Third Coast Interiors Specializes In Comfortable Collaboration Spaces
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Third Coast Interiors Specializes In Comfortable Collaboration Spaces

|Sep 1, 2021
Supporting the comfort and well-being of the individual so that they can bring their best selves to the collaboration space.

Located in Chicago, Third Coast Interiors is a full service Interior Architecture and Design Studio, led by Guinevere Johnson. Their work centers around site-specific details, architectural interventions, and material exploration. They work with each client to create lasting environments that are unique to their personal vision and lifestyle, ensuring that each space is as functional as it is beautiful. Knowing Third Coast Interiors use our SmartDesk and ErgoChair to build office space for Panopta Panopta - the SaaS company also based in Chicago, we have interviewed Guinevere to get valuable insights behind this project. FYI, Panopta is changing the way businesses monitor their network, servers, and applications with our advanced infrastructure monitoring platform.

Tell us about your company?

We are a Chicago-based Design Studio interested in creating individual spaces that speak to the history and culture of the people inhabiting them.

What is the inspiration behind Panopta project?

third coast

We focused on the history and site of the company, including:
- Local & Global at the same time.
- Always Operating.
- Panopta Never Sleeps.
Then we find a place for the individual within the greater context of the company culture while supporting the comfort and well-being of the individual so that they can bring their best selves to the collaboration space. Especially when thinking about creating a place that have better collaboration, we think of the concepts that office desks can come together to create pods.

What do you find most challenging about doing office design for a tech company?

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The most challenging aspect for this commercial design project was the turnaround time in which we had to complete it. We were grateful to have a vendor like Autonomous that let us ensure the essentials were in on time so the office could function without pause.
One of the specific and diverse individual needs but also needs to be a space which fosters collective collaboration between team pods (specific types of collaboration) within an open office plan which can also grow in the future.

What’s your advice for companies who want to create ideal office workspace to maximize employees’ productivity and health?

Light & plants and art.

Why did you choose the SmartDesk and ErgoChair for Panopta’s projects?

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The flexibility in function and cleaniness in aesthetic appealed most to us. We think that Autonomous embraces individual flexibility as their office desks and chairs are ergonomic designed to maximize comfort for employees in workplaces. . Specializing in interior designs for both residential and commercial market for a long time, we knew what not to do based on pieces that had not worked. These pieces greatly appealed to Co-Founders Shabbir Karimi and Jason Abate due to adjustability and flexibility. Compared to conventional office furniture, Autonomous desks and chairs are totally different. They have a clean aesthetic, are functional and flexible. We love the sit to stand feature on the desks!

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