Top 10 Standing Writing Desk for Home Office Space
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Top 10 Standing Writing Desk for Home Office Space

|Jul 22, 2021

Been busy working from home? Make your home office an easy and convenient place to work from. For example, add a standing writing desk to your home office for your health and overall well-being.

Top 10 Standing Writing Desk for Home Office

As you read the reviews below, are you aware of the correct sitting posture for writing?

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

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This desk is a great choice for your home office standing desk. It is built to take heavy loads of up to two hundred sixty-five pounds. For this, it is built with a frame of steel that lends its sturdiness. The dual electric motors operate as you change the desk height from a low of 29.4 inches to a high of 48 inches at merely the press of a button. No manual adjustments, no need to crank up.

This sleek standing table fits your home office, giving you a large working space of 53" x 29”. If you need an XL size of 70.5” x 30”, you can opt for that too. Choose the desktop from a white, black, or walnut-colored and the contrasting steel frames in white, gray, or black colors.  Enjoy the benefits of good health from an adjustable writing desk.

2. Autonomous Desk Eureka

sd pro

The Autonomous Desk Eureka is a great choice for your office requirements. As you work long hours, relax as you change positions between sitting and standing. This adjustable standing desk has dual electric motors that assist you in raising/lowering the desk height between 26.2" to 52". Stop it at any height for a perfect match to place your computer.  This ergonomic writing desk is available in 16 different colors, and stylish desktop finishes make a gentle hum at 40dB when operated. It has a climb rate of 1.3" per second, one of the fastest in its class. With a seven-year warranty offer, you have nothing to worry about!

3. Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height standing desk


Establish a routine of good health with the Jarvis standing desk. Simple and sleek, you can manage this adjustable study table for a height between 23.25" and 48.75".  With a motorized operation, this desk offers you the convenience to manage the desk height. You may need to be careful of the motor noise as you lower/raise the desk, though.

It supports three hundred fifty pounds of payload weight for your ultimate desk setup of office computer and supplies.

4. Uplift Standing Desk


Charge yourself with energy and relax those taut muscles as you stand at this bamboo standing writing desk. Workspace? This table has a large working space area of 48” X 30”.

The packing includes a standing desk mat to help you exercise your feet. The additional bamboo desk organizer helps you manage your office stationery supplies. Strong and durable, this desk could be a perfect gift too.

5. Airlift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk


Offered by Seville Classics, this standing glass has an elegant glass finish. Giving you a smart shiny surface, this glass tabletop could be raised to 47 inches in height. Don't miss out on the touchscreen controller for managing your desk height requirements. The sleek, elegant rounded design shows a class table at its best. Ah, did you find the sole hidden drawer to place your keyboard and a mouse? Don’t forget that you can easily charge your USB electronics using the USB charging dock that comes pre-installed!

6. Comhar Glass Top Standing Desk

A brand that offers quality products, Flexispot, now has a stand-up writing desk so that you can be at ease and not worry about your health. The desktop glass comes with rounded edges to avoid injuries to a user or to avoid tears and cuts should you decide to lay a table cloth on it. This compact standing writing desk has keypad controls that are best used when you are at a distance or busy immersed in your work. Don't miss the desk's anti-collision feature, which helps you avoid stuffing a table or a box under this desk for storage. Children cannot play as it is equipped with a child safety feature.

7. Vari Electric Standing Desk


This standing writing desk offers you 48” x 30” large and stable working space.  No wobbling, no shaking! It is available in five different laminate desktops. So easy to assemble, you can fit this on your own. Need a larger size? Here you go – choose the desktop with a 60” x 30” workspace.  Offering you a five-year warranty, this is one of the best standing desks.

8. Motionwise Electric Standing Desk

You can set up a compact desk with a 24"x48" workspace; this Home Office Series edition with four preset adjustments for the height you chose. On offer is a USB charging port. Available in white color, this desk is powered by two motors for raising or lowering the desk height. You also get a drawer to keep your supplies. 

9. Realspace® Magellan Standing Desk


A decent piece of contemporary office furniture for your home office is your style statement, and this standing writing desk is best as it goes up to sixty inches in height. You can lower/raise the desk height with this pneumatic stand-up adjustable desk. Stretch your legs, take a short break, loosen those stiff muscles for your health. You also have a scratch-resistant finish. The strong and sturdy powder-coated steel legs offer higher stability.  It can move between 43” inches to 30" and 43" in height.

10. Insignia™ Standing Desk


Raise/lower the standing writing desk with easy to operate power controls between a low of 19.7” to a high of 48.4”.  All you need to do is press a switch! The desktop has a dimension of 47.2” × 23.6", giving you ample space to work.  Manage your cables with a cable tie.

Final Thoughts

Our verdict of the best desk goes jointly to the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) and the Autonomous Desk Eureka for the quality and durability of the desks. So go for it – you just can't go wrong with your choice!

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