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Top Easy Computer Mouse Tips Everyone Should Know
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Top Easy Computer Mouse Tips Everyone Should Know

|Oct 11, 2022

WordPerfect, WordStar, and MS Word did not require a mouse before the mouse was released to the world, and menus were designed for keyboard input in these programs and other associated programs using just Mac mouse tips. It was not difficult to initiate most of the magic mouse tips and tricks function through the keyboard after MS Word quickly incorporated some Bluetooth vertical ergonomic mouse shortcuts. In addition to two buttons, a mouse has a scroll wheel in the middle that sometimes functions as a button. See these mouse tips to know more. 

  • The majority of mice, however, can only click right and left.
  • Often, left-clicks are called "normal clicks" or "regular clicks.

Left Click and Double Click

Left Click and Double Click - mouse tips

You can accomplish most tasks on a computer using only the left USB wired vertical ergonomic mouse button. A left mouse button press simulates dragging items, selecting the text, or opening files on the screen: the mouse cursor appears to be pressed down. 

Often, left-mouse-button clicks are used, but double-clicks with these Apple mouse tips are becoming less common. A double-click is usually used for opening files on your computer, while a single click is used for navigating web pages. Double-clicking is declining in popularity because so many computers are online. 

In order to do this, you need to connect your computer to your Wi-Fi network and install an application on your computer to control it remotely using these gaming mouse tips. Your computer acts as a server, while your smartphone acts as a client; your smartphone must have the application, while your computer must have the program.

Various Ways To Use Your Mouse

In most cases, computer users don't utilize the wireless vertical ergonomic mouse to its full potential. Here are some different types of mouse tips and tricks that will help you maximize your mouse's performance and increase your productivity.

Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse - mouse tips

There is an application you can download in the Google Play Store called Remote Mouse to help reduce wrist pain on a computer mouse. It is necessary to download the Remote Mouse Program for your computer in order to begin using it. In the first step, you will guide yourself through this process using the Remote Mouse app on your smartphone. With everything set up, the program on your computer generates a QR Code for your smartphone. Scanning the QR Code now makes your device a USB wired vertical ergonomic break mouse.

Remote Link

In addition to Remote Link, you must also install Asus Smart gesture on your computer, which is similar to the previous application. Asus smart gesture must be installed on your computer, and Remote Link installed on your smartphone. To enable remote connection on your PC, open the Asus Smart gesture, and click on the "Enable remote connection in my PC" option. Once the application is open, select Wi-Fi on your smartphone. Once your device has searched your computer, click the name of your computer once the search is complete.

Left Button Mouse

Left Button Mouse

  • A word will be highlighted when you double-click on the left mouse button
  • You can highlight a paragraph by clicking three times on the left button - no joke! We didn't know this either!!
  • A column of text can be highlighted by holding the ALT key down and then clicking on the left mouse button.
  • Use the left mouse button to choose a particular portion of text. Select any word or character and then click on the left button again. Once your selection is complete, drag the cursor along the length of the text till you reach the end. Using SHIFT, click the left mouse button. Now that your selection is highlighted, you can move on to the next step!
  • By holding the left button and pressing CTRL while dragging as well as dropping, items will be copied
  • While dragging as well as dropping, hold the left button and press SHIFT to MOVE the stuff.

Mouse Wheel

Mouse Wheel

In addition to using the mouse wheel, how else do you use it? There are a few tricks on how to scroll click; you can do it with the scroll wheel or mouse wheel next. Mouse wheels aren't just wheels-- they're buttons, too! By pressing the mouse wheel, you bring up a modified version of the cursor and then move the mouse to scroll up or down. "Middle-clicking" is what this is called. It changes its function depending on the program you use when you click the middle button. 

  • Try middle-clicking any link on an internet page to open that link automatically to a new window tab. What a great and quick idea! Instead of leaving the page, you are on to access a hyperlink, you can now open them in a new window or tab.
  • A navigation tool appears when middle-clicking the blank spots on any page. You will be able to move quickly around any page as a result of it. You just need to shake the mouse slightly after you click on a spot. This helps you to move up or down much faster.
  • The CTRL key is held down as you scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on certain pages. You make the page bigger by holding CTRL and scrolling up, and smaller when you switch to the down arrow. This function works in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word as well!

keyboard and mice

Shift Key and Mouse Button

When you hold the Shift key down and then click, you can highlight all or portions of text in some text editors and programs. To highlight the entire paragraph of a paragraph in a text editor, put the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph.

Select with a Double and Triple Click

By double-clicking a word, that particular word will be selected. The whole paragraph can be highlighted by clicking three times on any text within that paragraph. A word can also be selected by double-clicking and dragging the mouse.

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