The ultimate guide to setting up a corner standing desk DIY
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The ultimate guide to setting up a corner standing desk DIY

|Apr 17, 2019

Setting up a workspace for your laptop is an easy task if you have the right resources. When deciding on a design, you should always consider the available options and determine the suitability of each depending on your plan needs.

Building your DIY design brings a taste of personality in your office or home. Besides, you will have an added satisfaction of creating something with your own hands or with a little help. Below are some of the standard models in the industry.

The ultimate guide to setting up a corner standing desk DIY

Selecting the best design for your standing desk DIY

To get an idea of the standing desk design that works best for you, consider viewing existing models.

Standing laptop desk DIY design

Conventional desk designs are suitable for light uses. They are most appropriate for the monitors as they have a mouse and keyboard spaces. Its modular design makes it ideal for operation of desktops and laptops.

L shape or Corner Desk Design

L-shaped designs are suitable when you have two open walls and need some extra space for storing projects or a guest. Their plan offers additional storage for storage of additional documents and other items.

Wrap Around Desk Design

Wrap around design is suitable for use when you have several computers or many tasks that you want to work on at once.

Why corner standing desk design

Research shows that sitting for more than 8 hours a day is unhealthy for your body. A healthy solution, therefore, lies in standing desks which offers you a chance of standing or sitting depending on your preferences. Standing for a few hours each day is healthy for metabolism in your body and helps build your leg strength. Most established standing desks are expensive therefore making one for yourself is an alternative. We offer standing desk DIY solutions with our materials and DIY kits. You are assured of high-quality standing desk design with our products.

The corner standing desk has more of a workbench design than woodworks. Your bench design should give you enough storage room for storing papers and other machine-related items

In the case of laptop standing desk, a 4*4 M&T rendering offers the perfect start. Additional bench storage is the main benefit from this bench.  Besides you can also add some shelving under the counter to suit your storage needs.

Apart from using M&T, you can also notch posts for all the available stringers. Enclosing the bottom with kicker boards will significantly help in case you lose items on the boards. In this case, it will save you the burden of getting down on your belly trying to locate one or other object.

You can also build the workbench on hinges sans. Employing such a strategy saves you a lot of floor space, and you can even slide along a stool or two.

Standing Desk Design DIY Options to Consider

In case you are stuck out with an appropriate desk design the following guide will take you through the whole process. Knowing the features of a standing laptop desk and your requirements will prepare you for the best workbench design.

1. Tabletop space

The spark standing table is a product to think of for DIY uses. It can stand atop any table offering you a standing desk. You should consider such desks when designing a standing desk. Developing such a schedule for your use requires fewer efforts as long as you have the right materials and skills. You can also seek online assistance from others who have successfully built the design when you are stuck out.

This design is suitable for fewer space devices such as laptops.  

Budget: In the ballpark of a Benjamin

Effort: No effort required

Difficulty level: Just some basic folding skills

2. Standup desk

One interested customer searched for a perfect standup desk design but did not find the best for his needs. He, therefore, proceeded to build his corner standing desk design which at the end proved to be a high-quality workbench. The standup desk is cheaper to construct and requires only some basic tools. It is also suitable for DIY purposes as you can quickly build it without assistance from anyone.

Budget: $40

Effort: Minimum effort required

Difficulty: Anyone can do it

3. Mint’s DIY standing desk

You can quickly build Mint’s office using sawhorses and an Autonomous countertop. The advantage of using custom-built sawhorses is that you have the liberty of choosing the desk’s width and height. However, it takes a considerable time looking for the right material for such purposes.

Mint’s standing desk converts a table top to a standing desk complete with a space for up to two monitors. It is comprised of sustainable birchwood, a clock which costs less. Budget: $150-200 depending on the supplies        

Effort: takes several hours to complete

Difficulty level: requires proper tools and beginner handicraft skills

4. Jean wain’s massive wood standing desk

Jean wain was motivated by Lifehacker to build his customized standing desk. He started by piling books into the kitchen bar until they reached his ideal standing table height. He then embarked on the project and came up with an astounding standing table.  

Budget: $185

Effort: several hours needed for completion

Difficulty level: you can carry on with this project if you’re determined enough and have deep pockets.

5. SmartDesk DIY Kit

Autonomous products are the best for DIY uses. After using Autonomous products, you will rarely resort to other options any time you’re seeking such materials. They have a beautiful design and are affordable to most users. Besides their universal property suits them for various desk designs.

SmartDesk DIY Kit

Budget: $249

Effort: This project needs a couple of hours and an Autonomous visit.

Difficulty: Some necessary handicraft tools and skills are required

Why you should choose us

Autonomous has over four years experience in the industry for providing DIY kits and materials. Our professional staff diligently create and design quality standing desk designs for customers’ satisfaction. We offer our services to customers from US, Canada, Europe,…. We also plan to expand our services to other countries.

Our work dedication is high, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have high quality and durable DIY materials that enable us to achieve this goal. We serve thousands of clients globally who are confident with our services.

The overall design of a standing desk is stress-free with our DIY kits and materials. Before embarking on a standing desk design always carry out a budget assessment of the materials required. Also, consider the model that you can afford and which suits you most.

In case you are stuck out while building a standing desk, you can seek help from a professional or utilize the available online resources on the same. Finally, success as you embark on your corner standing desk.

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