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Top 12 Best Drafting Chairs for Standing Desk in 2018

Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 15, 2018

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Nowadays, desks are getting transformed as newer designs have hit the market. With the changing social norms, the people have become more aware of their health and wellness. Its impact can be seen in the furniture designs as well.

Drafting chairs and stools are manufactured for a number of applications. As the chairs can be used adequately with taller tables, they are ideally used in laboratories, studios, and theatres. While they can also be used for receptionists, cashiers, and ticket-sellers. Thus, for any job that requires an employee to be at the eye level of its customer, a drafting chair is a must-have. With drafting chairs, you get various benefits such as unmatched comfort and less pressure on your legs, complete posture support and ability to adjust its height as per your preferences. They are an excellent piece of furniture that can be used to strengthen your core muscles. 

Inherently, desks are designed to be taller than they were twenty years back. The main reason for this change can be attributed to the fact that many health experts promote the advantages of using standing desks in comparison to sitting ones that were used before. As the size of the desk is changing, there are other changes that accompany the new designs.

Intrinsically, taller desks require a different kind of chair if you want to achieve any comfort. The design of the chair must be in accordance with the size of the desk so that it can add to your convenience and utility. In the market, there are a number of options for drafting chairs available from which you can easily select the one that is appropriate for your requirements. However, due to the large variety, it can become cumbersome for an average person to select the best chair based on requirement, utility, budget, and design. In order to help you in deciding the best drafting chairs for your standing desk, this article will review the most prominent ones, and help you in selecting the piece which fits you the best. Here is the list

1. "Ursa" Petite Standing Desk Stool

Price: $195

The chair has been specifically designed to use it with a standing desk. The chair is multi-functional and provides you with a number of different ergonomics that add up to your comfort. Precisely, the chair can be adjusted for its height. In addition to seat height adjustment, the chair also provides you the ability to adjust its arm-length so that you can get the best seating experience at your work. The chair uses a unique double paddle control mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of the seat without any hassle. Further, it allows you to adjust the foot ring as per your requirement so that you can get maximum comfort.

Best Drafting Chairs for Standing Desk - ursa
The chair constitutes of dual wheel casters which are manufactured with a solid nylon base. However, it is important for you to note that this chair is specifically made for standing desks. Although it allows a great height adjustment ability it shouldn’t be used with a standard desk. Ideally, the feature is provided to adjust people with a small height. The chair is extremely durable and allows you to use it for a long duration of time.

Additionally, the chair is available in three different color options – black, burgundy, and navy. The chair also comes with a comprehensive instructions booklet that is filled with diagrams and images to guide you through a seamless assembly.

2. Modway Attainment Drafting Chair in Black

Top 12 Best Drafting Chairs for Standing Desk in 2018

Price: $105

The Attainment drafting chair provides you with a number of features at a very affordable price. It is a typical chair for standing desks with a breathable mesh back to provide lumbar support to your lower back. Further, the chair provides a complete 360-degree swivel so that you don’t have to move the chair to change its direction frequently. The chair is also padded with a vinyl seat that eases off the pressure of your thighs. The chair also features flip-up padded arms, foot ring with an extra tall gas cylinder and security locks to provide you a complete seating experience.

The chair has a weight carrying capacity of 330 pounds. Thus, anybody with varying body types can utilize this chair for a long duration of time. To add up to your comfort, the chair also provides a seat tilt tension control knob that is very easy to use. Besides, the counter height has a hydraulic adjustment range from 22.5 inches to 30 inches from the ground. You can adequately use the chair at your workplace or at your home.

3. Boss Office Products B1690-CS Drafting Stool

oss Office Products B1690-CS Drafting Stool - Best Drafting Chairs

Price: $95

The Boss drafting stool with foot-ring is a highly comfortable chair ideal for your workplace, study, dorm room or your regular office space. The stool has a distinct 27-inch nylon base that improves its overall stability. It has a maximum weight handling capacity of 250 lbs. Design wise, the stool has a contoured back with the seat having an ergonomic shape to support your lower back and relieve you of any strain. The foot-ring is chrome plated with a diameter of 20 inches. It has a dedicated pneumatic gas lift seat adjustment control that provides a great ease of use to the user. The seat adjustment also allows you to recline the chair as per your requirement. 

In addition, the chair also features a hooded double wheel caster and an incredibly soft upholstery. Although, the chair has no arms such a design makes it ideal for desks with varying heights and shapes. Another important feature of this chair is that it is priced below the $100 price bracket, which ensures you a great seating solution without spending a big amount of money. To increase the comfort, the seat and the padded back are deliberately contoured so that you may feel a reduced amount of pressure for long working hours. 

4. Office Star Pneumatic Drafting Chair with Vinyl Stool

Office Star Pneumatic Drafting Chair with Vinyl Stool - Best Drafting Chairs for Standing Desk in 2018

Price: $103.81

The Office Star drafting chair provides you the classic look of a doctor’s chair. Thus, you won’t find the finesse as in other chairs of the same category. However, the classic style fits adequately in every traditional office space.

The chair provides great comfort with the ability to rotate 360 degrees completely, which allows you to utilize your office space efficiently. The footrests of this chair are neatly designed and have the capability to be adjusted as per your requirements.

In addition, the chair also provides a great padding support to your back. You can easily adjust the seat height as per your needs with a push of the button. Further, you can also adjust the recline of the chair by using the tilt adjustment feature of the chair.

The drafting chair provides you a maximum height of 36 inches which is ideal to be used with most of the standing desks. Besides, the chair is fairly priced at $103.81 which provides you a great comfort option while being fairly easy on your budget.

5. LexMod Edge Drafting Chair

LexMod Edge Drafting Chair 2018 for standing desk

Price: $219.39

The LexMod drafting chair is an artfully crafted piece of furniture. The company is expert in manufacturing ergonomically designed furniture for your office. The chair itself is one of the most comfortable designs you will find in the market. Additionally, the chair is available in three different color options – grey, black and dark brown.

Other than that, it provides a mesh back support which provides you great comfort all day long in a warm climate. With its cutting-edge ergonomics that deliver you comprehensive seating experience, the chair also features flip-up padded arms and a foot ring with an extra tall gas cylinder. Further, the chair also provides a tilt plus tension control knob to modify the chair as per your choice.
The company LexMod works on the philosophy to provide cutting-edge standards in comfort. The ergonomics delivered by the chair’s seating experience completely justifies the chair’s price. The height of the chair makes it ideal for standing desks.

6. HON Volt Leather Drafting Chairbest HON Volt Leather Drafting Chair for standing desk

Price: $151.35

The leather chair features a smooth pliable leather which is agonizingly very soft and smooth to the feel. The incredibly elegant seats are hand-stitched, detailed and sharp-looking. The entire design of the chair is geometric in nature.

To increase your comfort, the chair provides you with the ability to adjust its height and allow you to sit with ease. Apart from the height adjustment function of the chair, there’s also a feature to adjust the height of your arms to take the level of your comfort to a next level.

To increase its dexterity, the chair can be swiveled to a complete 360 degrees of rotation and has dedicated wheelset at its bottom to allow you to move the chair at your will without any hassle. The durability of the HON Volt chair can be attributed to the fact that the chair is ideally well balanced and made up of high-quality materials to give you a long-lasting usage. The chair is available in two different types – Mesh Black and Upholstered Black. While the leather chair comes only in the black color option.

7. Poly and Bark Correna Drafting Chair

Poly and Bark Correna Drafting Chair
Price: $153.57

The Poly and Bark Correna chair are designed by keeping the human body in focus. It is specifically structured to keep you tireless and comfortable for long hours. Whether you use it at your home or office, it will suit all your requirements. Its reliable ergonomic support and a breathable mesh provide a great back support. In addition, the curvature of the chair makes it highly comfortable.  

Design wise, the chair has a five-point construction of hardy nylon that is strong, durable and lightweight at the same time. 

The chair provides an adjustable seat height and footrest height features to allow you to change it as per your requirements. Further, it also allows tilt tension and ability to swivel at 360 degrees. Apart from that, the sturdy rolling casters allow you easy maneuverability in a seamless manner. The BIFMA tested pneumatic gas cylinder proliferates a hassle-free lift and tilt mechanism.

Additionally, the chair is fairly priced at the $153 price tag. It is a perfect solution for the people who demand an affordable chair with all the modern features. The company also provides a one-year warranty which adds up to the durability of the item.

8. Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Chair

Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Chair - Best Drafting Chairs for Standing Desk in 2018
Price: $179.15

The company Eurotech was established in the year 1979. Since then the company has manufactured prolific furniture with superior craftsmanship and designs. Their furniture is a solid reflection of their philosophy as their every chair is up-to-the-mark in terms of affordability, reliability, and durability. 

The Apollo drafting chair provides an exception seating experience with its waterfall fabric seat cushions that are ergonomically designed. It is one of the best drafting chairs that do justice to their price mark. The chair provides a pneumatic height control system with an incredible adjustment range of 26 to 36 inches. This means even the person who is very tall in terms of height can be easily seated. The incredible height adjustment feature ensures that you can seamlessly use this chair with any standing desk at your home or workplace.

Other than that, the chair also provides you the ability to adjust the width of the arms. With the padded armrest and a ratchet backrest, you don’t have to worry about your comfort anymore. In addition, the chair also gives you the facility of movable footrests with custom height adjustment feature.

9. Harwick Evolve Heavy Duty Drafting Chair

Harwick Evolve Heavy Duty Drafting Chair for standing desk 2018
Price: 333.35

The Harwick Evolve heavy duty drafting chair has a durable mesh back with a gunmetal finish at the base. The chair is typically designed for heavy usage and supports a weight carrying capacity of 325 lbs. In addition, it has dual wheel hooded casters that add to its durable structure. The chair also comes with a ten-year limited warranty that allows you to be carefree about its durability factor. 

Regarding the comfort, style, and value of the chair – it has a black mesh seating with a diagrid back support to keep you well aerated all day long. Besides, its gunmetal frame adds to its finesse. Technically, it is designed to provide you an all-day-long comfort. It has an additional lumbar support to help people with lower back pain problems. It also comes with a 20-inch adjustable chrome foot ring.

The chair has flipped up armrests that allow you move closer to your desk as compared to other drafting chairs. The chair also provides a Pneumatic seat height adjustment function to adjust it according to your height. Further, the 2 to 1 synchro tilt system allows you to adjust its recline without a hassle. You can also use the tilt lock to lock the chair at a particular recline angle as per your desire. To add more to the comfort, the chair comes with a waterfall seat edges that provide great support to your legs.

10.  Poly and Bark Tremaine Drafting Chair

Poly and Bark Tremaine Drafting Chair
Price: $157

The Tremaine drafting chair is a good choice for your workplace or home. The design is inspired by the nineteenth century with the use of clean lines in the contour. The chair also comes with a height adjustable paddle seat and tilt tension features to add to your comfort. As in other chairs in this category, the Tremaine drafting chair comes with a feature to rotate the chair a complete 360 degrees. Further, you can also rotate the footrest ring to adjust it as per your preference.

In terms of durability, it has a high-quality aluminum base. Structurally, it is a very well-balanced chair that can hold up to 250 lbs. with ease. The main fabric used in this chair is vegan leather which is also very durable and long lasting. The entire frame of the chair is made up of chrome plated steel. You have the option to use the removable arms as per your liking. 

The product comes with a one-year guaranteed warranty. You can avail it if there’s any malfunction in any of the components of the chair. With a maximum height of 32 inches, the chair is the best fit for standing desks.

11. ErgoChair 2

ergonomic chair - Best Drafting Chairs for Standing Desk in 2018
Price: $299

The ErgoChair2 is an Italian designed tailor-made chair for all your workplace requirements. This ergonomic chair is a remarkable piece of furniture which features an all-new Korean Mesh and a back-angle lock that allows you to lock the recline angle of the back as per your preference. The chair features a patented adjustable lumbar support that helps you to maintain a healthy and pain-free posture. 

The chair is equipped with a sturdy nylon base and comes with a complete one year warranty. It also constitutes of a pneumatic gas lift seat adjustment feature that lets you change the height of your chair as per your requirement. Further, to add to the stability and durability it has hooded double wheel casters that are solid and equally sturdy.

The maximum weight supported by the chair is 300 lbs. and a maximum height of 47 inches that makes it ideal to be used with standing desks.

12. Alvin 90DH Leather Drafting Chair

Chairs for Standing Desk in 2018
Price: $284.32

The Alvin 90DH drafting chair is for the person who seeks ultimate in quality, durability, and comfort. The chair provides you with an extra thick seat cushion that is extremely comfortable. It has a high back that is upholstered in top quality buffalo leather. 

The chair boasts of all the modern features available in the drafting chairs segment. From adjustable armrests to pneumatic height controls, the Alvin drafting chair provides you the ability to customize your chair as per your preferences. In addition, the dual wheel casters at the bottom provide you the much-needed maneuverability without compromising on durability. The base of the chair has a diameter of 26 inches and is reinforced with the highest-grade nylon base.

The chair includes a dedicated height extension kit that allows you to adjust its height from 24 inches to 29 inches. By boasting of such a height range, the chair can be effectively used with a standing desk. With the use of high-quality materials, the chair provides you with an unmatched experience in terms of comfort and durability. Doing justice to its price tag, the diverse features of the chair allows it to be the top choice for professional drafting.

Important Tip for using Drafting Chairs

For using drafting chairs, it is important to understand the significance of casters. You should consider upgrading the stock casters as the rollerblade style wheels will prevent any damage done to the floor while providing you a better maneuverability in a smoother and noiseless manner. 

With the increasing popularity of standing desks, drafting chairs have also gained a fair level of prominence. Drafting chairs are not only used by architects and artists but for anyone who uses taller desks at their workplace. People prefer drafting chairs for their ability to be easily maneuvered and its comfort.  

However, with a large number of options available in the market, it becomes difficult for a person to select the best chair as per his budget and other requirements. To save you from this time-consuming process, we have crafted this article and reviewed some of the best available drafting chairs.

There are a number of factors that determine the selection of a drafting chair. While comfort is the primary requirement of everyone. It is the ability to adjust the chair, and customize it that determines its ability to blend as per the user preferences. Further, many drafting chairs are available in different color sets that provide the buyer with the ability to select the furniture that matches the interior of his office or workplace.

All the best drafting chairs mentioned in this article are specifically to be used with standing desks. Due to the height factor, drafting chairs shouldn’t be used with normal desks. In addition, these chairs provide maximum value at an affordable price while providing you with complete comfort and customizations. 

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