How to Sit In A Gaming Chair Properly: Full Guide
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How to Sit In A Gaming Chair Properly: Full Guide

|Sep 21, 2021

Gaming is a big business that has many takers irrespective of age.  As a gamer, you know that you are pitched in for hours as you settle into your chair, whether coding or playing games.

Gaming chair posture has always been associated with a sedentary lifestyle cramping up muscles, and more.  This leads to improper use of blood sugar that provides energy to muscles. As muscles are not used, blood sugar rises, leading to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and more. Also, don't miss the backaches and neck pains resulting from incorrect postures that you may land up using unknowingly. 

Now here is a solution to manage this – an ergonomic chair! Best ergonomic chairs are designed on the principle that each user has a different body shape.  So these ergonomic chairs have adjustment features like armrests, headrests, footrests, seat height, seat recline, and seat tilt apart from others. In addition, users can adjust their seat position to adapt to the best seating positions prescribed by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, USA.  Make use of some tips to help you with gaming setup ideas.

How Do You Sit in a Gaming Chair?

As discovered earlier, in a layman's language, ergonomics is all about an adjustable chair. If you are looking to buy an ergonomic chair, you must know that it offers users neutral sitting positions. Getting the best gaming chair for posture correction is not an answer to any solution.  It would help if you had the right body posture as you answer 'how to sit in a gaming chair'?. But then, the human body does not support sitting for prolonged hours.  From childhood, kids are told to sit upright and not slouch at their spine.  This is because human beings have an S-shaped spine. This gives the lower back a nice curve between 20-45 degrees.

Position of Knees

Position of Knees

As you sit with right gaming chair posture, you must have your feet placed easily on the floor such that there is a perpendicular or a ninety-degree angle formed with the things parallel to the ground and lower legs or the shin bones standing straight.  This enables two other joints to be placed softly yet at neutral positions, the ankle joint and the hip joints.  With all three joints at ease and not being stretched or compressed, the body is relaxed and neutral. As you sit comfortably, with the knees bent at a ninety-degree angle, your back gets ample strength. With this strength, your back can easily hold the entire torso straight.

Position of Feet

Position of Feet

Whether you use a standing desk or an L-shaped gaming desk, you should plant your feet on the ground. They should not be curling on the floor or hanging in the air. The ground provides rest to the feet, thereby resting your muscles. Of course, you could always use a footrest too.

With an ergonomic footrest, you can easily manage that your feet are firmly placed on the ground. The footrest rests your feet and allows them to move in any direction while seated as you enjoy your game. Now step up the power to destroy that monster as you accelerate your spaceship or dig in your heels into the footrest for firmness.

Back Position

With your hips tucked in deep into the seat, keep your back erect using the seat’s back for the best gaming posture. Ensure that the lumbar support is resting with the right amount of pressure into your lower back. Adjust the seat recline in such a way that it provides firm support to your back.  This helps your shoulder and seat backrest and not be stressed.

Some folks tend to slip into the seat, reclining their body backward or forwards.  If the back slouches, it impacts the lumbar support negatively. The lumbar curve flattens out, and the tilts are thrust forward.  This forces your spinal muscles to apply extra pressure to hold the spine straight.

Train your muscles to sit in a particular seating position with proper gaming chair posture. However, it does take a few days, usually between 3 to four days of continuous practice.

Position of the Hips

As you tuck your hips deep into the seat, towards the back of the chair, your back does not flatten as it maintains the S shape of the spine. This also provides a healthy and perfect alignment between your spine and that of the seat backrest. Adopting a proper gaming posture is beneficial for your overall health.

Lumbar Support

Back Position

For gaming chairs, ensure that the lumbar pillow provided is always about six to ten inches above the seat level.  It will create pressure on the upper back if it is too high, slouching your body forward unknowingly.  This affects your hips which then lose their alignment to the entire body. To summarize, mild pressure on your mid lumbar provides you with the flexibility to move your body in any direction, supporting relevant muscles.  This mid lumbar support ensures that your upper body remains straight, easily, without any stress. 

Do watch out that a lumbar pillow provided isn't too thick. How do you check that? If the lumbar pillow is too thick, you may not break into it to provide support to your back. As a result, you will most probably have space between your lumbar support pillow and your back and get a right gaming chair posture.

Recline positions

Recline positions

As a gamer, you may choose to sit upright or recline to play; in either case, do not ignore proper gaming posture. Some folks like to lean forward as the game gets interesting or when the stakes are high, as they are on high alert.  You can also experience folks changing their positions as the game goes ahead.

A gaming chair that offers you a deep recline is one of the best things for your health. How? Well, if you want to recline as you play your games, your back is completely relaxed and firmly supported by the seatback. This allows your shoulder muscles and upper back to relax as you enjoy your game. 

Don’t miss our views on a chair posture corrector.


In wrap-up, an ergonomic gaming chair is sure to support you for good overall health and ease in gaming. So as you punch and beat up the enemy or race your car with the highest powerhouse, staying healthy by using the correct gaming chair postures is important.

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