Tips For Standing Desk Height: A Complete Guide
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Tips For Standing Desk Height: A Complete Guide

|Jul 26, 2021

There are many disadvantages of being seated consistently. That is why a proper adjustable standing desk becomes a critical consideration. The popularity of such a desk increased over time. Most people understand how a standing desk becomes essential to have a healthy life.

Along with being healthy, the ergonomic standing desk offers the user pleasure and comfort while they are working. However, one must understand that it becomes important to take proper intervals between standing and sitting while at work.

Furthermore, if your desk does not have the adjustable feature, you need a different workplace. Therefore it becomes important that your standing desk has proper height adjustability so that you can use it as a sitting desk and a standing one.

Here is some guides to understand the proper standing desk height that one should maintain

Sitting and standing desk height

Sitting and standing desk height

You must use the height calculator of the standing desk or standing desk calculator and ensure that you have a proper height while using the standing desk. Make sure that the height of your standing desk matches the height of your elbow level. You can start the height calculation by bending your elbows at a 90-degree right angle. While you are doing it, you should keep your neck neutral, and the wrist should be in a position that is directly in front of you. Once you are set in this position, make sure that you adjust the desk properly. Align the height of the desk to the height of your forearm. You should put your arm in a parallel position to the desk.

While you would work with your keyboard, you should be able to close your hand compatibility. You must not use the stand to keep the keyboard in an upward inclined position while you are trying to align this situation. You should be able to relax your wrist while placing it straight. Even if your fingers are in a hanging position while trying to reach the keyboard, it is not a problem. This position of standing while you are using the standing desk helps to prevent any injuries to your arms and hand.

Standing position

Standing position

Maintaining a proper standing desk height provides various advantages. It helps you prevent the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome due to the compression that your wrist's internal structure faces. It becomes equally important that you have a proper posture of your body while using the standing desk. You should keep your neck straight, and your shoulders relaxed. You can slightly bend your knees to ensure that you don't have locked knees while making the adjustments. If you calculate the height of your standing desk with locked knees, you will find it very difficult and uncomfortable to stay in that position for a longer period.

The idea of using a standing desk is to keep your spine in the most neutral position. When you are standing in the correct position, your spine will get support from various muscles. It would help to alleviate every kind of pain and strain in your body.

Sitting position

Sitting position

When you are using your office chair, make sure that you maintain the proper height of your chair and the standing desk you are using. The top portion of your chair should be parallel to your knee base. Make sure that your knees are not kept against the front part of the seat. Instead, you should maintain a proper gap. However, when you are adjusting your ergonomic chair properly, it would help to reduce every kind of risk of having any back pain. 

Standing desk

While you get various standing desks and ergonomics chairs in the market, you must buy one that specifically fits the comfort area of the user with a proper standing desk height. In addition, the proper height adjustability of the standing desk must provide support to your spine and convenience while you are working. Here are examples of the best standing desk that can offer you an ergonomic advantage.

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

sd core

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is known to have height adjustability between 29.4 inches and 48 inches. The four programmable settings, however, helps the user to adjust the desk at their convenience. It has a weight capacity that can lift 265 pounds. Not to mention the controls of this standing desk. It offers four custom heights that help the user to adjust the desk comfortably.

2. Autonomous Desk Eureka

If you are looking for the proper size of a standing desk, then the Autonomous Desk Eureka is the best. The best part of this table is its operational movements table adjusted from a height of 20 6.2 inches to 52 inches. Thus, one can have more space to work with this standing desk. Autonomous Desk Eureka also has an improved lifting column that provides extra space.

3. Autonomous Desk Expanse

sd pro

If you want a spacious standing desk, then a Autonomous Desk Expanse is the appropriate choice for you. Due to the modular structure of this smart table and diverse standing desk height range, you can easily switch your things around. You can also use the responsive keypad to save your perfect position.

4. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo

sd core dou

If you have a shared office, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo offers some practical convenience. You can use this table as a sitting table as well as a standing cable. Both the sections of this desk are connected with a wire that maximizes the space, and it lets the user have independence over the controls.

5. Autonomous Desk DIY

You can expand this table not only in standing desk height but also in the length section. The size of the standing desk matters a lot when you are working with more than one monitor setup. Whether you are a tall person or a person with a shorter height, the Autonomous Desk DIY is the one for you.

6. Autonomous Desk Surface

sd surface

You can share the Autonomous Desk Surface with any Autonomous Desk DIY. It provides a beautiful surface with 2 sizes of standing desk that increases the convenience of your work. In addition, this smart desk surface is UV resistant and scratch resistant that offers a fresh look even after numerous uses.

Here are valuable standing desk tips for using a standing desk while maintaining a proper height. If you are willing to purchase one, make sure that you go through this guide to get some ideas.

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