The Two Best High-end Office Chairs to Choose in 2024
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The Two Best High-end Office Chairs to Choose in 2024

|May 31, 2021

If you spend most of your day working in an office, you should know that your choice of office chair is very important. The wrong office chair can impact your health and make your time spent at the office uncomfortable. Choosing a high-end office chair carefully can save you lots of trouble and money. Here are the two best high-end office chairs to choose in 2022.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a High-end Office Chair?

A lot of time and effort is often invested in choosing office furniture such as office desks. The same effort, if not more, should be put into choosing an appropriate office chair. Here are a few essential things to look for in a good office chair.

1. Lumbar Support

When seated on a modern office chair, your feet should touch the floor, while your back is supported and kept straight. Sitting on a chair for several hours a day that does not support your spine can cause chronic lower back pain. The lower part of your spine, called the lumbar region, curves inwards. The right ergonomic office chair supports this curvature by including lumbar support.

Lumbar support

2. Head Rest

Tilting your head back to take a short break while working can relieve the pressure on your head and neck. It is important to have a chair that has an adjustable headrest. Taking short breaks throughout the day to rest your head and neck can boost your energy levels.


3. Adjustability

We are all different – some of us have longer legs than others, while others have shorter necks. The perfect office chair provides adjustability to allow you to position your body in a way that does not cause harm. A good office chair does not only adjust up and down but should also be able to swivel 360 degrees in order to allow you to move around while working. They should also have wheels to allow you to move from one part of your office to another. The wheels should offer stability so that you can control where you move to and how fast you go. A good office chair should also have armrests that allow you to position your shoulders correctly while resting your arms. The backrest, like the headrest, should be adjustable to support your spine when you lean back. This level of support and adjustability is only found in high-end office chairs.


4. Upholstery

A good office chair is made of breathable material that is also durable and long-lasting. The material needs to be breathable because as human beings, we sweat. Sitting on a chair for a prolonged period that does not have breathability results in the chair emitting a bad odor. The type of material used to make the chair also impacts the way the chair feels against your skin. An office chair made with cheap material could be uncomfortable to sit on.


Now that we have seen the qualities a good office chair needs to have, what is the best quality office chair and what is the best high-end office chair brand?

The Two Best High-end Office Chairs

Autonomous has a great selection of office chairs. The brand offers innovative office chair design that are both ergonomic and modern. The office chairs are also great to use as high-end executive office chairs.

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo

The Autonomous Chair Ergo is a great choice for a good ergonomic chair if you are looking for a great ergonomic chair as it offers lumber support, has a backrest that gives a 22 degree recline and has five lockable positions. It also offers that all important lumbar support and supports up to 300 pounds or 136 kilograms. It is made from breathable mesh material and is the perfect office chair to provide the correct support and durability.

The Autonomous Chair Ergo has a modern, sleek design that comes in a range of colors and allows you great adjustability, breathability and support.

Autonomous Chair  Pro

2. Autonomous Chair Ultra

If you are looking for even more adjustability than the Autonomous Chair Ergo, your answer is the Autonomous Chair Ultra. Like the Autonomous Chair Ergo, the Autonomous Chair Ultra supports 300 pounds and is made from breathable material. It allows even more adjustability than the Autonomous Chair Ergo because it has 11 lockable positions, and the backrest reclines 25 degrees. The support that this chair provides is astounding because the backrest is specially made to curve with your spine to provide maximum, tailor-made support. If you are looking for an office chair that is breathable, offers perfect lumbar support and allows you to move around more easily, then the Autonomous Chair Ultra is the perfect office chair for you and is the best high-end office chair by far.

Autonomous Chair Ultra

The Pros and Cons of Buying a High-end Office Chair

Before purchasing an office chair, there are a few pros and cons that you should consider.

Buying a High-end Office Chair

  • icon checkA high-end office chair supports your spine and prevent lower back pain.
  • icon checkChoosing a high-end chair ensures that you are comfortable while you work.
  • icon checkIt offers high durability, so you do not need to replace it as often as a cheaper version.
  • icon checkYour focus can remain on your work, and not on re-positioning yourself to get comfortable.
  • icon checkThe chair does not start to emit a bad odor thanks to the breathable material used.
  • icon checkYou can adjust the chair to meet your specific needs.
  • icon checkA high-end chair guarantees good posture while you work.
  • icon timesA high-end office chair can be very costly short term.
  • icon timesYou need to spend time adjusting it initially to suit your needs.

While buying a high-end office chair can set you back a few hundred dollars, it is a worthwhile investment that can save you money over time and prevent the deterioration of your health.

Buying a High-end Office Chair

Final Thoughts

The working life can bring with it many challenges. Choosing the right ergonomic chair with modern design should not be one of them. Make a wise investment in your health and wellness, or the health and wellness of your employees, and purchase one of the two best high-end office chairs of 2021.

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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