be something here that they won’t find at any other stores.

Simcoe Home furniture store in barrie

Final Thoughts on the Best Furniture Stores in Barrie

Each store on the top five list brings something unique to the table. The key, though, to making the buying process much smoother is knowing exactly what to look for when it’s time to go shopping. Maybe “exactly what to look for” is a bit of a stretch, but there needs to be some clarity in that department. 

There may not be too many office furniture stores in Barrie. That doesn’t mean there aren’t enough options to find what each person may be looking for. It’s important, though, to not be afraid to source items online. 

Some people may feel uncomfortable purchasing furniture they’ve never seen in person. That can be a valid concern in certain situations. The reality is that even stores with a physical presence within Barrie may not have the entire catalog on display on the showroom floor. 

Knowing this, it makes sense not to be afraid to look online for certain types of furniture. This is especially true for people who may be looking for very specific types of desks or chairs. There’s no good reason to settle for what seems to be easily available.

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