Top 15 Tall Chairs for Standing Desk with Ergonomic Features
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Top 15 Tall Chairs for Standing Desk with Ergonomic Features

|Dec 2, 2021

The most important thing to consider when choosing a tall chair for a standing desk is comfort. Nothing says comfort better than ergonomic features. People, who sit for long hours at a time, typically benefit immensely from high back ergonomic chairs. 

A high office chair for standing desks supports the body and protects it from joint, neck, and back pains. These high desk chairs even stop you from straining your eyes when on a standing desk. 

Choosing a tall desk chair for standing promotes good posture by helping you keep your whole back area upright while sitting. This is especially true for an ergonomic chair. Subsequently, you start to feel less stress, migraine, back pains when you sit and work on your desk for long hours. It automatically improves your level of concentration and your general work output. 

Some high desk chairs are a lot better and taller than others, so if you are new to standing desk chair heights, you may need to follow some guidelines when buying one. 

Top 15 Tall Chairs for Standing Desks

If you are wondering why a standing desk needs to have a chair at all, it’s because standing desks are not just for people who love to stand while working. These desks allow you to take a break between sitting and standing when working. So if you’re someone who loves to sit and stand while at work, these tall adjustable office chairs are for you. Here’s a list of the top 15 ones you can buy. 

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo tall chair for standing desk

The Autonomous Chair Ergo measures 46-50 inches. The length of the backrest including the headrest is 28-31 inches. It has a 300 pounds weight limit, a 20-inch seat width, and a tilt range of 22 degrees. 

If you plan to buy an ergonomic chair that’s comfortable and affordable, then this high desk chair should be your first choice. The chair has numerous features that make it the best high-back office chair for standing desks. It has a breathable mesh back that keeps one cool even in hot weather. 

The chair comes with much aesthetic appeal and seamlessly blends into any office décor. It has some padded seats, a stable tilt mechanism and is made of high-quality material. Some of its most appealing features are its noise-free wheels that let you roll around easily on smooth floors, its average price, and 45 degrees flexibility. That means you never have to hunch over on your desk when you need to change positions. The chair is also BIFMA-certified and has an adjustable lumbar pad to keep your back comfortable for long hours. Its nice curvy backrest and breathable mesh lining guarantee that one can rest on it for long hours without breaking a sweat. 

As tall as it is, the Ergochair Pro does not wobble or start to creak at any height; this quality makes it the best tall chair for standing desks. 

2. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra tall chair for standing desk

The Autonomous Chair Ultra is one of the best chairs to pair with a tall standing desk. Some of its best features are its streamlined ergonomic design, easy adjustments, reasonable price, excellent back support, and super breathable and comfortable seat. 

This tall adjustable office chair has a frameless construction to allow unhindered movement and a 300 lbs weight capacity. It’s lined with a breathable mesh and also comes with a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) option. TPE is the combination of rubber and plastic, this material is earth-friendly and extremely durable. This high desk chair for standing desks also has great adaptive spinal support. One could sit on it for seven to eight hours straight without feeling pains or cramps. It also comes with a five-year warranty. 

A few cons to buying this tall chair for standing desks include its lack of a headrest and the fact that the TPE option is a bit too strong for comfort. It is still one of the best big and tall office chairs available, that's the reason it comes second on this list. 

3. Autonomous Chair Move

Autonomous Chair Move tall chair for standing desk

In most modern offices, you often find not just chairs but stools for sitting. The Autonomous Chair Move has a similar standing desk chair height as the Autonomous Chairs. Stools allow you to stretch your body after you've sat in a high desk chair for hours. 

Some of the best features of this ergonomic stool are its easily adjustable office chair height extender that you can move up to ten inches up. This means you can change the height of the stool when you want to sit on it and when you just want to stand and lean on it. 

It also has a heavy-duty base that stops it from toppling over when you try to move while sitting on it. The stool’s well-padded seats are very comfortable for sitting and it comes at an affordable price. 

The Autonomous Chair Move is no high desk chair but it compares to these chairs in quality and durability. It comes with a 12-month warranty. 

4. Vari Active Seat

This tall desk chair for standing offers exceptional qualities to those who enjoy standing occasionally while working. It has an adjustable height of up to 35 inches and a comfortably padded and cushioned seat. The Vari Active chair allows you to bend to any direction when working, without falling off the chair.  It comes fully assembled from the manufacturers so no need to spend any time assembling. The chair can also support 250 lbs of weight, a full rocking motion, and a fully articulating pedestal. 

5. Nouhaus ErgoDraft Drafting Chair

Nouhaus ErgoDraft tall chair for standing desk

This tall adjustable office chair brings with it the full ergonomic experience. It has an adjustable headrest for neck support, a tilting backrest that can recline up to 135 degrees, and casters that can be locked in to prevent unexpected movement. Its height can go up from 23.4 inches to 30.9 inches and one can also adjust the footrest’s height to ensure comfort regardless of height.

The standing desk chair height matches the height of most ergonomic standing desks out there, giving this high office chair for standing desks a spot on this list. 

6. The Herman Miller Aeron Stool

This tall chair for standing desks comes with an elastomeric suspension that relieves pressure points around the tailbone to make sitting more comfortable. It has a mesh fabric lining that ventilation, keeping the user cool all day long. This high desk chair also comes with some individually adjustable lumbar pads to help prevent back pain and maintain the right posture all day long. One downside to owning this high office chair for a standing desk is that it's pretty expensive.

7. Seville Classics Airlift Desk Stool

Seville Classics tall chair for standing desk

If you’re looking to buy a relatively cheap yet strong standing desk chair, this ergonomic desk stool is exactly what you need. It’s a stool, so it is technically not a high desk chair but it has all the ergonomic qualities that make it a contender. It has a non-slip strong base that cannot let you fall when sitting on the stool. One can adjust this stool to 28” using a ring air lifter level on the stool.  One downside to using this stool is that the upholstery is a bit slippery, especially when still brand new. 

8. Steelcase Leap Fabric Stool

This tall adjustable office chair is one of the most comfortable ones available. Its most impressive feature is its LiveBack technology, which copies and acclimatizes to micro-movements in your spine and body. The chair’s design enables it to support your spine every time it moves to keep it in a permanent good posture. 

Any buyer of this tall chair for standing desk gets to pick between 3D upholstery options or fabric. One can easily adjust the seat depth and lumbar support on this high chair, this gives you full back support no matter the direction you move the chair. The lumbar support protects your spine by helping you keep a flawless upright posture all day long. Its natural slide system prevents you from straining your neck, arm, and eyes while working. This high office chair for standing desks has several color options, a 10-degree wobble, a footrest, and can support up to 250 lbs of weight. 

9. MOOJIRS Ergonomic Drafting Chair

MOOJIRS Ergonomic tall chair for standing desk

Your search for a tall chair for standing desk is not complete until you have tried out this tall adjustable office chair. It has an S-shaped backrest, a footrest, and the entire hair is lined in a mesh material to keep one cool all day long. 

Thanks to the shape of its backrest, this chair fully supports your lower back whenever you sit on it. Its mesh covering keeps the user fresh and cool all day long. The seats have a waterfall shape, which helps relieve pressure in your legs when you increase the chair's height. 

Due to standing desk chair height, this high desk chair has no tilt function. So people are sure to remain steady while perched on it.  This chair has a strong aluminum alloy base that can carry a weight of up to 300 lbs. It also has a 3-year warranty. 

10. Office Star Deluxe Desk Chair

This tall chair for standing desk has a backrest, and a well-ventilated screen back. It also has lumbar support and a mesh seat. The Office Star Deluxe has a standing desk chair height that can be adjusted from 24.25 inches to 33.75 inches. Some of its most remarkable features include an adjustable foot ring, adjustable backrest, pressurized seat height adjustment. It also has dual-wheel carpet casters and a heavy-duty nylon base. 

11. Fully Hag Capisco

Fully Hag Capisco

If you struggle with poor posture yet have to sit at a desk for long hours, then this tall chair for standing desk is for you. This high desk chair is fully ergonomic, with a wider hip-to-knee angle than a standard chair. This chair helps you create a natural posture by improving circulation in the legs. It offers you room to change positions and move as much as you like to produce an active sitting experience. In many non-ergonomic chairs, the lack of space to move around is what causes excessive pressure when sitting. This chair does not have this issue. Instead, it offers adjustable features such as its adjustable height and tilting backrest. These features encourage an optimal sitting position. It also has casters for easy rolling of hardwood floors. 

12. Smugdesk Tall Office Chair

This tall desk chair for standing desk is known for its very stable base. It has a five-claw base that’s 25 inches wide and a 360 degrees swivel. It has a mesh back to encourage proper ventilation and its contoured seat helps encourage proper blood circulation in the body. 

Other remarkable features of this high office chair for standing desks include its adjustable foot pedal, armrests, and desk height. It comes with a one-year warranty. 

13. LeanRite Elite Ergonomic Chair

LeanRite Elite Ergonomic Chair

This high desk chair is a tad bit expensive but has everything one needs in an ergonomic chair. It's sturdy and has a built-in anti-fatigue mat. The chair has a stable work base that can carry up to 270 pounds. It also offers numerous positions that support a natural posture. One downside of purchasing this tall chair for standing desks is that its sophisticated constructions make it extra difficult to move. 

14. Steelcase Series 1 Office Stool

This is one of the tallest chairs you can find when looking for a tall desk chair for standing desks and it is also one of the best adjustable desk stools for every user.. It has an impressive height of 41.25 inches and can carry 400 lbs of weight. This desk comes in options of many colors and a patented LiveBack flexor technology. This technology helps the desk conform to the movement of your spine and body every time you move. It has numerous adjustment options including its lumbar recline tension, seat depth, and seat height.

On the downside, it takes quite a while to put this chair together after purchase. 

15. Hylone Tall Office Chair

Hylone tall chair for standing desk

This tall desk chair for standing desks has a backrest that can incline up to 120 degrees. This recline helps relieve pressure on the lower back. Other impressive features include its flip-up arms, curved mesh back, waterfall edge seat, and an adjustable height and foot ring. The chair comes with a one-year warranty and is a nice high desk chair for standing desks.

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