Top 5 Incredible Tips for Teachers Working from Home
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Top 5 Incredible Tips for Teachers Working from Home

|Aug 13, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has interfered with the normal operations in the education sector. Teachers and learners are no longer able to meet physically in traditional classrooms. For that reason, many schools and colleges are turning to the Internet to continue covering their syllabuses. The main problem in this case is that many of the teachers lack the experience of teaching online courses. Some of them are also not tech-savvy. We have compiled the top tips for teachers working from home to help since learning has to continue despite the shortcomings.

We want to help teachers to focus on what matters most in the short term and remain flexible. This is a practical way to make the inevitable adjustments. Since students prefer informal and personal classes, teachers working from home can conduct the classes almost anywhere. Here are the top tips that teachers need to succeed.

1. Create the right work station

Working from home for teachers should not be complicated since they can make almost any place their workstation. However, for the most results, they need to choose the most suitable workstation. It may not be the best decision for you, as a teacher, to work from a place like your bedroom.

Suppose you do not have the right place for learning, set up a temporary work station. You can use a desk that is designed with your teaching needs in mind. 

You may have discovered that teachers working at home stand for long periods. This is, however, not ideal for their health. They need to alternate between sitting and standing. To achieve this, you can make an adjustable standing desk a permanent feature in your workstation. What’s more, find the right office chair. 

2. Get comfortable

Customize the space where you are going to teach your students. Take your time to find a standard office chair. Since you already have a standing desk, you will have no problem when you stand. However, you need to be able to customize it to give you the comfort that you deserve when you sit on your office chair.

Some teachers work from home online and opt for kitchen tables. You can try to use this, but remember, these tables are often approximately 3 cm higher than professional office desks. At the same time, typical kitchen chairs are 3 cm lower than the standard office chair.

If you ignore these disparities, your posture will begin to suffer after a while.

To be able to get the ideal sitting height, you should sit and then relax your shoulders. After that, use your elbow to form a right angle. If your elbow and forearm are comfortably in line with the table, you are safe. 

Consider the top of your screen too and make it at the height of your eye. You also need to use a laptop stand to raise the screen to the required height.

3. Choose the best teaching tools

Teachers work from home online with ease when choosing the right technology that best serves their students. You need a high-quality microphone and webcam. Before you buy one, check if they are in-built in your laptop. But you may also need a computer headset if you are interested in using a tool that can cancel out any background noise.

Moreover, you need a stable Internet connection. This service will help you to conduct quality video-conferencing. You can use tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts to reach out to the learners.

Photo of the best teaching tools

4. Set clear expectations

Once teachers working from home have fully set their virtual classrooms, they need to set clear expectations. Ensure your students and colleagues understand the purpose of the classes. This way, they can make your work easy during learning hours.

Remote learning may make end weeks and workdays to begin to blend. Students need to know the difference. Develop a routine and let the learners appreciate that they need to fit in it. 

Photo of Clear Expectations

5. Create time to address questions and concerns

Working from home for teachers is also tricky since the abrupt transition requires the ability to answer tough questions. Many students and their families have a lot of concerns. They want to learn about their chances of sitting for exams online and passing, when the pandemic will end, and many others. 

While teachers working at home should set reasonable boundaries in terms of availability, the success of remote leaning depends on how we make everyone feel included in the learning process. To overcome the potential challenges, set some reasonable time to address these issues.

Photo of Create Time

Perks for teachers working from home

While many teachers working from home may consider this new transition a struggle, it can have benefits for both pupils and learners. There are no bosses, colleagues, pupils, and other people in your physical location to distract you. So, teachers and students who have no distractions can concentrate on their work and achieve significant milestones within a short time.  

The bottom line is that teachers working from home can make the most out of this new challenge if they are prepared for the transition and use the top tips.

Photo of  Teachers Working from home


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