Top Reviews: Foldable Back Office Chairs 2023
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Top Reviews: Foldable Back Office Chairs 2023

Autonomous|Nov 2, 2022

WFH means back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Many people have been struggling with remote working these past few months, so you are certainly not alone. As we began the quarantine process in March, consumers began shopping for all types of folding office chairs.

Our conventional wisdom states that "a good chair is worth giving up some apartment space for" since sitting in an ordinary chair for an extended time will cause many health problems. An oversized office chair will not work if you have a small space.

Despite the availability of several affordable alternatives, finding a collapsible office chair with back support is more challenging. Here are some other ergonomic products we found online to make your current seating more comfortable. 

Best Folding Office Chairs Review

Working from home or a small office can lead to a series of problems. Whether it's back, shoulder, or neck pain or simply not having enough space to put everything you need, the solution is pretty simple.

A foldable office chair can solve most, if not all, of your small office issues. These chairs are cost-effective, usually come in different colors, and can fit into every office, no matter how small.

Now that we have established that you need a foldable desk chair, the next problem is to find one. Due to the huge variety of folding desk chairs available in the market now, finding the perfect chair for yourself is no small feat. Please don't fret for today; we bring you our top pick for foldable office chairs.

1. Autonomous ErgoStool

Despite not being an eco-friendly office chair, an ergonomic stool is one of the most comfortable office chair options for a small space. Besides being easier to store, stools also encourage active sitting, which can help you maintain good posture and strengthen your back and core. There are 10 inches of height adjustment available to customize it for your body type and desk setup.

2. Autonomous AvoChair

3. Logicfox Ergonomic Office Chair: Double Lumbar Support

4. KERDOM Comfy Swivel Task Chair

5. US OFFICE ELEMENTS Stylish Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair: Chrome Base

6. Skyline Decor Mid-Back: Task Office Chair

7. Skyline Decor Drafting Chair: Adjustable Arms

8. Skyline Decor Newton Mesh Office Chair

9. Techni Mobili Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair

10. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair: Adjustable Desk Chair

According to research, sitting in the same position for hours can cause back and shoulder pain. This is where reclining office chairs come to the rescue and allow you to adjust your position every once in a while to prevent stiffness. Unlike other reclining chairs, this chair allows you to lock in your desired recline angle at any degree.

The back of this chair is made from breathable mesh through which air can pass to keep your back cool and sweat-free. The back of this folding ergonomic chair is completely adjustable, with the lumbar able to go in and out as needed. The caster rollerblade castor wheels enable quick and easy movement throughout your office.

11. IPKIG Foldable Office Chair

This foldable ergonomic chair comes with a foldable backrest and flip-up armrests. You can flip the armrests up to save space or down to give rest to your arms. The backrest can be folded up to 90 degrees allowing you to place it completely under your desk to save space. Another feature that comes with this ergonomic office chair is that its backrest is designed to fit the curve of your lower back and reduce back pain. It provides free rotation and easy movement. In addition, this chair is very easy to assemble.

IPKIG Foldable Office Chair

12. ZRG Folding Office Chair

This collapsible office chair comes with a high-quality leather soft bag seat and a thickened steel pipe frame, making it strong, durable, and comfortable. This sleek and unique design makes it the best conference room chair. Furthermore, it can be used as an office, gaming, and kitchen chair. It is foldable and hence space-saving and can fit into any room. This chair has a stable triangle design and comes with non-slip foot pads, making the chair safe to use.

13. URRED Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh with Foldable Backrest

This chair has a 90-degree foldable backrest that can easily be folded and placed under the desk. The curved design is made to protect your spine, and the lumbar support is designed to protect your waist. The adjustable armrests contribute further towards saving space. The back is made from breathable mesh with 4 inches of cushion that ensures you get comfort while it prevents you from sweating. The wheels allow easy movement so that you don't get stiff from sitting in the same place for a long time.

While looking at folding office chairs, be sure to look through folding mid-century modern desk chairs and floor chairs for adults. Floor chairs are extremely portable and comfortable. These chairs also take up minimal space. Mid-century modern desk chairs can be the perfect final touch to your elegant office look.

URRED Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh with Foldable Backrest

14. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

People who are taller than average obviously have different requirements for a comfortable chair. They need big and tall office chairs to work in; otherwise, their back would start feeling stiff after a while. If you’re a tall person, then you're in luck, for we have found the perfect big folding office chair for you. This chair comes with four supporting points and proper lumbar support.

The armrests can be folded all the way up to allow the chair to slide directly under the desk. The back is made from breathable mesh that allows air to pass through and leads to a more comfortable working experience. The wheels roll smoothly, enabling easy movement without damaging the floor.

15. Calico Designs Back, Modern, Swivel, Office Contoured Folding Task Chair

This portable office chair comes in two different colors, white and gray. It folds easily and can be stored under the desk, saving space. It comes with a padded seat and adjustable height, which enables you to be comfortable while working. The back and seat are already attached, which makes the chair easy to assemble. Its wheels make it easy to move around the office.

Calico Designs Back Office Contoured Folding Task Chair

16. LINSY HOME High-Back Office Chair

This collapsible office chair has an adjustable height, headrests, and backrests. The armrests can be flipped up when required. The chair itself is easy to assemble, with only 10 screws required to set it up. It has a breathable mesh back, which helps keep your back cool and comfortable.

The caster wheels roll smoothly on the floor without causing any damage to the floor. The chair is suitable for people who have to sit for hours on end at work. The adjustable nature of this chair makes it suitable for multiple different body types. All of these features combine to form the most comfortable and space-effective office chair.

17. FreeFlex Deluxe Breathable ProGrid Back chair from Office Star

It might not be easy to locate an ergonomic folding desk chair that combines many features: adjustable armrests, adjustable height, swivel capability, good lumbar support, and folds up. There aren't any Aeron foldable desk chairs on our list, but there are a few options if you're willing to compromise. Chairs like this offer some benefits, such as good lumbar support and a fold-up seat for easier storage. You can adjust neither the armrests nor the height of the folding ergonomic chair

18. Mesh Back Nesting chair from In Stock Chairs

And on this flip-up chair, you do get armrests (but they cannot be adjusted) with the essential lumbar support. Although the chair's height is not adjustable, it is almost certainly a more ergonomic option than what many people may currently be sitting on, such as on a couch at the edge of a bed, making chiropractors cringe. This computer ergonomic chair has another benefit: It keeps your knees and hips at 90-degree angles, good for your posture.

Mesh Back Nesting chair from In Stock Chairs

19. Nesting office chair from Ziggy

In addition to allowing you to sit in a more upright position, this reclining ergonomic chair will also allow you to follow the 90-degree sitting rule. Keeping all of your knees, hips, and elbows bent at 90 degrees is its main purpose. Besides having armrests, flipping up, and wheels, the ergonomic chair has a breathable, flexible mesh backrest that reclines slightly.

The seat cushion of the best ergonomic chair must be customizable – and that’s just what you get in this model (available in seven other colors), making it one of the nicer-looking chairs on this list.

20. Ergonomic Kneeling Chair from Papafix

Despite not being foldable, you can also stow away this kneeling chair out of sight (whether in a closet or under a desk or table). Despite not being foldable, it does have an adjustable height, with the lowest height being 21-inches.

It's pretty much everyone who can benefit from kneeling chairs, except individuals with knee or leg issues, who should probably avoid them. Getting used to it may take some time, so it's a good idea to ease into it - try it out for short periods at first.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair from Papafix

21. Lumbar Support Chair from Easy Posture

If you cannot use the above options (either because of space constraints or a limited budget), there are lots of accessories you can explore. Even though these office accessories can improve your seating situation significantly, they won't be able to replace a bad chair. A chair's support for the lumbar region is essential to its ergonomic design.

Our recommendation for adding some to a chair that folds - including the one you already own - is this attachment. It has a very comfortable seat, and it curves into the lower back near the base of the spine as a gentle nudge. It can also be easily attached to a chair of your choice - and, more importantly, removed as needed.

22. Premium Steel Folding Chair with arms from Tengyi Store

It is featured with 2" of high-resilience sponge and a density of 35kg/m3 for a softer and more durable feel. The T-up folding office chair is built with steel and hardwood and provides long-lasting durability, not easily damaged or cracked.

Its mesh back measures 12.6in (tall), 18.5in (wide), and a 135-degree radian. Spend some time sitting on your back, breathing and relaxing your muscles in the office. You can usually fold folding chairs approximately 7" wide, and these folding chairs can be folded manually into an upright position, making them easy to store and easy to clean.

You can also easily stack them up for future use. Solid premium steel frames support the folding chair. Legs are designed in a V-shape for enhanced stability and can support up to 330 pounds.

Premium Steel Folding Chair with arms from Tengyi Store

23. Easy Install Mesh Ergonomic Chair from CJS KIRO

With just four steps, this ergonomic design high back mesh chair can be assembled without tools in no time at all. In use, flip the backrest up and fold it down to gain more space. Other ergonomic features include a waterfall high density molded foam that is comfortable to use for longer periods.

Featuring adjustable lumbar support, the backrest is made of mesh. It is not only ergonomic but also offers regular chair functions, such as swivel, tilt, high seat adjustment, adjustable lumbar support, as well as an easy installation process that takes less than 10 minutes. A maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds is supported. All kinds of uses can be accommodated by this chair, such as the Commercial office and home office.

24. Contoured Compact Swivel Chair from Calico Designs

This easy-to-assemble folding office chair has a minimalist design inspired by Scandinavia, a classic pick for a home office. Its contoured, heavy-plastic back folds down easily to fit under a desk and is attached already to the seat.

This folding office chair features durable, steel five-star base and swivel casters so that you can move freely. The thick, padded, swivel seat is constructed with breathable, easy-to-clean fabric and high-density foam that provides hours of comfort.  

The plastic contoured back folds flat so that you can conveniently store it under the desk. It is height-adjustable from 19 to 25 inches, has a padded 17-inch seat pan, and can swivel. It features smooth caster wheels on a 2-inch metal base and is also sturdy.

Contoured Compact Swivel Chair from Calico Designs

Folding Chair Vs. Ergonomic Chair

The basic difference is that folding office chairs are designed to fold while ergonomic chairs are not. This doesn't mean that you won't be able to find a chair that is both folding and ergonomic. Ergonomic chairs are adjustable, whereas folding chairs are meant to save space. Not many chairs out there have the features of both these chairs combined. But you don't have to worry, as this guide makes finding the perfect chair very simple.

Pros and Cons of Foldable Back Office Chairs

Pros of Foldable Back Office Chairs

  • Space-saving
  • Fits into any space
  • Options, and colors available
  • Affordable

Cons of Foldable Back Office Chairs

  • Lighter frame with weight limitations
  • May not have all the ergonomic features
  • Might not be fully adjustable
  • Might not feature a longer warranty

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