The ErgoChair 2 - A Tailored Seat

Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 19, 2019

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Much of your ErgoChair can be changed and modified to meet you specific needs as a user. As an ergonomic chair with premium seating modifications, it’s designed to make work feel good.

In this blog, we’ll explain the entire range of ErgoChair functions in greater detail.

Seat Tilt

The angle of the seat should be such that you feel most comfortable in an upright posture. The ErgoChair’s seat tilt can be adjusted to provide an angle that counterbalances good posture: feet flat, back comfortably resting on the chair’s back. Adjust as needed to create a seating surface that gently pulls you back to the chair as you sit in a strong, upright posture.

Back Tilt Tension

The chair back allows the user to recline while keeping the chair balanced. This tension can be controlled with a hand crank on the chair. It can be increased, which increases the amount of force required to make the chair recline. Decreasing it makes the chair easier to recline.

Lumbar support

Customers love ErgoChair 2 for its comfortably lumbar support. Easily lever the handle up or down to gain more lower back support whenever you need it. Use this function to protect your back from pain and syndrome.

Chair Back Angle

The chair’s back should be angled such that the user is neither slouched back nor leaning too far forward. The ErgoChair’s seat back is adjustable through a handle located on the left side of the mechanisms.

Seat Height Adjustment

The seat height ought to allow users to maintain both feet placed easily on the ground and a minimal amount of weight placed on the backs of the legs. The ErgoChair allows the seat height to be adjusted to accommodate the user at their ideal seat height.

Seat Depth

The seat’s depth can be moved forward or backward, depending on the needs of the user. It should be adjusted so that the back of the chair does not press against the calves. A handle under the seat unlocks the seat allowing the user to make the desired adjustment.

Headrest Adjustment

The headrest can be angled to the user’s idea position. It can also move up and down. The headrest has a height range of 70mm allowing it to be placed in the most appropriate position to the user.

Armrest Adjustments

The armrests can be moved up and down as well as left and right. Users need simply grasp the armrests and use a tab hidden under them to move them to the desired position. Adjust such that the arms are resting easily at a natural angle that does not strain the shoulders or arms.

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