Top 9 Alternatives to An Office Chair You Should Consider
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Top 9 Alternatives to An Office Chair You Should Consider

|Oct 24, 2022

You spend roughly eight hours every day at work, so it is understandable if you feel lethargic after a long day. It is a fact that sitting in the same position can make your muscles stiff and impact your productivity negatively. Nevertheless, leaving your workstation and enjoying a physical break is not what you always need. At times, shifting to alternative office chairs is a better decision.

There are multiple alternatives to desk chairs that can help you change your sitting position and regain your focus on your work. Alternative office seating keeps you active throughout the day and ensures you perform better at work. Although there are multiple alternative desk chairs in the market, we have shared the best office chair alternatives in this blog to help you understand which options you can consider. So, let’s have a look at them!

Top 9 Popular Alternatives to An Office Chair

1. Ergonomic Stools

The ergonomic stools are a type of modern office chair that can be a good alternative to a typical office chair. The ergonomic stools like the Autonomous ErgoStool are designed to increase your motion while you work. Featuring a dynamic base and a tilted seat, the ergonomic stool keeps your core engaged as you work. Since they come with a pneumatic height adjustment feature, you can adjust their height quite easily and enjoy a dynamic work experience. 

2. Gaming Chairs

The gaming chairs are a great alternative to office chairs too. Office chairs are usually monotone, and, in some cases, they look quite dull. If you wish to try something different, it is better to go for a gaming chair. The gaming chairs are not only ergonomic, but they look great too. You may think of going to one of those racer-style gaming chairs to add a bit of style to your workstation. 

3. Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs can be a good alternative desk chair if you wish to have a neutral spine. These chairs reduce the pressure on your spine and engage your core muscles. Since the kneeling chair's seat has a declining angle, it puts a lot of pressure on your shin, especially if you are overweight.

Moreover, these chairs are usually tall, so they are only ideal if you have an adjustable standing desk. Nevertheless, kneeling chairs are great at improving blood circulation in the abdominal region, digestion, and breathing. 

4. Saddle Chairs

Saddle Chairs - alternative office chairs

If you have been experiencing lower back pain lately, you should try saddle chairs as alternative office chairs. Saddle chairs help you have a neutral spine and reduce pressure on discs. People usually go for saddle chairs when they wish to make postural corrections because a saddle chair helps you maintain a good posture while working. 

5. Balance Ball Chairs

If you wish to have a dynamic work experience and keep your core engaged while working, you can think of going for the balance ball chairs as an alternative office seating. These chairs engage your core and leg muscles and improve blood circulation. Using them often can help boost concentration too. However, prolonged use can negatively impact your posture, so you must shift to other alternative office chairs too. 

6. Swopper Stool

Swopper Stool - alternative office chairs

The swopper stool is one of the best office chair alternatives that allow micro-movements while sitting. These stools are designed to have a stable design like any four-legged chair and provide you with a certain degree of flexibility too.

Since it is a wobble stool, it strengthens your core and back muscles and ensures your alertness improves over time. The only issue here is that the swopper stool is not the best budget office chair, so people with a tight budget cannot afford them. 

7. Zero Gravity Workstations

Several remote workers and on-site workers are attracted to the idea of having a zero-gravity workstation these days. The good part about this office chair alternative is that it is a complete workstation package, offering you space for placing your monitor and laptop.

People who experience severe back pain while using normal office chairs can think of shifting to this extremely comfortable alternative for the mid-century modern office chair. Nevertheless, it is an expensive option. 

8. Balance Boards

You must be aware of the idea of practicing active sitting. Intermittent standing is crucial when you are practicing active sitting. Office workers often use balance boards to engage their core and enjoy little movements while working. Balance boards are great at improving your balance, strengthening your core, and letting you enjoy your time standing.

The good part is that there are multiple types of balance boards available in the market, offering you different sorts of motion. You can choose the one that you find the easiest. Nevertheless, balance boards may impact your concentration negatively in some cases. 

9. Squatting

Squatting is one of the simplest alternatives to desk chairs. We understand that it is not possible for every worker to invest in alternative office chairs. These people can sit in the squatting position for some time during their work hours as an alternative to office chairs.

Squatting engages multiple muscles and is great for activating your glutes. The squatting position is great for toning your legs and keeping you active, so you won’t be disappointed. Nevertheless, the squatting position is difficult to maintain, and the maximum you can have this position is twenty minutes. 

Bottom Line

Wrapping it up, we hope that you have realized that you have a number of alternative office seating at your disposal. You are only required to self-evaluate and judge which one you like the most in terms of your comfort, benefits, and budget. Hopefully, our blog will make your decision easier and help you decide which alternative desk chair you must select.

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