Top 20 Work from Home Desks (2024 Best Rated)
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Top 20 Work from Home Desks (2024 Best Rated)

|Jul 7, 2022

When choosing a work-from-home desk, you will want to pick one perfect for your space. Since people are getting used to the hybrid way of working, having the right desk can bring your whole workspace together. This is a great way to create the workspace you need to be productive. 

This post will break down the top 20 work-from-home desks that you should consider when you start picking out your new desk. 

Things to Consider When Picking a Desk

Before you pick out the best work-from-home desk for yourself, you will need to think about a few things to begin with. 

  • Space: You should always consider how much space you have in your room. Make sure to pick a desk that will fit in your room comfortably and not one that will take up too much room. A small standing desk might be perfect if you have a small room to work in.
  • What You Do: Pick a desk that will suit your needs regarding your work. If you are a designer, having a sit-stand desk might be better than one keeping you seated all day.
  • Ergonomics: Having the right ergonomic setup can make a huge difference when working. Make sure you are comfortable when you are sitting at your desk.
  • Quality: Your desk should be made of high-quality material to last. Otherwise, you may need to throw it away sooner rather than later.
  • Style: Make sure to pick a desk that will suit your aesthetic. The last thing you want is a desk that will stick out like a sore thumb.

Top 20 Work from Home Desks in 2022

1. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse work from home desk

This L-shaped standing desk by Autonomous is a great option for those who want to put a desk in the corner of the room. You will have enough space to have your monitors, keyboard, and organizers on the desk. Also, it is available in three colors, meaning that you will find one that suits your style. Additionally, it is convenient because you can have everything you need right there without worrying about having enough space. 

Many people enjoy these desks because they are durable, reliable, and fantastic for all of your needs.

2. Autonomous Small Computer Desk

If you’re strapped for space, then this The Office Oasis small computer desk will be perfect for you. It comes in three different colors, meaning you will find one that suits the room. People living in small areas will appreciate this desk because it is loaded with features like a cable management tray, so you can still be organized in a small space. 

Additionally, it is made with high-quality materials, so your desk will be safe from any stains, scratches, or scuffs that might come its way. It is the perfect solution for those who need to save space.

3. Autonomous Aesthic Folding Computer Desk

Autonomous Aesthic Folding Computer Desk

The Aesthic folding computer desk is perfect for those who need to collapse their work area within minutes. People can take their desks down easily, so they can make room for other people in the room. Also, the design of the brackets is cool and minimalistic, which gives people who want to have that aesthetic something to work with. Overall, it is a beautiful desk that people love to use.

4. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

This home office standing desk by Autonomous comes in nine colors, making it one of the best desks to pick when you want one that will suit you. Also, many Microsoft employees work with this desk, making it reliable and sought after by professionals. Additionally, you will be able to stand comfortably with this standing desk when you need to stretch your legs.

5. Autonomous Wistopht CompactDesk

Autonomous Wistopht CompactDesk work from home desk

People who want a compact standing desk will love the Wistopht. It is chic with the two colors people choose from when ordering this desk. They will like that it brings a monochromatic finish to any room because of the clean design. Also, the top comes with tempered glass that is scratch resistant. You will be able to see if your devices are charging with the wireless charging capabilities of the desk.

6. Kaelin Desk

Having a desk for working from home is perfect for those who need their workspace. This Kaelin desk is an excellent modern home office desk for those who want the bare minimum. Since minimalism is becoming very trendy, more people want to have a desk to match their new way of life. This one will do just that. 

It folds up, so you can give yourself more space when you’re done, but when it is open, you will have enough room for your laptop and a notebook. 

7. MICKE Desk

MICKE work from home desk

Every furniture list will always have one thing from IKEA, which is no different here. If you are an IKEA fan, then the MICKE desk might be the one for you. It is one of the most popular desks in the big store because it comes in only two colors and has a clean finish. Also, the desk comes with drawers and a storage unit, so people can better organize themselves with this desk. 

8. NEED Computer Desk

The computer desk by NEED is all about basics. There are no drawers or cubbies. People will only have a surface and four legs to work with. If you want anything else, you will need to find other pieces for your new desk. You can pick from one of three sizes, and four color combinations are available. 

9. ENGRIY Writing Computer Desk

ENGRIY Writing Computer Desk

This is one of the interesting work-from-home desk ideas. Your work-from-home desk setup might include a few pieces you want to display delicately. This can work with the writing computer desk by ENGRIY. There are a couple of shelves and a few hooks for which every person will probably find a good use. It is especially useful for those who like to organize their belongings. 

10. WEST ELM Ladder Shelf Desk

Another great option for small spaces is the shelf desk, which is great for those who need a shelving system but a desk at the same time. It looks cool, which will give you a good statement piece to talk about when people see it. Also, it can hold a lot of stuff, so you will be able to solve another storage problem that you may have. The desk shelf is extendable, so you don’t need to stay with one size. 

11. PROPR OFFICE Studio 48 Walnut Desk

PROPR OFFICE Studio 48 Walnut Desk

There are many work-from-home desk ideas, but the Studio 48 is great for those who want something about angles and lines. It comes in two styles, the black/walnut, and the white/oak style. Each style will be the star of any show because the colors are just magnificent to look at. Also, it is a solid piece of ergonomic office furniture you won’t be afraid to put your belongings on.

12. Urban Outfitters Mid-Century Fold Out Desk

If saving space is one of your biggest concerns regarding a desk for working from home, this mid-century desk might be a contender. When you’re not using it, you can just fold it away, which will give you your space back for the other parts of your life. However, when it is open, you will have room for your laptop while using the hidden storage compartments to hide any secret candy for the work day. 

13. TEMAHOME Volga Desk


Those who want a black desk that brings an edgy feel will want to have a look at this desk. The Volga is modern, chic, and different, so every person who wants a black office desk will want to look at this option. Also, there are built-in cubbies that people can use for their notebooks – which will help clean up some space on the desk. The legs are a cool shape that offers an interesting touch to any room with this desk. 

14. FLEXISPOT Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Another great standing desk is the Kana. It is very customizable, so there is going to be a color that you want when you’re picking out this work-at-home desk. Also, it has won an Esquire Gadget Award. The bamboo surface makes it eco-friendly, perfect for those who want to help the environment but still need a sturdy workspace. 

15. FULLY Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

FULLY Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Keeping with the eco-friendly movement, this bamboo desk by FULLY is another good option for people who want something sustainable. It comes in two finishes, so you should be able to pick which one will best suit your space. Additionally, people can customize the size and shape of the work-at-home desk, making it one that people can cater to their needs. This standing desk is one to consider in the future. 

16. Inside Weather Jorn Media Desk

Everyone has heard that they need to have their monitor at a certain height so they are not straining their neck, but this can be difficult to do with a lot of desks. However, this work-at-home desk is perfect because people can put their monitor on the pedestal, making it the ideal height for people sitting at their desks. Also, there are other shelves that people can use, which will minimize the amount of clutter on the desk. 

17. FRAMA Shelf Library Natural H1148

FRAMA Shelf Library Natural H1148

Did you ever think that there would be a desk that would take up zero floor space? Well, this work from home desk will surprise you because you can screw it into your wall, and then you’re done. It looks beautiful with its minimalistic finishing, so it can fit into any home that needs it. Also, the two shelves on top are great for some added storage. 

18. ARTIFOX Desk

Artists should also have a work-from-home desk that is perfect for their needs. This desk by ARTIFOX is beautiful to look at with its oak and steel. It has been designed to allow people to place their wires and chargers underneath the desk, so there are minimal distractions when you need to continue with your art. There is also a hook for your headphones, so you have a place to put them when you’re in-between your creative bursts. 

19. ARHAUS Sullivan Writing Desk

ARHAUS Sullivan Writing Desk

This writing desk by ARHAUS is made of sustainable European oak wood, allowing people to feel like royalty while working. The finishing is phenomenal with its black metal blacks and beautiful brown surface. Also, it has two drawers that almost look like they are floating underneath the desk. It is truly a piece of art. 

20. CRAFTEDGLORDESIGN Live Edge Waterfall Desk

The last working-from-home desk on this list is the most expensive one that you could buy. However, this desk is a piece of art because the person who made it wanted to make sure that the desk truly did justice to the tree. It is carved out of a single piece of wood, making it sturdy beyond belief and unique in pattern. There is not another desk on the market that can match this one. 



Getting the best work-from-home desk is essential because you need to have a desk that you can use while being at home. Also, it needs to be functional because a desk is not used if it doesn’t work for you. All of the desks on this list are beautiful, but some are more practical than others. 

Many people are considering purchasing an adjustable office desk because they are beginning to learn that standing throughout the day is better for their posture and overall health. However, it is up to you if that is the desk you want for your space.

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