Tips for Office Workers with Uneven Shoulders and Neck Pain
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Tips for Office Workers with Uneven Shoulders and Neck Pain

|Dec 18, 2023

Uneven shoulders and neck pain not only affect the overall performance of an employee at work but also affect the performance of other employees as they get negative influence from one employee underperforming due to physical issues. This article will explain all the reasons why one can get uneven shoulders and neck pain issues while at work. Moreover, you will also get all the necessary tips on how to fix uneven shoulders and alleviate the pain to improve your efficiency at work.

Reasons Why Office Workers Face Uneven Shoulders and Neck Pain

Here are some of the neck pain and uneven shoulders causes for you to fix while working

Misalignment of Shoulders While Working

The major issue that causes neck pain is the uneven shoulders themselves. While working, people usually keep one shoulder up and the other one down, which causes misalignment and pain over time. Keeping the shoulders at uneven height for a longer period increases stress and causes pain.

Misalignment of Shoulders While Working

Using One Hand While Working

When you use your dominant side more, it gets overused. The frequent movement of one side and no movement at all on the other affects the overall balance of the body and causes neck pain. It is also a major reason for having uneven shoulders, as people don’t realize that their shoulders remain imbalanced throughout the whole working period.

Poor Posture

Your posture at work has a major impact on your overall performance. The position of your spine and neck while working directly affects your stamina at work. The posture can also be affected by the office chair you use. Moreover, the height of your desk and the eye level with the monitor are key factors that determine whether the body posture is acceptable while working.

Poor Posture - Uneven shoulders and neck pain

Flat Feet

People with flat feet have a postural imbalance, which transfers to the parts of the body such as the neck, head, and shoulders. It could be a major reason why you have uneven shoulders. For that reason, people with flat feet and postural imbalances are required to pay more attention to their posture while working.

Less Movement While Working

Even fit and healthy employees face neck pain when they work for a longer period without any movement. Staying in a similar position even when your posture is correct won’t help you, as the body asks for some movement to stay warm.


If you have osteoporosis, you are more likely to suffer from uneven shoulders and neck pain. The disease causes the bones to weaken, making it difficult for the person to sit for long hours. The only way to tackle this problem is to vary the tasks throughout the day and don't spend a lot of time staying in a similar position.

Incorrect Sleeping Position

Incorrect posture while sleeping is one of the most common causes of neck pain. Positioning yourself on your side or stomach will keep your airways open and make the sleep more comfortable. Moreover, make sure that your spine is straight and not bent while sleeping.

Incorrect Sleeping Position

Little to No Exercise

When you don’t exercise enough, your muscles get tired much earlier than expected. For that reason, most people find themselves tired and exhausted only after a few hours of work. Muscles not exercised enough are more prone to neck pain while working.

Tips to Improve

Here are some tips on how to fix uneven shoulders and neck pain

Increase your movement while working

The first thing you need to do at work is to start moving. Every hour, you should leave your seat at least once to reactivate your body. It is not necessary that you go away from your desk, so only moving your hands and legs while working would be a huge turning point.

Increase your movement while working

Use Chairs with Ergonomic Adjustments.

One of the best ways one can correct their posture and work for hours without losing stamina is by getting an office chair back support at home. An ergonomic office chair can completely change the dynamics of how you sit and work. You can find your desired chair based on your size and working requirements. For instance, tall people should always look for a big and tall office chair to fit in completely, whereas people with back pain issues should search for the best office chair for back pain in the market. The height and back adjustments in such chairs allow you to correct your posture in the most comfortable way possible.

Use Standing Desks

The second most important measure that you can take to improve the movement of your muscles while working is to bring a standing desk home. These desks have height adjustability features that allow you to work even while standing. The good sit-and-stand ratio would instantly alleviate your back and neck pain.

Use Standing Desks

Do Exercise Outside of Work

If you don’t exercise your muscles, you need to start working out right now. Muscle exercise increases stamina and makes it stronger during lengthy working hours. If you don’t get enough time to exercise, make sure you perform the following neck pain and uneven shoulder exercises while sitting at your desk

  • Turn your head side to side 20 times
  • Look up and down 20 times
  • Leave your seat and stretch your shoulders and chest against a wall.
  • Stand up and roll your shoulders forward and backward 5 times.
  • Stand up and put your hands behind your back. tilt your ears to your right and left shoulders.

Do Exercise Outside of Work

Take Frequent Breaks

Taking a break not only reactivates your mind but your body as well. A 5 to 10-minute break every hour is necessary for your body to function properly. During these breaks, you can perform the exercises mentioned in this article to boost your performance.

Correct Your Posture

Maintaining the eye level with the screen and keeping your spine in its natural position is what corrects your posture. For that purpose, we highly recommend searching for the best recliners for neck pain in the market. These office chairs can recline to correct your body posture and maintain eye level even when the desk height doesn't work well with the chair height.


For maximum efficiency and productivity at work, keep all the exercises in mind and make sure to find an ideal sit-stand schedule. However, you will need ergonomic chairs and standing desks to make sure you minimize the risk of uneven shoulders and neck pain.

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