Top 20 Modern Office Chairs of 2024 (New Reviews)
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Top 20 Modern Office Chairs of 2024 (New Reviews)

|Jan 10, 2022

This new year has begun, and our love for modern office chairs is bigger than ever. There are new trends on the market that are going to start taking over during this year, as well as classic chairs that have become our favorites and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. 

A new beginning means a lot of things for several people. Perhaps, for you, it means starting on a new remote job. If that's the case, you need to get something extremely important: your own office chair. That's why we created this handy list with the best modern ergonomic office chairs we could find for this upcoming year. 

Keep reading and find out which is the best modern ergonomic chair for you.

Top 20 Modern Office Chairs with Reviews

1. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra modern office chair

This is the perfect chair for those people who can't sit still and need to be moving around during their working hours. It features a frameless back that allows you to move in any direction you please without worrying about falling off the edge. The adaptive spinal support of the Autonomous Chair Ultra can shape itself to perfectly fit your back, and it gives a thicker webbing to the lumbar section to ensure better support. 

Its flexible TPE ensures a fully breathable surface that's 10 times more durable and cooler than its fabric counterparts while also being eco-friendly. Additionally, its intelligent spring seat provides an even distribution of the weight throughout the whole chair. 

2. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo modern office chair

This is the best ergonomic chair you're ever going to own. All of its features are completely adjustable and engineered to ease the pain from your body. It helps you correct your posture without hurting with its stabilizing backrest that you can lock in five different positions. 

The modern executive chair is wrapped in an ultra-breathable woven mesh that ensures high resistance and high levels of comfort. It also has a synchro tilt that reclines at a 2:1 ratio and prevents pressuring your joints, which allows you to go through the day with as much energy as possible. 

You can have complete trust in the materials of the Autonomous Chair Ergo, as they are 100% verified to endure the passing of time while being entirely safe. 

3. Humanscale Freedom

Humanscale Freedom modern office chair

This chair sits at the pricier end of this list, but if you want a good chair, you're definitely not going to get a cheap one. You can check out this article on why office chairs are so expensive

In the meantime, we can dive into the features of this fantastic modern executive chair. It has a solid and durable graphite frame and a couple of plastic bits created to provide extra support to the smallest sections of the chair. 

You can adjust most of its settings to fit your desired height and body type, which makes it a great ergonomic solution for your home office. 

4. Office Master Yes

The Office Master Yes has become the best budget office chair for today's remote workers around the world. It includes several ergonomic mechanisms that allow you to customize its settings to your specific body. 

This modern office chair features an ergonomic mesh back and seat cushioning that makes it extremely comfortable for even the longest shifts. Moreover, it is certified by health professionals to be an amazing ergonomic chair. 

5. Herman Miller Mirra 2

Herman Miller Mirra 2 modern office chair

The Herman Miller Mirra 2 supports every worker who is in constant movement. While your work evolves, you are prone to become more active, shifting from an individual mindset to a collective one. That's why we need tools designed to be as agile as our working style. 

Furthermore, the Studio 7.5 designers considered this need to create a high-performance modern executive chair that can support all types of workers whenever they need it. 

6. Herman Miller Aeron

Since it debuted in 1994, the Aeron chair has been a worldwide role model in ergonomic chairs. However, Herman Miller has learned loads of new ways of supporting people's postures over time. The Aeron provides for a smart weight distribution through its 8Z Pellicle mesh and the PostureFit SL system that completely holds your column in place. Additionally, it has a balanced recline system and natural movement due to the Harmonic 2 method. 

7. Herman Miller Embody

Herman Miller Embody modern office chair

The Embody modern desk chair can help you come up with ideas by simply sitting down. Herman Miller began the Embody journey by knowing that there was a lack of harmony between people and technology. Having to spend so much time on several devices and only moving your fingers can cause tension and damage because our bodies were built to move. 

This modern ergonomic chair fixes that problem by redistributing your weight, maintaining your concentration, and improving your circulation. 

8. SteelCase Series 2

The SteelCase Series 2 features a wide range of ergonomic adjustments, including the popular four-way adjustable arm set from SteelCase, while having a 400 pounds capacity. It features the firmest seat of all chairs on this list and a wonderful weight-sensitive recline. 

We celebrate the geometric design that gives a beautiful and appealing decoration to any room you place it in. 

9. SteelCase Think V2

SteelCase Think V2 modern office chair

You can enjoy all the ergonomic adjustments that the SteelCase Think V2 modern desk chair has to offer. Some of them are good seat comfort and the classic four-way adjustable arm we know and love. It supports up to 400 pounds of weight, and its frameless back provides for all the movement you need in your everyday routine. 

However, this may not be the contemporary office chair for everyone, as the limited tilt options could be a problem. 

10. SteelCase Leap V2

This modern desk chair provides an adjustable lumbar support system that doesn't compare to any of the other chairs we reviewed. Its light-back technology system allows you to shift around and recline as much as you desire without losing any support on your back. 

However, the seat might feel a little too hard for some people, and it's not the best option for drastic and fast movements. 

11. Haworth Fern

Haworth Fern modern office chair

Enjoy the fantastic seat comfort and four-way adjustable arm set of the Haworth Fern chair. It has a four-layered backrest with excellent flexibility. However, it only has a three-year warranty, and its parts aren't as sturdy as we would like them to be.

Moreover, this desk puts special effort into understanding human anatomy and finding better ways to provide as much comfort and support as you may need. 

12. SteelCase Amia

If you get this chair, you are going to receive the best quality vs. price balance on the SteelCase line. It features a less contoured seat and back, with a slightly deeper seat pad. However, it doesn't have a back adjustment, and it only allows one setting, which could be bad for people who enjoy shifting around to several positions. It doesn't feature a headrest option either. 

13. SteelCase Gesture Chair

SteelCase Gesture Chair

We're crazy over adjustable arm sets, and this contemporary office chair has the most options that we've ever seen. It also features a handy seat slider function that's sure to provide for enough seat comfort throughout even the longest of working sessions. 

Nonetheless, this modern office chair is one of the most expensive you're going to find on the market, and it doesn't come with a back height adjustment feature. However, the fantastic lumbar support is completely worth the money. 

14. Staples HYKKEN

This is a really inexpensive option that can help you relax during and after a long day of work. Its contoured mesh back allows cool air to breathe through and gives extra comfort to your body in hot environments. Additionally, its padded waterfall seat is perfect for preventing workplace fatigue throughout long shifts, and you can completely adjust its settings with just the push of a button. 

The HYKKEN modern office chair counts with international verification for durability and safety, which makes it an ideal and long-lasting investment for your home office. 



The Akir contemporary office chair is as functional as stylish. It combines everything we know about ergonomics and well-being with the most modern and creative designs. Its black mesh back and fabric seat provide a perfect adjustment to any type of body. Additionally, you can enjoy its lumbar support and adjustable features for an all-day-long ergonomic experience. It is perfect for all types of remote or office workers. 

Get the best support throughout your back with this modern office chair's excellent and smooth mesh, as it is completely adjustable to almost any height while also giving a beautiful and shiny finish. 

16. Eurotech Ergohuman

This full-adjustable chair has taken off in popularity since it was first released. It has a decent height and tilt adjustment range, which makes it suitable for all kinds of people. The back of this modern office chair easily fits your spine, giving it the support it needs to be completely operative throughout the day, and it stays in that same position if you wish to recline. 

However, it is a little too loose, which may cause it to shift position when you don't intend it to. Moreover, its seamless design and unrivaled ergonomic features make it ideal for ensuring you the best comfort throughout the day. 

17. Nightingale IC2

Nightingale IC2

Say hi to the best chair with two-way adjustment, height adjustment, and tilt adjustment on the market. Its nice and soft padding ensures complete comfort at all times during your day, and you can choose between vinyl and leather for it. If you don't know which option to choose, you can read this article about mesh vs. leather chairs.

This modern office chair doesn't operate fully erect, so if that's your most comfortable position, your back isn't going to be touching the chair while you do it. However, it is a fantastic and comfortable option for those who love being reclined and leaning back to relax. Who knows? Maybe you could even take a quick nap in the middle of your shift to recharge batteries. 

18. Nightingale CXO

This modern office chair has the thickest seat pad on the list and height and depth adjustable lumbar support. Its ergonomic adjustments are fantastic, including its weight capacity of 450 pounds. However, the foam it is made of might not be for everyone, and the headrest isn't the best option for users over six feet tall. Keep this in mind before buying, as this chair isn't returnable. 

Its cool and modern design makes it suitable for any office setting or decoration. 

19. Herman Miller Cosm

Herman Miller Cosm

The Herman Miller Cosm is definitely the right modern office chair for you. When you sit on it, you might even forget you're sitting. Its sophisticated and ergonomic design instantly responds to your body to provide genuine balance and complete support. 

Forget about the laws of gravity with the automatic inclination that instantly gives you all the needed support and movement for achieving that floating feeling you're looking for. 

This feature complements the intercepting suspension, which eliminates the space between the back and the seat while adjusting to everyone's body to deliver dynamic spine support. 

Finally, its slim and resistant frame is sure to be almost invisible to you while also delivering the needed support while you comfortably bend around how much you desire.

20. Concept Seating 3150HR

At the bottom of the list, we have this fantastic and modern office chair that combines the best of heavy-duty computer chairs and high-back chairs into one wonderful aesthetic, giving the best of both worlds to anyone sitting on it. 

It combines the practicality and comfort of the best chairs out there to create an ergonomic experience with a neck roll, headrest, and a completely adjustable back support. Enjoy all the features this chair offers to make your everyday duties a lot more enjoyable. 

You are also going to get a fantastic warranty of up to six years that covers any damage done for people up to 550 pounds of weight. 

Bottom Line

New ergonomic technology hasn't stopped amazing us, and these chairs prove it. The designs we saw on this list keep making our working hours a lot more comfortable and allow us to provide good quality workday after day. 

If you're interested in getting a new ergonomic office chair, don't hesitate to look into our catalog of smart and modern ergonomic chairs.

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