Top 20 Best 3 Drawer Filing Cabinets for 2024: A Perfect Guide
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Top 20 Best 3 Drawer Filing Cabinets for 2024: A Perfect Guide

|Oct 15, 2022

Although files and paperwork don't hold much significance in 2022, 3-drawer file cabinets are important storage space in the office, study room, or any other workspace for carefully placing your legal or important documents. 

If you are looking for a 3-drawer file cabinet or a 3-drawer vertical file cabinet on wheels, you have luckily reached the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 20 best 3-drawer file cabinets in 2022 to help you find the right kind of three-drawer file cabinet, be it compact, spacious, or large, to fit in your space. 

What Is a 3-Drawer File Cabinet?

What Is a 3-Drawer File Cabinet?

In general, a file drawer cabinet is a piece of widely used product in the category of office accessories or desk organizers in the home, office, or workplace, depending on the necessity and demand. 

The primal use of a three-drawer file cabinet lies in holding files and important documents, storage, and organizing. Typically, they are not available just in a single type but available in different variants depending on the number of drawers and the material used in its construction. 

A 3-drawer file cabinet is a storage space with three storage cases to store and organize files, paper, and documents. It can be available as 3-drawer vertical file cabinets or lateral file cabinets. To bring ease of use, a three-drawer file cabinet on wheels has also been introduced in the market. It is also available in different colors, styles, and materials like steel or wood 3-drawer file cabinets. 

Finding the right type of 3-drawer file cabinet that meets your style and suits your needs can be easily met and add to the look of your space and the best of utilization. 

Why Should You Buy the Best 3-Drawer File Cabinet?

Numerous reasons can be a key force in buying a three-drawer file cabinet. Firstly, it is a specialized tool that maintains and sorts files and documents. The paper, files, and documents that are kept strewn tend to reduce the working efficiency and affect the working capacity and psychological motivation to do so. 

It can also help with time management by avoiding the time consumed searching for a particular paper or file from amongst the lot. 

Not only does it sort your paper stuff, but it also adds to the aesthetic essence of your space. Hence, it becomes necessary to buy the best 3-drawer file cabinet. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a 3-Drawer File Cabinet

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a 3-Drawer File Cabinet

You must keep certain things in mind while purchasing 3-drawer file cabinets to have the best quality in your chosen price range. Here are some of the factors discussed: 

Material of the Three-Drawer File Cabinet

As a buyer, the material of the file cabinet is the first thing you must investigate. The durability, endurance, and strength of the drawer file cabinet are factors that attract the most. If we compare, wood 3-drawer file cabinets are lighter than those made of metals like steel.

Material of the Three-Drawer File Cabinet

Price Range

The price range is the most crucial factor for a buyer. Therefore, you must keep your budget in mind and look for the most suitable options that may be available. 

Size of the Three-Drawer File Cabinet

Here, the size of the cabinet is another factor to be kept note of. Again, it depends on the home, office, or workspace for which you have decided to make a purchase. 3-drawer file cabinets are available in multiple sizes, from small and compact to large and spacious. 

Finish and Final Look

The finishing and final appearance of the drawer file cabinet add to the aesthetic essence of the space in your house and workplace. Hence, the style and color must be chosen as per the suitability required.  

Top 20 Best 3-Drawer Filing Cabinets for 2022

Here is a list to look through the top 20 best 3-drawer filing cabinets for making a choice that suits you and compares from amongst the alternatives available.  

1. Autonomous Filing Cabinet

The one that tops our list is the Autonomous filing cabinet, a 3-drawer file cabinet on wheels. It is made of solid steel and has customizable dividers, allowing the user to customize the space of the drawer file cabinet as per the need and suitability.  

This sleek cabinet perfectly fits under the desk and blends smoothly into the workspace. It has an anti-rust finish and is also equipped with locks in the drawers to maintain safety and security. 

You can select from various color options available, including cool gray, red apple, evergreen, and baby blue. It can store a total weight capacity of 275 lbs. and can be easily adjusted into cluttered spaces. With a dimension of 20-inch length, 23-inch width, and 27-inch height, it can be one of the best choices for a sleek and stylish 3-drawer file cabinet. 

2.  Skyline Décor Kenner Open Shelf Cabinet, 3-Drawer: Storage Cabinet

As its name suggests, it belongs to the wood 3-drawer file cabinet category. It can be one of the best choices for those who are looking for multipurpose storage, as it is designed in a way that supports shelves and provides desk space. Moreover, it comes with wheels, making it a favorable choice for the buyer with a complete package. 

3.  Nexera Filing Cabinet, 3-Drawer: Filing Cabinet

It is one of the most suitable choices as it comes with a unique solid metal style in two drawers and a full-extension, ball-bearing slide in the last drawer. This filing cabinet also has an anti-tilt system installed as a secure and safe method. Nexera Filing Cabinet is widely known for its modern, sleek design and possesses multiple features in addition to its flexibility in setting the space.

4.  Nexera Atypik 3-Drawer Storage and Filing Cabinet

This 3-drawer file cabinet is installed with two drawers fixed on the metal slide, while the last drawer is fixed on the full-extension slide. In addition, the upper two drawers are smaller in size when compared to the last drawer. 

The most exceptional feature of this product is that it is scratch resistant. This is because it is made of melanin, which also makes it waterproof. All of this makes Nexera Atypik 3-drawer Storage a wonderful choice for purchase. 

5.  Techni Mobili Rolling Storage and File Cabinet

This cabinet is also categorized under a 3-drawer file cabinet on wheels. It has a subtle, unique design - the upper two drawers are accessory drawer cabinets that are lesser in size than the last drawer. The top drawer comes with a lock for security. It has a wooden body of black color, which gives a modern vintage look and comes with an amazing five-year warranty. 

6. Space Solution Metal Organizer File Cabinet

Space Solution Metal Organizer File Cabinet

One of the key features of this 3-drawer filing metal cabinet is that it offers massive storage space with dimension specifications of 18" X 14.75" X 27.32". The upper drawer is the accessory one, while the other two are larger. 

It has a locked facility available only in the middle drawer filing cabinet. Although it does not include wheels and binds the portability factor off, its steel alloy marks its strengthening durability. 

7.  Sauder - 3-Drawer Pedestal Filing Cabinet

If you are looking for a wonderfully crafted wood 3-drawer file cabinet, this can be a great choice. It has two smaller drawers and one larger drawer that suits different needs. 

The steel handles provide a vintage appearance to the cabinet. It can also be used as a bedside stand. This filing cabinet has great endurance and guarantees longevity. 

8.  Office Connect - 3-Drawer File Cart

Office Connect - 3-Drawer File Cart 3 drawer file cabinet

This 3-drawer file cabinet has a smooth and rich appearance. It is made of wooden material, and shiny steel handles for accessibility. Although it cannot be moved due to the absence of wheels, it is lightweight and can be managed to move easily. 

However, its sleek design and compactness make it a good choice for smaller spaces. It is installed with rollers made of heavy metal, allowing smoother gilding of the drawers. 

9.  Series C3 - Mobile File Cart with Three Drawers

Your next choice could be this compact and sophisticated 3-drawer filing cabinet. The mentioned features mark its flexible nature in cluttered spaces. It is well equipped with strong quality hardware that increases its durability and reduces damage vulnerability. 

This filing cabinet is an excellent example of quality and craftsmanship. It also has locks installed, but only in the last drawer. Another good reason for its purchase is that it's well-equipped with wheels.  

10.  Lorell Soho File Organizer 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet

Lorell Soho File Organizer 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet

Next is the Lorell SOHO file organizer, a 3-drawer vertical file cabinet available in a single color- black. It accommodates three filing hanging holders with security locks to keep the documents safe. 

The point to be noted is that it has a depth of 18-inches only, but it comes with a steel chrome handle and a baked enamel finish. It is also installed with smooth gliding suspension, which increases the accessibility to the user. 

11.  Oxford White 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet

This is one of the contemporary file cabinets in the market. Oxford 3-Drawer Filing is an exquisite piece of furniture that could subtly enhance the look of your space. Furthermore, the company has used fine quality wood instead of those cheap fiberwoods. The inside drawer has been given a metallic touch to maintain strength and a roller installation for smoother accessibility. It has a smoother finish, which makes it easier to clean. 

12.  Hirsch Staples 3-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet

Hirsch Staples 3-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet

This can be another good choice if you are looking for great storage space. It is exquisitely designed to add the right look to your home and office. In addition, the brand is known for its durability, which marks no issues, and longevity of the product. 

Another feature to add to its list is the fireproof nature of the product, making it safer for your documents, files, and papers. 

13.  Maple 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

This mobile file cabinet by Nexera can be an amazing choice as it is a 3-drawer vertical file cabinet that allows easier movement. This cabinet is available in a single color - Maple. It has a steel chrome handle, which is anti-rusting. 

Moreover, this wood 3-drawer file cabinet gives a classy and aesthetically appropriate look to your workspace and home. After the purchase, it is one of those products that offer the easiest and quickest assemblage of its parts. This can be an ideal choice for hostel living students.  

14.  CommClad 3-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet

CommClad 3-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet

Next in the lineup is the CommClad 3-drawer vertical file cabinet. This piece is most suited for small offices or probably homes. It has drawers fixed in two differing sizes; the upper two are designed to hold electronic devices and papers, while the lower drawer is designed to hold letter-sized files. 

In addition, it has a unique one-lock system that can securely lock all three drawers at once. 

15.  Sleerway 3-Drawer File Cabinet Ikea

This can be an ideal choice for both office and personal use. It is spacious and large, with each drawer having a depth of 18 inches. It can nicely hold mail-sized hanging folders and files. The upper two drawers have a lock system to add to the security. It also has plates made of stainless steel, which makes it anti-rusting. 

16.  Devaise 3-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Devaise 3-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

If we talk about functionality, Devaise can be the right choice to make. It is available in multiple paint palettes to select from. The product's metal build capacity makes this product a great choice. It has a central locking system to secure files and documents. 

The drawers are of different sizes - the upper two are designed for stationary storage, while the last drawer is spacious to hold files and documents. 

17.  Iron Scranton 3-Drawer File Cabinet

Next on this list is the most chosen product because of its sturdy metallic structure with a seamless finish and anti-dust technology. However, this product is available in only one color, that is, white hue. 

The body of this cabinet is made of aluminum, yet it weighs just fifty pounds. Moreover, the last two drawers are equally spaced - wide, large, and spacious. Finally, the top drawer is smaller for holding office accessories, computer accessories and other smaller objects. 

18.  Lorelle Cooper 3-Drawer Letter File Cabinet

This under desk file cabinet stands as an ideal choice for those looking for 3-drawer vertical file cabinet storage. It can hold files that are letter-sized. The upper two drawers have a strong locking system, while the lower drawer does not. 

However, its premium structural body quality makes it reliable and durable. It does not provide space for flat files and folders. However, it ensures the strength and longevity of the product. 

19.  Hirsch Soho Monarch 3-Drawer File Cabinet

Hirsch Soho Monarch 3-Drawer File Cabinet

This cabinet is designed structurally, as the drawers are available in different sizes to hold files and folders of varying sizes. The product is installed with easier accessible features that allow smoother operability with no jams and breaks. In addition, it has a central locking system to add security to your files, documents, and important papers. 

20.  Flash Furniture Plastic 3-Drawer File Cabinet

Lastly, the Flash Furniture Plastic 3-drawer filing cabinet has an elegant style and various color combinations. However, the drawer can open only three-quarters, concerning safety. It is structurally constructed from plastic and steel frames. 

This cabinet also has a door lock provided at the top corner end for protection. The entire appearance is modern and appealing. 

Wrapping Up

Overall, a 3-drawer filing cabinet is available in multiple sizes, colors, and styles per the buyers' demands and needs. They are a compact, spacious, secure furniture set with multipurpose usage. Not only are they versatile pieces but also add amazing value to spaces where they are placed, whether it is the home, office, or any workspace. 

In the above list of the top 20 best three-drawer file cabinets, the reviews and qualities of every product have been clearly done to help the buyer make a good and worthy purchase.

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