Top 18 Computer Chairs for Kids with Expert Reviews
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Top 18 Computer Chairs for Kids with Expert Reviews

|Nov 27, 2021

While people may think certain kinds of furniture are only for adults, that could not be further from the truth. There's a lot of merit to getting a computer chair for kids, as you are about to find out. 

Understanding the importance is one thing, but it's not like there is a host of kids' office chairs being advertised. Many people didn't even know that they could get a kids computer desk and chair set for their little ones. 

Therefore, beyond providing the necessary insights on what you need to consider, below is a tremendous assortment of 18 kids desk chair options that you can read about and contemplate before making a final purchase. 

Provided that you do the required due diligence, your little ones are going to thank you for both the thought and the fact that they can carry out their tasks more comfortably. 

What You Need to Know When Choosing Kids Office Chairs

What You Need to Know When Choosing Kids Office Chairs

The biggest mistake parents make is underestimating the importance of careful choice. When an ergonomic chair is being chosen for an adult, quite a bit of thought is put into the process. What material is the chair made of? Does it have the required ergonomic features? How does it fit into the existing office aesthetic? 

Unfortunately, when the focus is on kids' office chairs, that kind of attention is nowhere to be found. Much of this comes from a perception that children don't need as much consideration as adults in this area. 

However, a proper study chair for kids can improve their output in whatever they do, and it can also contribute to the development of healthy work habits early. So, here are a few areas you may want to pay some attention to before you jump at any model. 


Comfort in computer chair for kids

It stands to reason that you would want a comfortable chair for your kids. The alternative is going to cause resentment of the unit, and it may lead to a negative impact on the art or whatever other little projects they may be working on. 

Kids chairs can have ergonomic features, making for a more supportive seating experience. Choosing one with such attributes should be a priority. 

Wheel Presence

Wheel Presence in computer chair for kids

Unlike adult units, the average kids desk chair is just as likely to have wheels as it isn't. The big consideration here is the extent to which you may want your child to have additional mobility. There is a level of discipline you must instill with wheel bases, as you don't want them to become too much of a distraction. 


A computer chair for kids can be made in various sizes. Pay attention to dimensions, as the wrong size can make for a wildly uncomfortable experience. You may also want to think about your child's growth, as you don't want to be switching kids' office chairs often. 


The choice of material partially determines the extent of comfort and durability. Never buy any chair for your child before reviewing what the composition is and properly factoring in its likely useful life. 

18 Top-tier Kids Desk Chair Options

1. Autonomous Chair Junior

Autonomous Chair Junior computer chair for kids

If you are looking for the definitive ergonomic chair experience for your child, it gets no better than the Autonomous Chair Junior. Developing healthy habits early is a win, and this is the perfect start to grounding your child in ergonomic principles. 

It's available in three different amazing colors, and it is filled to the brim with adjustments in areas such as the height, seat, armrest, footrest, backrest. Seven ergonomic positions are possible, and children are supported at a variety of heights, meaning the chair can grow with your child. 

A stunning 275 pounds is supported, which is highly unlikely to be used by any child. Additionally, the unit goes seamlessly with well-designed children standing desk builds. This computer chair for kids is such a brilliant option for your children.

2. IKEA LOBERGET Kids Desk Chair

IKEA is incredibly famous for its low-budget and functional designs. It's no surprise that this is the cheapest kids chair on the list, though it manages to still be incredibly useful. You have a curved contemporary design, and it is even height adjustable to fit in if you choose to purchase an adjustable desk for your kid. It's also bright white, meaning it can fit into just about any aesthetic present. 

3. HODEDAH Kids Chair

HODEDAH computer chair for kids

A very reasonably priced unit is what you have here. You're getting a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds, which should be well suited to any child. From a visual standpoint, you can choose from one of four bright colors that should appeal to any little one. 

The design of this computer chair for kids is also comfortable, and assembly should not be a chore for you. The durability is not the best, but you can get a year or two for the incredibly low price. 

4. Porch & Den Stringer Kids Task Chair

Some children love to be stylish, and this computer chair for kids model from Porch & Den should appeal to any of them, thanks to its sleek appearance. It's a modern chair made of molded plastic, making it incredibly easy to clean. 

It's designed to support the S-curve of your child's back, while providing comfort with the foam-filled cushion. Child chair height is often a concern, but there is no need to worry as you can adjust this one up and down easily. 

5. BestOffice Ergonomic Swivel Office Chair

BestOffice computer chair for kids

Though incredibly budget-friendly, you can see the kind of lumbar support that is almost typical of adult-sized ergonomic chairs. It's not going to last you the longest, but it should provide a wonderful experience while it’s around. 

Assembly is easy, and the 360-degree swivel and mesh back are worth it. Technically, BestOffice made this chair for adults, but the durability factor and its small size make it way more suited to children. 

6. Create & Kids Acrylic Desk Chair

Sometimes, you would be surprised at the extent to which you can reduce perceived clutter by making different visual choices. This chair has a minimalist air about it, and it looks exquisite too! 

There is no adjustability here, so you must ensure that this computer chair for kids is the right choice from the onset. If it works for your child, the acrylic design is one of the strongest you are going to find on the market 

7. SIDIZ Ringo Kids Desk Chair

SIDIZ Ringo Kids Desk Chair

Kids tend to grow rapidly, and it's often difficult to find a chair that does the same. However, the SIDIZ Ringo is designed to do just that. Using average metrics, it's suitable for 6-year-olds, 13-year-olds, and everyone in between. 

Seat high, backrest, seat width, and footrest adjustability features are all present to make for a true ergonomic experience. 

8. Boss Tiffany Fur Chair

Boss Tiffany computer chair for kids

All the computer chairs for kids on this list are ranked based on their functionality and features. It is a good option for your kids’ study room design. The Boss Tiffany Fur Chair is the only exception present. That's because it was intentionally designed for girls, which means depending on parental and child perceptions, many children cannot make use of it. 

Still, it features a high level of comfort, durability, and adjustability. The black or stylish gray variations could be considered for boys. 

9. Wrought Studio Willette Chair

This computer chair for kids is best suited for kids 8 to 12 years old. Its high back design makes for great support throughout, and its aesthetic manages to have both a traditional and modern feel. 

There are five photos to choose from, and reinforced chrome-plated steel legs and bent plywood contribute to a high level of durability. Note that it's not one of those kids office chairs that provides a great deal of mobility, as everything about it remains static. 

10. Flash Furniture Soccer Task Chair

Flash Furniture Soccer Task Chair

If your child is a soccer fan, there may not be a better option than this kids’ ergonomic chair. Its soccer-themed, with both the seating pad and backrest modeled after the ball associated with the classic game period 

These are stitched in vinyl and do not wear very easily. While armrests are shipped, you can choose not to include them during assembly if you wish 

11. Flash Furniture Mid-back Task Chair

Flash Furniture takes yet another spot with its mid-back quilted vinyl task chair, which is best suited to teenagers. There are six colors to choose from, and the simple design can slot itself into many different visual styles. 

The inclusion of a pneumatic lever allows for seat height adjustment, making for a more customized experience. The maximum weight supported accommodates adults if necessary. 

12. Kore Adjustable Height Wobble Chair

Kore Adjustable Height Wobble Chair

You could say this entry is cheating, as the Kore design featured here cannot necessarily be categorized as a computer chair for kids. Instead, it's a wobble chair, which places it under the active sitting category. 

However, based on its feature set and the ability to promote healthy habits while working, it may be worth the investment. Note that it is best suited to teens, as younger kids may not have the muscular development to use it, nor may they be too enthused with the way it works 

13. Birch Kneeling Chair

This is yet another active sitting mechanism that's designed to allow kids to grow with better posture. The kneeling computer chair for kids has a corrective function that focuses on promoting proper spinal alignment and correcting any deviations that may have already taken place. 

It's available in various sizes and colors, so you should be able to fit it into an existing space effortlessly. 

14. SitRite Children Height Control Desk Chair

SitRite computer chair for kids

The brand's name perfectly explains what this unit is trying to do. The spectrum of support is very broad, as even 4-year-olds can take advantage of this unit. It's very comfortable, thanks to the padding that is synonymous with adult office chair designs. 

The ergonomic features and support are only complimented by the presence of a detachable footrest, which is conducive to a bit of relaxation. 

15. Hbada Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Though you may want a comfortable desk chair for kids, one look at this one may have you wondering if it wasn't built for adults instead. Well, it supports the whole spectrum, so feel free to borrow it for a bit if you are so inclined. 

It has all the ergonomic bells and whistles that typical office chair designs do, complete with a mesh back design.

16. Urban Shop Faux Fur Rolling Task Chair

Urban Shop Faux Fur Rolling Task Chair

Some kids’ desk chairs are built to combine fashion and functionality, and it's clear that Urban Shop was going for such a design with this one. It's incredibly affordable, while being comfortable and supportive for your little ones. 

The high back design features a padded cushion and the durable composition supports up to 220 pounds. It's very unlikely that your child is going to be too heavy to take advantage of it. 

17. Pottery Barn Kids Chair

This is another comfortable desk chair for kids. It's probably a good idea to start by saying that this one is pricey. For reference, the IKEA chair that started the list could be bought 12 times over before you could purchase this chair once. 

Nevertheless, if you were to purchase this model, it would be a huge game-changer for your little ones because of its sturdy and highly functional design. The glitter may worry you, as children seem to have a knack for getting it in all the wrong places. However, it's embedded into the seat, so there's no need to worry. 

18. GreenForest Kids Desk Chair

greenforest Rolling Task Chair

It’s never an easy task to find a good combination of comfort, support, and price. Nevertheless, GreenForest nails it with a simple, yet very effective design. Assembly is barely an inconvenience, so much so that older kids can handle it on their own. 

The color choices are all vibrant, and the fishbone backrest is both breathable and supportive. The computer chair for kids is height adjustable and can support weights of up to 200 pounds, which is more than enough for most children.

Final Remarks

Now, you can no longer say that you have no idea how to decide what seating option to choose for your child. From child size chair requirements to looking for the features that are synonymous with an ergonomic chair for a kid, the information you received should now make you an expert in this kind of selection. 

How does it feel to be able to optimally identify units that are the definition of appropriate?

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