Top 5 Scorpion Gaming Chair Reviews for 2024
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Top 5 Scorpion Gaming Chair Reviews for 2024

|Jun 28, 2024

When it comes to immersive gaming experiences, the scorpion gaming chair stands out as one of the most comfortable gaming chairs available. These chairs cater to various needs, from the best gaming chair for big guys to those who seek optimal gaming chair posture. Comparing a gaming chair vs. office chair, Scorpion models offer superior ergonomics and adjustability tailored for gamers. This review explores the top 5 scorpion gaming chairs in the US market, ensuring you find the most comfortable gaming chair for your setup and comfort needs. Read on to discover which scorpion gaming chair suits you best.

Top 5 Giant Scorpion Gaming Chairs

Read our top 5 scorpion gaming chairs reviews:

1. GGBBJJ Scorpion Gaming Chair Floor

The GGBBJJ Scorpion Gaming Chair Floor is a standout choice for both office workers and professional gamers, designed with a scorpion's beak shape for a unique and immersive experience. This chair supports various display configurations, including a single screen up to 43 inches, a 49-inch ultra-wideband fish screen, or three 32-inch monitors. Impressively, it can also expand to hold five 27-inch monitors. Its electric adjustment capabilities allow users to switch between multiple positions, such as upright, sitting with a grip, half-lying, and fully lying down at a 150-degree recline.

Built for reliability and comfort, it features a cushioned seat made of high-density sponge upholstered in high-grade PU leather, providing exceptional comfort even after long hours. The chair’s electric mechanisms adjust the swing arm's height, the cockpit's zero gravity setting, and the entry and exit ease. The wrapping pillow design conforms to body curves, alleviating pressure on the back and waist to combat sedentary pain. Adding to its appeal, the chair includes an anti-glare LED light and a 16-color RGB light strip with 300 lamp beads, controlled via a standard remote. Practical features like manually adjustable armrests, a large keyboard tray, an earphone hanger, and a concealed cup holder enhance its usability. Ideal for gaming, working, watching TV, or relaxing, the GGBBJJ Scorpion Gaming Chair Floor is a sophisticated and modern addition to any room.

2. CLUVENS Unicorn 2.0 Manticore Model Zero Gravity Gaming Chair

The CLUVENS Unicorn 2.0 Manticore Model Zero Gravity Gaming Chair is a premium choice for those seeking ultimate comfort and functionality in their home or office. Designed with an executive boss position in mind, this chair features a rectangular shape, an open keyboard tray, and armrests for easy entry and exit. The Unicorn 2.0 boasts a massage and heating cushion for an opulent seating experience. Its electrical adjustments allow the chair to squat down into a flat position, with an electric tilt range of 160 degrees. The reading light with two LEDs and RGB illumination adds to the ambiance, while the manually adjustable keyboard tray and armrests enhance usability.

This model is ideal for any setting, whether it's for gaming, work, or relaxation. Cluvens Scorpion gaming chair supports up to three monitors, providing an immersive visual experience that can significantly improve performance and viewing effects. The ergonomic design prioritizes health and comfort, helping to alleviate common issues such as lower back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, and neck pain. The CLUVENS Unicorn 2.0 Manticore is not just a chair but a fully-equipped computer office that combines comfort, health, and performance in a sleek, compact footprint, making it a standout addition to any space.

3. IW 320 EASECOMFY Gaming Chair

Imperator Works' IW 320 EASECOMFY Gaming Chair is the pinnacle of form and function, seamlessly combining to offer maximum comfort for office workers and gamers. This XX-large chair has a beautiful, contemporary design with a black finish and high-quality real leather upholstery. Thanks to its 440-pound construction and dimensions of 24"D x 22"W x 62"H, it is a strong and long-lasting choice for individuals looking for performance that lasts.

The chair's ergonomic design, featuring a solid back style and a foam-filled sponge cushion, ensures excellent support and comfort. Its 24-inch seat height and 23-inch depth make it perfect for long periods of use, whether that's for work or gaming. A one-of-a-kind chair cockpit workstation is also a part of the IW 320 EASECOMFY, making it more versatile. While it lacks electric features and isn't foldable, it does have an outstanding 145-degree electrical recline, which lets users attain a zero-gravity position for complete relaxation in their scorpion chair gaming setup.

This chair, with glide-bench legs that work on hard floors as well as indoors, was designed with functionality in mind. Its modern pattern and sturdy, modern design make it a fashionable accent piece. The chair comfortably supports a wide range of users, with a recommended maximum weight of 140 pounds. When it comes to office or gaming chairs, the IW 320 EASECOMFY is a top pick for people who value style, durability, and comfort.

4. IWR1 IMPERATORWORKS Brand Gaming chair

If you're looking for the most comfortable and functional chair for gaming or office use, look no further than the IWR1 IMPERATORWORKS brand. This chair combines a modern, stylish design with long-lasting durability thanks to its solid alloy steel frame and plush real leather upholstery. It has a massage vibration function for extra comfort, as well as a motorized control system that allows you to recline to a zero-gravity position.

A variety of electrically adjustable features, including a foot pedal, leg panel, keyboard tray, and RGB LED lights on the roof of the arm, allow for a personalized and immersive experience on the chair. This XX-Large chair comfortably accommodates individuals up to 280 pounds, thanks to its dimensions of 71"D x 57"W x 65"H. Its height-adjustable frame and high-back cushion design provide the best possible support. With its sturdy back frame, arm-supported design, and movable furniture bases, this piece is both fashionable and functional, perfect for any room.

5. Imperator Works Black R1 Pro Chai

The Imperator Works Black R1 Pro Chair immerses you in luxury and state-of-the-art technology. The real leather is soft against your skin, and the motorized recline and movable leg rest take you effortlessly to a world without gravity. With each soft vibration, the massage feature relieves tension and promotes even more relaxation.

The chair's triple monitor mount is its best feature; it turns your desk into an enthralling cockpit. The RGB lighting and overhead ceiling light create a futuristic atmosphere, while its generous size ensures comfort for even larger users.

Even though there may be some difficulties with the chair's weight and assembly, the experience is well worth the effort. The Imperator Works Black R1 Pro Chair is more than just a chair; it's an investment in your gaming immersion, comfort, and productivity.


The scorpion gaming chair series offers a range of options that cater to diverse needs, from the affordable scorpion gaming chair price to the expansive and immersive giant scorpion gaming chair. Whether you're looking for a compact setup with a gaming chair with 400 lbs weight capacity, the Scorpion series has you covered. Its innovative design, ergonomic features, and customizable setups make it a top choice for gamers seeking comfort, style, and functionality in their gaming chair setup.

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