Top 15 Chairs with Headrests for Reduced Neck and Back Pain
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Top 15 Chairs with Headrests for Reduced Neck and Back Pain

|Nov 2, 2021

If you have been scrolling through lists of office chairs online, you would have noticed that not all office chairs are the same. Some office chairs have armrests, while others don't. Some include a recline or back tilt feature, while others do not, but what about headrests for office chairs? What part do they play, and are they an essential feature? 

This article discusses why office chair headrests add-on are essential for reducing neck and back pain and provides you with a list of some of the best chairs with headrests. 

Why Are Headrests an Important Feature of an Office Chair?

While headrests for office chairs make it look more appealing and provide a nice place to rest your head when you're taking a break, there may be a medical reason why you need a neck support attachment for office chairs. Those suffering from acute pain in the neck or back can benefit significantly from an ergonomic office chair that includes a headrest. 

The neck pain you're experiencing could result from poor posture caused by the constant strain placed on your muscles while they work to keep you sitting upright without receiving any support. 

What to Look for in a Chair with a Headrest

What to Look for in a Chair with a Headrest

Office chair headrest features should ideally be adjustable up and down, and in and out because there are times when you do not need to recline your head. 

If you are experiencing pain in the neck and back, an office chair headrest add-on isn’t the only thing you need to pay attention to when selecting an office chair. Buy an ergonomic chair that adequately supports the lumbar curvature of the spine, and should include adjustable support for the arms, so that the muscles of the neck are not strained during prolonged periods spent working at a desk. 

Also, ensure that the chair you choose has a back height that can adequately support your back. If you are, your chair's backrest should be shorter or include adjustable back support so that you can position it correctly for your body type. 

Top 15 Chairs with Headrests for Your Workstation

Here are our top 15 choices for those with neck and back pain. 

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro headrest for office chair

The ErgoChair Pro is Autonomous' most popular ergonomic office chair. Moreover, the great thing about this chair is that it is fully adjustable, with adjustable armrests to relieve strain from the back and neck and flexible lumbar support that suits any body type. 

It also has an earth-friendly design with five lockable positions with an office chair headrest that is fully adjustable, supporting the head and neck to relieve pain. The ErgoChair Pro looks great, too, with a contemporary appeal, and caster wheels to let you move around your office with ease. 

This chair is also available in six different color options, so you’re sure to find a color combination to match your office aesthetics. 

2. Autonomous ErgoChair Recline

ErgoChair Recline headrest for office chair

Another great office chair with neck support is the Autonomous ErgoChair Recline. It has all the ergonomic features you could need, including adjustable armrests, height, lumbar support, and tilt for the ultimate support and comfort. 

The headrests for office chairs doesn’t come standard on the ErgoChair Recline, as some prefer not to have it, but if you suffer from neck and back pain, it is advisable to add the extra computer chair headrest and footrest feature. 

As with the ErgoChair Pro, the headrest for office chairs is fully adjustable, so support and comfort are guaranteed with this reclining ergonomic chair. It has a comfortable foam seat with a breathable mesh back that prevents sweat and odor buildup through prolonged usage on hot days. 

3. Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair has a completely adjustable office chair headrest that can help to support the neck, upper back, and head. It also includes adjustable armrests and good lumbar support, which adequately supports the curvature in the lower back too. 

The armrests are also bigger than the typical size and provide a comfortable surface to rest the arms. Some of the only drawbacks are that this chair is only available in black, and it has a higher backrest and neck support attachment for office chair that may not be suitable for shorter people. 

4. Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Task Chair

Humanscale Freedom headrest for office chair

Adaptability and comfort are the main features of this task chair from Humanscale. It is the ultimate provider of ergonomic support with additional features such as adjustable seat depth and a self-locking recline system that is weight sensitive. 

The chair is also fully adjustable, and the designers have kept the number of levers included in its design to a minimum.  The headrests for office chairs have dynamic support designed to cradle the head to alleviate pain in the neck. 

These features are great to have, but can set you back quite a bit, as this chair is very expensive, and there are other options available that are just as effective. 

5. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

If you're seated in your office chair hunched over toward your computer monitor, experts recommend leaning away from it and pulling your shoulders back. 

An ergonomic office chair that offers a greater range of motion, such as the Gabrylly, allows users to lean back whenever the need arises. This chair also has a height-adjustable seat, lumbar support, and adjustable armrests and office chair headrests. 

While the armrests do flip up for easy storage, they are not adjustable, which means that they may not provide adequate tailor-made support to the head and neck. 

6. Nouhaus Ergo3D Mesh Office Chair

Nouhaus Ergo3D headrest for office chair

This chair is commendable because it has a three-part back support to ease back pain in every region. One of these regions is the neck or cervical part of the spine. Its office chair headrest can be moved up or down, and it includes a waterfall seat with a reclining backrest. 

A great feature is the chair's armrests that can move inward to fully support the arms, head, neck, and shoulders for ultimate pain relief and comfort. The chair also includes durable caster wheels for easy movement across a range of different flooring types. 

7. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

When it comes to cost-effective office chairs, it is essential to find one that is comfortable and ergonomic and does not degrade quickly. Unfortunately, many budget-friendly office chairs do just that. 

However, the Sihoo M57 office chair is both durable and sturdy, with robust lumbar and computer chair headrest support. It also has pivoting armrests, which is a great feature at this price point. Some users appreciate the former backrest, while others have indicated that it makes the chair more uncomfortable, so the chair’s suitability depends on your personal preferences. 

8. Zipcode Design High-back Ergonomic Chair

Zipcode Design headrest for office chair

This black office chair from Zipcode Design provides a comfortable experience for the user, making it ideal for use in the study or as part of an office setup. The backrest is quite tall, which may make it unsuitable for short people, but it does have a stylish design with an S-shaped backrest for optimum support of the spine and neck. 

Its armrests and seat depth are also adjustable, and it has a back angle adjustment feature allowing the user to obtain the perfect seated posture. The chair also includes additional padding for comfort and has a tilt lock, so you can lean back and rest if you feel pain after a long day’s work. 

9. Eiler High-back Ergonomic Office Chair by Zipcode Design

Another Zipcode Design addition to this list is the Eiler High-back chair. It has an environmentally friendly, ergonomic design that includes all the important components you could need from an ergonomic chair. 

The chair has a mesh back for breathability with a contemporary design. It can be assembled within minutes, has a unique mesh pattern for added durability, and is also able to hold a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. This chair also includes head support for office chairs to help you rest your head throughout the day, thanks to the reclining headrest  for office chairs. 

10. Arjun Ergonomic Task Chair by Twillery Co.

Arjun headrest for office chair

Minimalistic style, comfort, and support come together in this fun, but trendy office chair. It is available in black and white, as well as three pastel colors, so you are sure to find something to suit your office aesthetics. 

The chair features padded, pivoting armrests, and the wheels let you move around on a range of surfaces. It has a nylon backrest with lumbar support and includes a tilt mechanism, so you can rest periodically throughout the workday to rest your back. 

11. Inbox Zero Ergonomic Computer Chair

This chair is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly option that is also fully supportive. It also incorporates anti-microbial properties in its design and is stackable, which is handy for offices. 

The chair also allows for gentle rocking back and forth and includes lumbar support. However, one drawback is that its armrests are fixed in place, so they cannot be adjusted to support people with neck and shoulder pain adequately. 

12. Inbox Zero Dolton Ergonomic Office Chair

Inbox Zero headrest for office chair

The Dolton is another great chair from Inbox Zero that includes a headrest for office chairs. It has a modern design that would make it a great chair for gaming and has a synchro-tilt feature for ultimate comfort and support. 

This ergonomic chair includes additional padding to make it more comfortable, and its armrests can be adjusted up or down for suitable positioning. However, a drawback is that the armrests do not move from left to right, so it still may be challenging to obtain the ideal positioning. 

That being said, its many ergonomic features and generally pleasing design make it an admirable choice. 

13. Ebern Designs Ashendon Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

This chair places emphasis on comfortable seating and so has including additional padding and a comprehensive set of ergonomic features. These include lumbar support, synchro-tilt, back angle adjustment, tilt lock, height adjustable seat, and armrests. 

Unfortunately, it does not let you move the armrests inward or outward and may not allow for the ideal positioning. Nevertheless, it does have everything you could need to support the neck and back, including that all-important neck support attachment. 

Also, the chair comes in a fun orange color, so if you are looking for a real pop of color for your workspace, this may be a great option. 

14. Ebern Designs Sebastiao High-back Executive Mesh Office Chair

Ebern Designs Sebastiao headrest for office chair

Another great, simple addition from Ebern Designs is the Sebastiao High-back Executive chair. The chair allows the user to swivel 360 degrees while still being fully supported. It includes adjustable support for the back, head, and arms. 

It has a modern-looking steel chrome base and a mesh backrest with padded seating. A drawback is that the seating is very thin, so that it may become more uncomfortable with prolonged use, so it may not be ideal for use as an everyday office chair but would work better for a study room or a home office that is used occasionally. 

15. Corrigan Studio Stroud Task Chair

This office chair with a headrest stands out from the crowd because its base is constructed with wood, and it has faux leather upholstery to make it comfortable and visually appealing. The chair’s frame is made from steel, so it is very sturdy, and it includes integrated lumbar support for those with neck and back pain

Fixed padded armrests make the chair comfortable, but they are fixed, so they may not fit well with every body type or height. 

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Inadequate support for the spine and neck region could result in pain and injury. Headrests for office chairs can help relieve the strain that the muscles in these areas take when trying to keep you upright for prolonged periods. 

We recommend the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro and ErgoChair Recline. They are durable, long-lasting, fully adjustable, and supply users with everything they need to support their head, neck, and back fully. Both chairs look great, too, and are available in several colors to match any office décor.

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