Oakland Furniture Stores: Top Picks and Buying Guide
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Oakland Furniture Stores: Top Picks and Buying Guide

|Aug 23, 2023

Oakland is a great city in the US, offering great perks to its residents. Moreover, it is  a perfect place to set up your office, because of the opportunities the city has to offer.

To get the most stylish and durable office furniture in town, you can choose to shop from one of the following top-rated furniture stores.

The Best Office Furniture Stores in Oakland, California

Online Stores


Autonomous takes the lead as the best office furniture store in Oakland, delivering a remarkable range of high-quality, ergonomic, and stylish furnishings. With a deep understanding of the diverse needs of professionals in the area, Autonomous provides the perfect solutions to elevate any workspace.

Autonomous Furniture Stores in Oakland, California


Poppin has some modern and sleek designs for home and corporate offices. Till now, they have worked with over 50,000 offices, including some renowned brands such as Network, Linkedin, Kate Spade, Square Space, and Harry's. Desk organizations, desktop supplies, and storage items are some of the star products of this store.

1Stop Furniture

1Stop Shop office furniture store in Oakland not only sells furniture for offices but also rents it out to businesses. The store of the name represents the availability and variety of products they offer. This online store is where you will find every office furniture item, whether it be a complete cubicle or a simple desk. If you want to get furniture on rent, you can choose between a 1 week to 1-year rental process.

Merge Works

Merge Works is the best place to buy acoustic furniture that helps reduce the sound to pass from one space to another. The furniture items include workstations and ceilings that absorb up to 90 percent of the noise, making the environment much quieter and more peaceful. Moreover, it also increases the privacy of each cubicle, allowing every employee to work without disturbing one another.

Kantor’s Office Furniture

Kantor's office furniture store in Oakland is the best place to buy standing desks, reception and lobby furniture, conference and meeting tables, and office cubicles. You can also shop from a wide variety of desks and workstations with filing cabinets. The store is a one-stop-shop solution for all your furniture needs.

Kantor’s Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture

Northwest Office Liquidations

As the name suggests, Northwest Office Liquidations is a store that offers liquidation service andused office furniture in Oakland. The used items section doesn't have a wide variety of products in it, but the 14 different products listed are all top-notch in terms of quality. On the other hand, the new office furniture category also exists, but has only two quality office chairs named Sunon Butterfly and Capisco Chair.

AA Office Equipment and Office Interiors

AA office equipment and office interiors have been operating in the office furniture industry since 1949. Their experience has allowed them to manufacture some of the most durable furniture items in the USA. From a wide variety of new furniture available at the store, you will also find some used furniture which is as good as new. The used furniture category of the store has around 9 different types of office chairs available for you to choose from.

AA Office Equipment and Office Interiors

Office Furniture Outlets

Cort Furniture

Cort Furniture has some of the most affordable furniture stores in Oakland, California. The best part about shopping from this store is its exclusive discounts offered while shopping from the outlet. At the store, you will find the home office category with exquisite products such as office desks, chairs, and filing storage. To build a modern-looking office, you can also use the home office layout ideas offered by the store experts.

Ironhorse Home

Ironhorse Home has been serving in the USA for more than 20 years now. Their couple decade experience have led them to a place where they sell products from some of the most renowned furniture brands that includes American Leather, BDI, Canadel, Charleston Forge, Copeland Furniture, and many more. You can visit the showroom at 990 Grant StBenicia, CA 94510.

Office Relief

Office relief outlet is the place where you will find all the ergonomic products for your office. Their showrooms have the perfect ambiance that makes any visitor fall in love with the exquisite office supplies.

Office Relief Furniture Stores in Oakland, California

One-Stop Shop Solution for Office Furniture

For a one-stop-shop solution for all your requirements of office furniture in Oakland, the Autonomous online furniture store is the place to go. The store offers some of the best ergonomic chairs and standing desks in the market. These two are the star products of the store that come in 5 and 7 different variants, respectively.

Different variants of ErgoChairs include ErgoChair Pro, ErgoChair Core, ErgoChair Plus, ErgoChair Junior, and ErgoStool. On the other side, SmartDesks has seven different products in its category with the names SmartDesk Core, SmartDesk Pro, SmartDesk Corner, SmartDesk Connect, and SmartDesk Chunky Oak. SmartDesk Frame, SmartDesk Surface.

You can also buy some other bulk office supplies from the store. Following are some supplies that you should buy while shopping for furniture from the Autonomous Online Store.

  • Monitor arms
  • Keyboards
  • Monitor Stands
  • Wall Mounts
  • Computer mouse
  • CPU holders
  • Desk Lamps
  • Footrests
  • Stationary
  • Desk pads

Autonomous Bulk Order Program

For the ones who want to ensure the availability and quality of office supplies and furniture, Autonomous offers a Bulk Order Program. The program allows you to get everything in good quantity at a massively reduced cost. The discount you get on each item depends on the number of items you order.

Autonomous bulk order

Autonomous Referral Program

The Autonomous Referral Program is an opportunity for you to become a loyal customer of Autonomous and get free furniture items such as office chairs and standing desks. To unlock a tier, your friend must order an item in bulk from the online store using your referral code. Not only will you get a reward, but your friend will be rewarded with a special discount on the purchase as well.

Autonomous Office Design Service

The best part about buying your items from Autonomous is a free design layout service. The free consultation service allows you to manage all your office furniture in Oakland and place all the items with ease. The service not only saves a lot of time for you but also saves a lot of cost with better management of the furniture.

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