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Things To Do To Prepare For The First Day Of An Employee
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Things To Do To Prepare For The First Day Of An Employee

|Apr 6, 2021

When there is someone new to add more strength to your team strength at an office, you need to make them as comfortable as possible to blend properly with the team. Therefore, you would like to do many things for the new team member in your workforce. You need to check a lot of things when a new someone is joining your team. Here is a new employee first-day checklist that might help you to have a deeper understanding of this matter.

Send a first-day welcome announcement to the company

Send a first-day welcome announcement to the company

Before the arrival of the employee, make sure you have sent a welcome announcement to the company. The announcement will have some basic information about the new employee coming in. This includes

  • Their name
  • Title
  • Team, they are assigned under
  • Some personal information such as favorite foods, hobbies, or else

With these little gestures, you can make the new one feel special. This will leave a positive impression on their mind about the company.

Preparing their space

Preparing their space

On the first day of an employee, make sure they arrive at a well-prepared and sorted desk. Make sure there is someone to guide them to their new office standing desk and ergonomic office chair. This is another great gesture to welcome a new guy on board. While preparing their productive desk setup, you should prepare their 

  • Computer
  • Email and network access
  • Phone
  • Office supplies and other welcome accessories, if any

This step shows how the new employee is being valued at their new office. As an employer, you may make bulk office furniture orders for new employees. It also helps you to solve the logistical problems and keep it simple for the new employees on their first day.

Give them a staff directory

Give them a staff directory

Giving a staff directory to the new guy at work to make them familiar with his coworkers' names is a great gesture every office should try. This will help the new ones to make themselves comfortable in the introduction part. Opting for an up-to-date online directory is also a convenient option for the new ones. It may improve employee engagement on the first day.

Simplify the first-day paperwork

It is the new employee's responsibility to bring all the important documents along with them on their first day at work. However, as the employer, you should try to keep the paperwork as simplified as possible. Without the proper cooperation from both sides, the first-day paperwork can be a tiring and tedious job. Instead of wasting your time on the paperwork, try competing for this electronically. This is a great way to make the first day easier for the new employee on board.

Offering a training program

Offering a training program

Sometimes, we hire people who are freshers at the office. You may want to assign them a solid training program. When most aspects of starting the job are stressful, having a clear and comprehensive training program might help them. Ease off the anxiety and reduce stress of the first day from the new employee by assigning them to train.

Assigning a new mentor

Assigning a new mentor

Assigning a new mentor is another great way to make the employee's first day a bit easier. Setting a buddy up for the new employees can help them feel more comfortable in the house. It is always better to have a senior who gives the junior ones a tour throughout the office. This way, they will feel more comfortable from the very first day. This mentor may help them build good work relationships with other colleagues. 

These were some of the most important things you need to keep in check while welcoming a new employee to your office. Now, we will describe what the boxes should be on the employee's checklist on their first day at the office.

Here is the first day at new job checklist for a new employee

Laying out the outfit

As we all know, the first impression is very important for the first day at work. Therefore, you would like to make an incredible first impression with your outfit too. So, make sure you wear your best outfit on your first day in the office. You must note this at the front to your new employee first-day checklist.

Set your alarm and plan your commute

Make sure you have set your alarm at the right time. You don't want to be late for your first day at the office. Plan everything according to your alarm in your new employee first-day checklist so that as you wake up by the alarm, you can get ready for your work in time.

Figure out the breakfast

Figure out the breakfast

As it is the most important meal of your day, make sure you prepare the right one just before starting one of your most important days in style. Breakfast should be on top of your first day on the job checklist.

Collect all your documents

Note to your new employee first-day checklist and check for one last time to make sure that all your documents are in place. You don't want to fumble in front of your colleagues on the very first day in the office, right? So, make sure you have gathered all the files you need in your backpack. Being said that, you should also make sure you have packed your bag perfectly too. Carry a water bottle if needed, and the lunchbox, the files, and everything you may need.

Get some sleep

Each one of us is always excited to start at a new job. However, you must have a good sleep the day before your joining. A good sleep earlier that night will help you to be on top of your energy level. When you get a night of great sleep, you feel a lot fresh and energized the next day. This is the trick to leave a great impression on your colleagues on the first day at the office. Why don’t we put it in the new employee first-day checklist now!


These are some of the boxes you need to tick on your first day of work checklist as an employee. And we also have described the boxes the employer needs to tick on their checklist while welcoming a new employee to the team. Check these tips to get the best out of your first day at the office.

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