Top Reasons to Consider an Office Chair for Women
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Top Reasons to Consider an Office Chair for Women

|Oct 28, 2018

Top Reasons to Consider an Office Chair for Women

Women are now working in larger percentages than ever before. Today’s workforce is more diverse than before. But this also comes with new challenges women have to face across the world. Apart from the daily work tasks, women now have to deal with the possible health issues which those sitting for hours might face.

A 2017 study found that today’s workforce faces multiple health issues due to prolonged sitting at work. Such issues include MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders) ergonomic issues. They can include but they are not limited to:

  • Numbness
  • Burning sensation
  • Stiffness
  • Soreness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain
  • Cramping

The issues are now faced by women who are often-times working long hours and who need to find the best ways to stay in good health while maintaining a career. For this reasons, an office chair for women is a great way to start taking health more seriously. While women do not need different chairs from men, they can benefit from a few functionalities the latest office chairs come from.

Keep discomfort and injuries away

Discomfort is bound to happen for all workers are certain times. It comes as a natural indication of the body which is signaling that the incorrect position is tiring. Many office workers know the signs can be more complex. As muscles get tired towards the end of the day, the position at the desk suffers as well. If this would be the only health issues, it would not be as bad as women think. However, there is research to show how a prolonged period of sitting and sitting in a bad posture comes with bad influences on health and it can even lead to injuries.

A modern office chair is highly adjustable. It can support the back and the arms while at the desk and it can offer a combination of cushioning and breathability for all-day comfort. It goes without saying that a healthy woman at work is much more likely to be productive as well.

Ergonomic fit

Of course, an ergonomic chair will not keep all injuries away. They can happen when least expected. But the risk of injuries occurring can be considerably reduced with the right chair. Women have different body shapes. They come in all sizes and different heights which often leads to a custom sitting position.

Ergonomic chairs such as Autonomous Chair 2 can be an ace in the sleeve. There are various benefits derived from these ergonomic designs:

  • Height adjustability
  • Backrest adjustability
  • Lumbar support adjustability
  • Cushioned seat pan
  • Height-adjustable armrests

All of these elements can come with an improved sitting position. Women who want to stay active even while at the office can use designs such as the Autonomous Chair Move to build strength in the spine-supporting muscles as well. Ergonomic designs need to be taken seriously, especially by those who work at a desk.

Quality materials

Quality materials

The quality of office chairs has been constantly improving. Just a decade ago, chairs were considerably different. Adjustability was not as popular and women had to deal with fixed positions and in many cases, a design with no armrests. The result was, of course, fatigue at the end of the day.

However, designs have changed from those times. With cushioned chairs and backrests which now allow ventilation, today’s women can make the most out of their office time. Things have changed for the better and many modern chairs now come with warranty policies. Being covered by warranty can be one of the strong signals that women can expect a durable and dependable office chair.


The main purpose of being at work is productivity. The function of the chair is to support the worker in the best way possible in order to get the job done. But modern office chairs are made for a functionality which gives the worker ultimate freedom.

With height adjustability, women can now find different working positions depending on the type of job they are working on. The backrest can often be moved towards the back, allowing for a wider angle which is perfect for a short moment of relaxation. The swivel function of the chair allows people to quickly access drawers, files, documents, pens or accessories without leaving the chair. This was not possible just a few years ago.

But the functionality of the office chair does not end here. With plenty of height and lumbar adjustability, the chairs can also be easily used by different workers. As many women know, the chair is always moved around the office. For various reasons, this happens from time to time. But the best part is that these adjustability functions allow the chairs to be used by women of different heights, which can only be seen as a benefit due to the cost efficiency it comes with, from the perspective of the employer.

Design specifics

Women are huge fans of design. If this might not be the case with some men, modern chairs can now fit the design-orientated personalities of women. In many situations, the chair and the entire workspace is now also an area which showcases certain personalities. With various trends and lifestyles such as minimalism, many modern chairs are now hand-picked for their aesthetics first. It is not rare to find workers looking for office furniture or office clothing which fits a certain look. It is why many modern chairs are now truly made to look good as well.

The ergosterol is one of the most eloquent examples. Made with a minimalistic design, it is made for a certain function. Apart from being comfortable, it also comes with a modern look which is very far from the cluster-specific traditional office chairs.

Another reason to support this idea comes with the growing number of available colors. Even the chairs which use the same model are now available in different colors. For example, the Autonomous Chair 2 comes in black, evergreen, cool gray, red apple, black & white or baby blue. These colors can suit all types of workers. Women can choose a cool color which does not stand out, such as the all-black option or they can choose the red apple alternative for an added visual impact.

Improved morale

It is proven that a good morale makes people more efficient. But it is hard to enjoy a good state of mind when the body is aching. It is why an office chair is what women need when it comes to feeling fresh for longer. Even after a few hours of sitting, women should not have to deal with the MSD problems mentioned above.

Good business owners already make the most when it comes to the morale of their staff. This often starts with their workspace, the desk, the chair or the common spaces in the building. All of them play a role in how women feel at work. With rising pressures to meet project deadlines, it is the minimum standard for the best workplace performance.

Reduced post-work fatigue

Reduced post-work fatigue

A quality office chair often shows its benefits at work. But with at least 40 hours per week spent in front of a computer, jobs which require sitting have long-term effects as well. It is not the same to go home tired and exhausted or going home feeling good.

Women today might be present in the workforce, but they still have plenty of chores to do. Family dynamics can play an important role in the lives of many women. It is why doing the best to ensure they have all the support they can get at work is crucial.

As it is proven at the moment, many psychological issues can come from how the body feels. Lack of certain vitamins can lead to certain moods. The same can be said about posture and muscle fatigue. Work-induced stress is another big issue which is constantly addressed. But many health aspects can improve for women just by modernizing the workspace.

Adjustability support for exercises

Exercises performed at work have now become mainstream. There are many coaches teaching men and women how to perform them at work. These exercises can ensure the energy levels remain high through the day. They can also be used to improved posture and muscle activation.

A modern adjustable chair can work wonders when it comes to the best exercises. Since women are often concerned about their waist size, there are a few exercises which are easy to perform using office chairs.

Core twists are easy to perform. Women can keep the core engaged while twisting from side to side for a few minutes. This exercise is easy to perform even with swivel chairs.

Lowering the adjustable seat so that the feet touch the ground, women can perform knee-in crunches. Alternatively raising the knees to the chest can be one of the simplest exercises to perform at work for a strong core.

Oblique bends can also be performed for a strong core. With the hands behind the head, these bends are done alternatively on each side. As their name suggests, they activate the obliques.

Women can make the most of modern office chairs. These exercises represent the proof that even a job which requires women to sit can be a job where health remains important.

Reduced neck and back pain

Reduced neck and back pain

One of the main complaints of modern workers is related to neck pain. While there are certain exercises which can be performed to reduced neck pain, it is clear that even the strongest muscles can suffer when it comes to sitting in the same position for hours.

Many ergonomic chairs can come with a headrest. This headrest might be small, but it can offer the much-needed support to reduce the tension on the neck’s muscles. At the same time, having the head in a rested position means that it will not lean towards the screen, which means it will remain in a proper position.

Neck pain is often hard to deal with unless women are willing to put in the effort to sit the right way. A 2012 study shows that workers who are not thought how to properly use the functions of the chair, such as its adjustability, are not likely to learn this on their own. It is not surprising and even with the best chairs, the benefits are still limited by the willingness of the worker to find the best working position.

But neck pain is not the only issue women face in the workforce. Back pain is also common due to long periods of sitting. Alternating sitting and standing can be a good way to diminish this health concern. However, this is not always possible and women often need to find a chair which can support the spin in a correct manner.

Final considerations

Most work-related health issues are the same for women and men. However, changing dynamics in the workforce require improved attention for great health for all workers. One of the most pressing issues comes with fatigue and poor posture. Women might already suffer when it comes to posture and pressure on the spine, especially if pregnant. So the last thing women need is a poor office chair.

Productivity is also often discussed in today’s work climate. It has been shown that people are the most productive when they are healthy and there are still many employers which need to address this issue directly. Apart from certain packages incentives, employers can ensure a modern office environment for women. Starting with the design and chair, the immediate space in which women work has a major impact on the morale of the staff as well.

Ergonomic office furniture provides a hard to match the level of comfort to employees. This means it is more versatile and better prepared for the long hours spent at work. At the same time, it creates a space in which employees are motivated for the entire duration of the day. Productivity can only increase as a result. Since women are now in the workforce for longer, having the right long-term approach to health and productivity is the only way to go.

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