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Things You Should Not Buy on Black Friday

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 19, 2018

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Everyone loves to shop like buy new clothes, accessories and other fashionable items and if we get our favorite brand item on discount, then it will be like a cherry on the cake. And, what if we say one day, you will get a substantial discount on your favorite items one day, and the discounts will be quite happening say even less than half price. Maybe, you are thinking that we are cracking a joke here, but let me clear you that it is not a joke.

You have heard it right, there is a day known as Black Friday, and it comes just after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. On this day, people are crazy to buy and fighting like anything to get their favorite product. This day is considered the busiest day of the year in the United States for shopping.

Things You Should Not Buy on Black Friday

But if you think that all the items are on discount, then you are wrong; there are a lot of products that are not on discount. And, if you are buying such products, then you are wasting your time while standing in long queues. The retailers want you to believe that it is the perfect time to buy anything but, don’t fall for it. Although we agree that there are some great deals especially on electronics, what about other items, not everyone at the shop is standing to buy electronics.

Hence, you need to know what the items are that you should not buy on Black Friday. Before you go ahead, you need to know why Black Friday is the worst day to shop. In this article, we are going to tell the reality behind Black Friday:

The temptation is at an extreme level

The first thing that comes to the mind when we hear the word Black Friday is sale or discount. One of the myths about Black Friday is that everything will be on discount this day, but it is not true. The truth is that the items that the retailers are using to lure the customers are limited in stock on purpose. Therefore, the buyer should realize that numerous retailers purposefully keep up low inventories of the actual deal to reduce loss. At that point, once the customer is in there, will probably purchase something, regardless of whether it's not the thing he wanted otherwise it will be a complete waste of time. Also, the customer won't let something like this to occur, so he will go and purchase something even if it is of no use to him or it was not the item he came for, but will buy just for the sake of feeling that he spent so much of his time.

The biggest fear of this day is a temptation, and for this temptation, customers are ready to purchase without a will.

Crowded areas all over

Crowded areas all over

The premises are crowded with people where they are busy shopping. But the point is that the popular retailers are bound to have crowed on Black Fridays, and this might lose your focus.

Imagine you're coming in to buy something big and expensive. So, you will first examine the shop and test out your options before jumping down straight with the lumps some of the money on the purchase. But, if you are elbow-to-elbow with the fellow customer, you will probably need to get in and out quickly – which implies you'll get less time to think about what you're purchasing and whether you can afford it or not.

Lack of exclusive offer

The entire motive of shopping on Black Friday is to get the best deal of the year. But the bitter reality is that if the deals are what you are after, then sorry to say you might end up wasting your whole day. It is because as per the Wall Street Journal, most common consumer things are accessible at lower costs at different periods during the year that doesn't coincide with Black Friday.

Besides this, you will see that the things that are promoted on Black Friday are generally of lower-quality. And, when a product is made up of cheap components and material, it is not worth to buy that product for less price.

Another essential thing to consider during Black Friday is that the sale is mostly on older items or products that are on the verge of getting obsolete. Mostly, you'll see a low sticker cost on many things, but in reality, they will be the old models. It happens mainly in the case of electronic; although there nothing wrong in buying a year old tech, most retailers hide some critical facts.

Hence, before you persuade yourself that you scored a fantastic deal on Black Friday, it is recommended to do some investigation into the Low-cost things being publicized. In case you can't compare current model numbers, it most likely means the retailers are reusing the old items and then rebranding them.

Retailers want you to believe that every item available is at low cost and in the future, you will not get these types of discounts. But it’s not true for all the products. In order to make it easy for you to make the right decision, in this guide, we are going to tell the things you should not buy on Black Friday.

Things not to buy during Black Friday:


Black Friday is not the day when you buy toys for love lovely kids. And, if we say about toys, then it means about the gaming console. We don’t expect to see a discount on consoles like X-box and PlayStations. The reason why these products are not available on a massive discount is the popularity and demand of the product in the market. If these are on discount say 50% then the retailer have to face massive losses as the market of this product is huge and people are waiting to grab the offer when it is available. But unfortunately, this is never going to happen.

But still, if you want to buy one, then don’t wait for Black Friday to come and instantly buys one when a company provides deals like two or three CDs free with the console which ultimately lower the cost by 30% to 40%.

ToysSmart Desk

These desks are available in two variants for home and office. Being very useful and comes with numerous feature is a little bit expensive on the pocket. But, if you think that let's wait for Black Friday to come and then we will buy one for our office and home, then you are wrong. These things come in the premium segment, and Black Friday doesn’t offer a deal on premium segment products. Moreover, a desk is something which requires proper research and needs to be tested before purchase to buy one that fits perfectly to your body requirement.

Black Fridays are known for busiest shopping. And, if you are planning to buy a smart desk on Black Fridays, then think again because this product will not be on sale. Moreover, buying a desk is a big decision for your body health, and you don’t want to buy anything just for the sake of buying.

Smart Desk

DSLR Cameras

All of us like to travel and the one thing that is must while traveling is DSLR camera. Capturing all our happy moments with our buddy’s is possible if we have a good DSLR camera. Buying one is always on our list, but one thing that stops is the price, and most of us wait for Black Friday to crack the deal. But wait this time too, it is not possible although Black Friday provides much discount on DSLR camera, and in case you get any deal, it will be on an old model. Living in 2018 and buying the technology of 2014 is not an option. It is better to wait to arrange money and then buy one which is of the latest technology and contain the entire new feature. So, it is recommended not to fall for the bait of retails; first, do your homework and then go to purchase one.

DSLR Cameras

Christmas decoration

Christmas is a festival for which we all wait eagerly to celebrate and decorate our homes. These decoration materials are expensive, so most of the people buy them on Black Friday because Christmas is just a few days away. It is almost everyone's cart. The strings of light or wreath might be on sale, but the Christmas deals become better near the holidays.

So instead of buying Christmas decoration on Black Friday, buy them after the holidays and enjoy better deals on Black Friday.

Christmas decoration

Exercise equipment

New Year is coming and starting to exercise is our resolution. But to do so, we require exercise equipment like dumbbells, plates and lot more. Before you think to buy on Black Friday to save some money and start the fitness routine, you need to give it another thought. Otherwise, you have to regret later. The deals on exercise equipment are even better during December and January, and you tend to save even more money than Black Friday.

Therefore, following a healthy lifestyle is good but spending more is not, especially, when you can actually save more and use that money to buy something else or even extra exercise equipment in the same budget.

Exercise equipment

Ergonomic Chair

The ergonomic office chair is our best office companion who supports us in the best possible way. It is one item which is essential for any office or workplace. The chair buyers usually need to buy it in bulk, and this thing is highly expensive. It is a premium level product, and premium level products never offer more discount offers.

So wasting your precious time shopping for the office chair you can spend work on priority work. Once in a year companies provide deals and discount on this premium chair which are much more than what the buyer will get on Black Friday.

Ergonomic Chair


Some people get bored seeing the same floor for a long time period, so they prefer to change it mostly near holidays. And just because you have heard about some of the fantastic discounts available on various products from your friend on Black Friday, it does not mean that you can buy a new floor for your home on this day. 

The floor is something that is what first noticed when someone enters, and no one wants to put a wrong impression of the house to the guest. And, buying the floor on a busy shopping won’t help you to figure out what’s best and appealing to your house. Therefore if you think that you will get huge discounts on the floor, then you might be wrong. It is observed that November is the season when you get bet bargains on the floor. So don’t be in a hurry to take any decision; think before taking any step further because in the end it is your money and you are responsible for it.


Black Friday is a fantastic day to shop, but there are some limitations as well. It is not a perfect day to shop for the products mentioned above because it will take a lot of time to make the right decision. Furthermore, they don't offer high discounts. The things mentioned above have their reasons why you should wait and not buy on Black Friday. Before being in a hurry to complete your shopping list, think once what will save your money and time.

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