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Things to Consider while Buying the Best Value Standing Desks

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 8, 2018

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All of us work approximately twelve to fifteen hour sitting on the desk and sitting too much is seriously bad for our health. Sitting for long hours result in diabetes, heart problems and the worst case is an early death. It is a problem which is mostly seen among the office workers who have desk jobs and have to spend 80% of their time sitting in the office. Unfortunately, it results in obesity and few burning of calories. That is why most of the employees are fat and unhealthy.

Fortunately, a standing desk is becoming more and more common in offices and workplace these days to overcome this problem. But, what is the best value standing desk? It is a desk that allows the person to work comfortably while standing and without hampering your productivity. It will result in increasing your productivity twice as much as you have while sitting.

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A standing desk is a vital piece of furniture which will help you to improve your blood pressure and reduce the risk of diseases which will otherwise be caused because of long hours of sitting. We all know the extraordinary benefits of the standing desk but what are the things to consider before buying a standing desk that matches your body requirements.

Therefore let’s discuss the key aspects of buying a standing desk for your office and workplace. Here is the list of some of the essential things to keep in mind before buying a standing or stand-up desk:

1. Weight holding capacity

All of us like to work while lining on the desk, and if it is not strong enough, then it can break or may cause a crack on the desk. Apart from this most of the people have a habit to keep the desk messy with a lot of items, and some of them are heavy like the paperweight or any antiques. So, it is crucial to know the weight capacity of the desk as per the user requirement.

It is required to know how much pressure the desk can hold to avoid any damage that may be caused while mounting on it. As no one want a desk that gets worn out before you even get the value of the money you spent on it. It is recommended to test the desk before buying it to avoid wastage of money in the future. Weight holding capacity of the standing desk an utmost important feature so doesn’t compromise on it.

2. Looks

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Looks are the first thing we get captivated towards, and moreover, no one likes to work on an ugly or unpleasant looking desk. It is essential that the desk suits your living room or the office place design otherwise it will affect the whole decorum of the place. Try to buy colors like black, white as these are evergreen colors and match with any interior of the house or office.

So in order to maintain the productivity of the work get a desk that is both attractive and feels good to touch. Always remember that looks are expensive and can never buy it at low cost. If you are expecting that you will get quality service in low budget, then sorry to say, you are wrong. You will only get, for what you have paid.

3. Adjustability

Another important consideration that can affect your buying decision is adjustability of the stand-up desk. If the desk is not adjusted according to the user requirement or his or her comfort, then the standing desk will be just like any other ordinary desk. A good standing desk contains various adjustments to match the needs perfectly. Some desk even has a provision to get converted it into a sitting desk whenever the need arises. It is ideal if you are low on space, want an extra stool or a person who gets easily tired while standing. So a standing desk can provide you dual benefit one of the desk and the other of the chair.

However, make sure you check the desk bolts and the adjustment before buying one because this is the only reason you were convinced to buy in the first place.

4. Budget

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Money is the first and the foremost aspect that acts as a deciding factor in buying a perfect standing desk. Before jumping to a conclusion first decide what type of desk you desire and what are the features you want; it will help you to narrow down the list of options and make it easy for you to make the right decision.

But make sure not to keep the budget too low and not to keep it too high as with low budget you won't get what your desire and spending too much if it doesn’t match your need, then it is of no use. Hence, it is recommended that you plan your finances strategically to get the best bargain with great features.

5. Electronic or manual

Both electronic and manual adjusted desk are great on these parts. But, it depends upon the user whether he or she wants to adjust it manually or a button press. Manual adjustments require workforce and lifting off the desk, but this is not the case with the electronics; you have to press the button to adjust the desk height.

Both desk types have their pros and cons, but it is observed that automatic adjustment standing desk is more in demand and people prefer to adjust the desk with ease without much hard work. However, keep in mind to test both the adjustment before buying one and spend on that which best fit your working style and standing posture.

6. Space

It is the consideration that is essential because if the desk is low on the area, then it will be difficult to keep the items like laptops, files, and other essentials. The desk is available in varied space options like 24 inches, 52 inches, etc. These standing desks are made for convenience to keep the items in an organized way, but it can only be possible if space is enough.

Before spending your funds on the standing desk make sure you try it by keeping all the essential items you use while working and check whether it meets your requirements or not. A check is important otherwise spending a considerable amount of your money will not make any sense.

7. Consider the under desk

No one wants to build a house on weak foundations. Similarly, you never want to work on a desk that is shaky and cranky. It must be strong and sturdy from beneath otherwise the desk will not be able to handle the weight of the user and the items kept on it. It is the foundation to hold the entire body of the desk. If the beneath is not strong, then spending on them is not worth.

Before finalizing your decision make sure to check under the desk as it is what that is going to hold the entire table and if it falls, all the items kept will fall with it. Therefore, if you are spending hundreds of dollars on a desk, then it must be able to withstand you're as well as the weight of your belongings.

8. Time to assemble

The thing all of us hate is to assemble any newly bought item. Therefore always make sure that you buy a desk which is easy to assemble and doesn’t take much time. The desk must contain an assembling instruction manual to make the task simpler. Many sanding desks are available with little or no assembling which are great and saves a lot of time.

If you are planning to buy one for your office, then make sure that the desk has no assembling to avoid spending hours to decode confusing instructions. It all depends upon you whether you want to assemble your desk or start working right away after unboxing it.

9. About the warranty

Using a standing desk will lead to breakage or wear and tear after some period. Therefore companies provide warranty for their products. Just in case something is not going to be right companies have got our back.

But, the most significant factor to be considered is what the duration of the warranty is and what all things will be covered in the warranty section. Before buying a standing desk make sure to check the term and conditions of the warranty.

10. Consider your office environment

It is crucial to consult with the co-workers and HR before jumping to the decision to buy the standing desk. Knowing their choices will help to find a perfect desk that matches the employee requirement and make the right decision. Apart from this, it will help you to find what brand they like and what is their preferences as at the end it the health of the workers that matters.

Therefore ask all the workers about their needs and then go for purchasing the standing desk as it was the workers in the first place you were interested in buying for them. All of them will have a different approach to making a list all the details and preference will be plus.

11. Customer experience

The only one who has used the product can explain all the ins and outs better. So before you purchase one, it is worth to explore the internet to get honest reviews of the users. Not only this, try to find the person who is already using the product and ask about his experience with the standing desk. It will defiantly help to find a desk that meets your specifications and save your hard-earned money.

12. Number of levels

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It is another foremost thing to consider before purchasing a desk. You need to know how many level desk will suit your needs and will be comfortable during work. Buying one level standing desk doesn’t make any sense as it will be an ordinary desk and feels like you are working on a regular desk. Therefore two-level desk will be a great choice if you have chronic pain in your neck as it supports your body posture while working. Always buy the desk where the monitor is at the eye level.

There are lots of options available in the market. Therefore, it is common that we get confused while buying a product and makes the bargain tough. So, if you are going out for purchasing a standing desk, then make sure to check the levels and at which level your eyes will be at same level with the monitor otherwise it will only result in neck pain, and the sole purpose of buying the desk will be lost.

13. Number of screens

How many numbers of screens you want on the table is one of the deciding factors for buying the standing desk, especially, if you are a gamer. Before buying a standing desk makes sure you consider how many screens will be placed, what it will be the distance between both of them and what will be the height.

Considering all these questions will make your buying easy and in less time. So make sure you take a rough measurement of the setup and then come to a conclusion.


The above shows what all aspects to be kept in mind while purchasing a standing desk for your office or home. It is not an ordinary desk; it is an item of furniture, and you are going to spend most of the tie. Therefore buying a standing desk should be done with keeping all the things in mind as it is a decision which is entitled to our health and compromising on health is not an option at all. If you are looking for an online store to buy a standing desk, then Autonomous can turn out to be the best option. For more information, explore the website here:

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