Top 10 Desk Organization Ideas You Can Carry Out Now

Top 10 Desk Organization Ideas You Can Carry Out Now

|Jun 20, 2021

Coming up with desk organizer ideas can be quite difficult, especially when you’re used to dealing with the clutter on your desk on a daily basis. However, although we may feel comfortable with the disorganization at times, a messy desk can have prejudicial effects on your efficiency.

If you've been having trouble while keeping up with your work, perhaps a bit of organization around your workstation can be beneficial. For instance, multiple studies note how this "clutter" can impact how you work daily. A Reliable Plant study evidenced that an average person wastes about four hours every week trying to look for lost pieces of paper.

The same research points out the negative relationship generated by the clutter on your desk and your productivity. But not everything is lost. You can start to organize your desk already with a few changes to end this toxic relationship between you and your disorganization finally.

Still, if you’re here, you’ve already made a huge step. There are ways and desk organizer ideas in which you can start creating a productive workspace setup without too much problem. That will be our goal for today, giving you ideas on how to organize your office desk.

1. Start using a standing desk

Do you find yourself complaining about your back pain often? You’re not alone. It is very common among people who sit for prolonged periods, and that’s not necessarily a side effect of a sedentary lifestyle as most office workers are obligated to do so.

Start using a standing desk

Back pain can cost you a lot in productivity and can be financially draining. However, a great way of “improving” the situation is incorporating a standing desk in your current office setup.

A standing desk can be hugely beneficial for your health and productivity, as research has demonstrated. Plus, a change in the way you work can finally end that cycle of monotony you may be stuck in for a while.

2. Get a bamboo desk organizer

If you’re the type of person that’s constantly looking for pieces of paper and has many documents sprinkled around the desk, a bamboo desk organizer can come in handy and a good desk organizer idea. Bamboo is a durable, resistant material that also looks stylish.

Get a bamboo desk organizer

This way, you will avoid having all those documents around, and you will reduce the time you spend looking for them as you'll have them near you constantly.

3. Keep the decorations off of your desk

A small office plant may not hurt your home desk organization, but having too much stuff on your desk may not leave enough room for you to focus on what matters. The less you have laying around, the more place you'll have for the important stuff.

4. Organize the wires of your electronics

Organize the wires of your electronics

Organizing the wires behind the desk is not as challenging as you think it is. If you have too many electronics connected at the same time, perhaps it’s time to figure out how to arrange them. What you should do to start is “disconnect” all the connected cables and start arranging everything so they can follow the same path and be organized in the same way.

5. Keep a shelf near your desk

A good home office desk organization idea is to keep a shelf near your workstation. You never know what you may need a bit later, so it’s always good to have a place where you can store everything you may require in the future but that you don’t necessarily use all the time.

Keeping some stuff stored on a shelf will save some space on your desk and will help you keep it organized. Once you're done using whatever tool you need, remember to store it in the place it was before.

6. Use a laptop or monitor stand

Here is one of the considerable desk organizer ideas for you.If you want to take advantage of the space in your desk, perhaps a laptop or monitor stand can be helpful. Remember it's necessary to keep the computer screen at the same level as your eyes, however.

Use a laptop or monitor stand

As laptop stands leave some space underneath them, it's a great place where you can keep some of the items or tools you often use. This way, you'll have them in the palm of your hand.

7. Make sure you have enough lighting

The illumination in your workstation has a lot to do with your productivity. Also, if the lighting is poor, that may be why you often suffer from eye strain. What should you do in this case? You can incorporate a desk lamp in your desk.

Make sure you have enough lighting

These items are a "must" that you should never overlook while coming up with computer desk organization ideas, especially if you write a lot on paper while working.

8. Keep a rolling cart on your workstation

A rolling cart can be an extremely helpful desk organizer idea if you want to take advantage of the space in your home office. There, you can store stuff you may need throughout the day, like pens or printer paper. What you want is to have more space and to make your home office “bigger.”

Furthermore, getting a rolling cart that's about the same height as your desk is recommended.

9. Get creative and find some ways to organize small items

Do you often find yourself struggling to get rid of all the paper clips you leave lying around? There are ways to keep them organized. For instance, you may want to get some silicone cupcake liners to keep them all together in the same place.

Get creative and find some ways to organize small items

All those small productivity tools – like push pins and even binder clips – will never bother you again.

10. Do you keep storage boxes in your workstation? Label them!

desk organizer

If you have boxes around where you store important stuff, maybe you should label them, so you don't get confused later and waste valuable minutes trying to find what you need. It is a great alternative to the usual shelves and also a good desk organizer idea; also, they can serve as "decoration" items that you can keep in the same place for your workstation to look more organized

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