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Things You Should Know About Adjustable Standing Desk For Tall Person

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 8, 2018

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It is said that sitting all day is a bad habit, and no doubt everyone knows this truth. But many sedentary jobs such as doctors, office employers, Computer operators,... play with health to pay. People who are in the profession of sitting job bears a huge loss of their health. It looks easier to do the 9-5 job, sitting in front of the desk, typing furiously and staring at screens all day. But all these things can also wreak havoc on the body.

After knowing all that, sitting professionals still can't do anything because when office job calls for them to sit at a desk for hours on end, they tend to hunch forward, and their neck protrudes, and there’s eye strain. It’s stress that goes through the sitting job professionals body.

Tall people encounter more problems in sitting jobs. Tall people go through problems such as knee pain, leg pain, kicking things, Lower Back Pain, Wrist Strain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Eye Strain at the end of the day. Tall people need to follow different posture as their body requires but due to typical sitting and standing desks they can't do it and end up with making themselves almost full of diseases.

So, what's the solution?

Adjustable standing desk for tall person

The market is full of new creativity every day. Those days are gone when tall people have to sit in front of a given un-adjustable desk and work all day with eye strain. They couldn't even adjust the table and computer at the appropriate height so that they can work with comfort. In result, tall people get neck pain and weak eyesight.

The same issue is faced with the typical standing desks too. No adjustable height of desk and computer according to a tall person.

For all those people facing problems with standing desks are now blessed with adjustable standing desks.

Adjustable standing desks are the new way of work in companies. The reason behind it is, adjustable Standing desks offer special significant to both employers and employees. Adjustable standing desks create more joyful and healthy environment to work in. That's why they create a win-win situation in the office environment.

The major features of these standing desks for tall person

Studies have shown that at least 10 minutes out of  1 hour is necessary to stand if you are really conscious about your health. The good ergonomics and other equipment are also necessary to work without losing the health. However, Standing desks provide more comfort than sitting desks to tall persons.

  • Working with a standing desk promotes the muscles exercise and body movements required for tall people.

  • Standing desks helps in burning more calories, that results in not getting extra fat.

  • Tall people need more space to work, so adjustable standing desks offer them another way to work while standing instead of just sitting prolong.

  • Studies show that Using a standing desk to work increases the energy level.

  • Research shows that standing desks actually boost up the productivity and confidence while doing the work.

Types of Standing Desks

Before making a change to pick standing desk instead of sitting desk. One should keep in mind that there many kinds of standing desks too. These desks offer special features according to their price, material, engineering etc. Go through different kinds of standing desks to know their pros and possible cons as well.

Before spending extravagant, must go through kinds of standing desks mentioned below:

  1. Static Height Standing-Desk

Static Standing Desks are one of those desks which are often seen in household and offices. These desks are made of wooden material and fixed up to a standard height. The height of these static standing desks cannot be changed. A chair is used to work with these desks.

Static Height Standing-Desk

Whenever needed chair can be easily removed and work can be continued. The only thing that attracts people towards it is that Static height standing desks are economical and cheaper than other kinds of standing desks.

Pros of Static Height Standing Desks

  • Fixed height desks are the cheapest and most economical option available in the market.

  • Best for household and short-term use.

  • Static height desks can be made on order according to a person's requirement.

  • Adjust and forget the rule is applied here.

Possible Cons of Static Height Standing Desks

  • The oldest form of the desks, nothing creative in this.

  • Once set, cannot be displaced easily.

  • Tall people find it difficult to work with the static desk as they cannot sit properly in front of these desks due to their inappropriate height.

  • Continuous sitting in front of static standing desks lowers the heart rate, results in increasing fat.

2. Manual Adjustable-Height Standing Desk

Adjustable height Desks are those which gives the freedom to move the entire surface up and down manually. "Adjustable height Desks for tall person" comes in a variety of sizes and styles. One thing to keep in mind if the entire surface is full up with things, they must be removed before adjusting the height without damaging something.

2. Manual Adjustable-Height Standing Desk

Pros of Adjustable Height Desks

  • It provides the special feature of adjusting the height as required by the tall person.

  • The price of adjustable heights desks is economical.

  • Adjustable desks provide more comfort than static height desks.

  • Changes the work environment and body posture rapidly.

Possible Cons of Adjustable Height Desks

  • If the surface is full of things, they must be removed before adjusting the height.

  • The desk height has to adjust manually.

  • The process of changing the height is time and energy consuming.

3. Electric adjustable-Height Standing Desks

Adjustable electric Height Desks are the newest technology in the furniture world as compare to static and manual adjustable-height desks. These desks are created to save your time and energy. It comes with motors in it and connected with a wire to get electricity. Adjusting the height of this electric desk is quite simple. It comes with different buttons on it by which height of the desk can be adjusted.

3. Electric adjustable-Height Standing Desks

Pros of Adjustable Electric Height Desks

  • No need to manually push the entire surface up and down, just click a button and the smart intelligence of these desks will do it for you.

  • Adjustable electric desks provide extra features of the reminder about how long you sit and warns you.

  • Adjustable electric desks provide the most comfortable environment to work in.

Cons of Adjustable Electric Height Desks

  • Due to advanced features of time management, schedule management, activity warning systems, and personal assistance, it costs few more bucks than other standing desks.

  • Very fewer color varieties are available in the market, mainly black and white colors in abundant. So, it could be difficult to match this color with the room decoration.

4. Adjustable Converter Desks

Adjustable converters are like a mini table. These converters work with the existing table. Just fit the converter of the desk and it will automatically increase the height and give you an opportunity to work in a standing position. These converters perform better for short-term work on the desk. But if the work has to be continued for hours long, than it's going to be really energy consuming and fatigued idea.

4. Adjustable Converter Desks

Pros of Adjustable Converter Desks

■     Economical and short in size

■     Does not occupy much space of table.

■     It makes the non-adjustable table as adjustable.

■     Height can be increased and decreased according to one's need.

Possible Cons of Adjustable Converter Desks

●     It takes too much time to fit on the table.

●    The adjustable converter takes a lot of effort to set up the entire monitor and wires to work conveniently.

Tips while picking up a standing desk for tall person

Budget Matters

Budget is the first thing that everyone cares about. it's important to decide first how much you'd like to spend. Getting good quality product with the warranty is a very hard task with the low budget, but thankfully to Autonomous who have has options for every budget if you are looking for an Adjustable Standing desk

Why an adjustable desk is needed for tall person?

Sitting constantly is harming our health, potentially causing cardiovascular problems or vulnerability to diabetes. Tall people actually demand more space not to kick things while working in offices and at home. But constant sitting and un-adjustable height of desks make them uncomfortable to work. As a result, they lose their entire energy and time to find the perfect sitting posture.

Solution: It is difficult for a tall person to sit on a chair for so long. So, getting an adjustable standing desk would be a better option.

Pro Tips

  1. The material of the desk should be long-lasting.

  2. The desk should be economical and must have enough height like SmartDesk 2  when adjusted.

  3. The desk should be smooth and competent in lifting weights.

What should be the Height of desk?

Height adjustability of the desk is highly recommended if you want a flexible workstation that makes all your work easier. You need different heights for different purpose while working on it e.g. when computing you may prefer one height; when reading or writing another height; talking on the phone and so on. The average height for 5’11” person is 44 inches tall. But for a tall person, the height should be more. So while purchasing an adjustable standing desk, keep in mind to match your height with the height of the desk.

What should be the Size of the desk?

The size of the standing desk also matters. It's not just the monitor who will be get placed on it. Other things such as stationary, files, headphones, cell phones and many more accessories will also occupy the space of the desk surface. So while picking up, make sure it allows much space for other things rather than the only monitor.

Is there any need for lifting weights capacity?

It may not seem logical at first but an adjustable standing desk must be efficient in lifting the weights. A tall person gains weight more than a normal or short person. The lifting weights capacity of the desk will not let the desk to break down or become unstable in case of upper body weight on the desk through elbows, resultant due to fatigue of long work.

What if Standing all Long day feels uncomfortable?

Everything that is more than needed is not good. It’s better to stand instead of just sitting. But if a tall person stands too much, there are many chances that he will end up his day with legs hurting and muscles soreness. Standing all day puts a lot of pressure on the parts of the body. As well as standing all day consumes more energy than sitting and makes you lazy.

Solution:  An adjustable desk is an economical and permanent solution of this leg soreness and fatigue. After getting an adjustable desk, one cannot stand all the day. So sitting is the only option. Tall persons can work on the adjustable desk in standing position as long as they want. When can't, just sit on ergo chair 2 to work in the sitting position.

Must follow tips for tall persons other than just purchasing an adjustable desk.

Anti-fatigue Mats:

Anti-fatigue mats are designed in such a way to reduce stress from muscles and joints of the legs. It increases the blood flow in legs. Users often report greater comfort while using an anti-fatigue mat with the standing desk, so it may be a wise idea to get an anti-fatigue mat for the workplace.

Take Breaks:

Working for hours without taking a minute break kills your consciousness and health.  Keep the habit of taking breaks. While working on computer 5 minutes of break is needed after 30 minutes of work. Change the mouse and keyboard position, when feeling robotic. Walk around the hall or room to relax the mind.

Beware of Poor Posture:

All the benefits of a Standing desk will go in vain if someone does not improve his posture of sitting and standing. Keep the spine in straight posture but don't stiff it, while using a standing desk. Move legs and hands often to increase the blood flow level. Place the monitor at a height that gives comfort to your eyes.


With the increasing burden of work, typical sitting desks do not do well in offices nowadays. Adjustable standing desks are a better solution to get rid of the laziness of the work. Working in the same environment kills creativity. Adjustable standing desks provide a new way to work without getting tired, stiffed on the chair, hurting joints under the desk and not even getting full space to leg stretch. All these headaches of tall people can be solved out by the Adjustable standing desks. 

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