Top Small Standing Desk Converters To Buy In 2024
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Top Small Standing Desk Converters To Buy In 2024

|Feb 6, 2022

Did you just get a new table for your home office? Office ergonomics changed many things around the workplaces, and the old ways of working don't seem to be legit anymore. This doesn't mean you should throw away all the entire desks and chairs you already have, but understanding and implementing ergonomics properly can help you save both cost and time.

A small standing desk converter is similarly a piece of ergonomic furniture that is light on your budget. A compact standing desk converter is the easiest solution, especially for those who don't want to spend a lot on buying a whole new desk yet still wish to switch between sitting and standing.

It doesn't require you to buy a new home standing desk nor demands you to throw away the older one. Besides the basic advantages of a small stand-up desk converter, we will also cover the best desk converters for your home office or even a professional workplace.

The Best Sit Stand Desk Converters

A compact sit-stand desk converter can save you from any long-term expense. It is a safe investment that costs even less than half of an office standing desk.  With the same benefits as a complete standing desk, a standing desk converter is the most sought-after choice because of its affordability and small size. Below are some of the leading small standing desk converters in the market.

1. Electric Monitor Riser by Mount-It!

small standing desk converter by Mount-It!

This dual station, Mount-It! motorized standing desk converter, is one of the best electric standing desk converters in the market. Mount-it has come up with some affordable solutions to reap the benefits of working while standing, and this product is one of those.

Firstly it has a weight capacity of 45 pounds and is spacious enough to keep your laptop, keyboard and even a mouse pad. The slot for cable management ensures your tiny home office setup isn’t subjected to clutter or a lot of mess. You can also enjoy the option of 360 degrees rotation for vertical mounting.

2. Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter

Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter

Another one from Mount-It!, this Mount-It! standing desk converter is for those who would rather opt for a simpler product. This is a very affordable solution for anyone tired of a sedentary lifestyle. With the help of an easy transition between sitting and standing, you can easily achieve your ergonomic goals with this desk.

This desk converter is made for multi-monitor setups thanks to the extra-wide working space. You can also enjoy the 10-year warranty that comes with the product.

3. Vivo Desk Riser

Vivo small standing desk converter

This high-quality standing desk converter converts your standard desk into a standing desk quickly, easily, and inexpensively. The converter is made up of a strong base hence it is able to withstand up to 15 kgs of load at once. The height range offered is also very vast hence you can set anywhere between 4 and 20 inches.

Because of the large surface area, it can accommodate both a monitor and a laptop if necessary. Just like the Electric Monitor Riser by Mount-It!, there's also a second tray for your keyboard and mouse, making this a comfortable configuration.

4. Zinus Molly Standing Desk Converter

Zinus Molly small standing desk converter

A perfect workstation that fits right in your budget. This is how people describe these tiny sit-stand desk converters. The best part is that this desk comes already assembled, so there is no need to go through that extensive proof. It is spacious enough to hold the laptop/desktop and a certain number of desk accessories. The surface finish is smooth and ensures that you don't suffer from any stains or coffee marks that are too stubborn to disappear.

5. Ergotron Standing Desk Converter

Ergotron Standing Desk Converter

Do you need to support a huge load? The Ergotron WorkFit-T is the best standing converter we can offer, as it can accommodate up to 40 pounds. As a result, it is the most powerful small standing desk converter on our list.

Both the main platform and the keyboard tray have a substantial surface area. It is simple to operate and requires no assembly: release the hand-brake levers on both sides of the machine to increase or decrease the surface between 5 and 20 inches above the tabletop.

Why Use a Small Sit Stand Desk Converter?

Making a change in your daily routine is a big commitment, and even if we don't say enough, we are not all ready for it. This is why most of us are still skeptical about getting a standing desk, even though its benefits are loud and clear. But before you put this idea completely off of the table, here are some reasons to give small standing desk converters a try for the least.

You Don’t Have To Give Up Sitting Completely

The terrible reality is that most individuals do not stick with ergonomic standing workstations. They may only last a few days or weeks, but studies have shown that a significant number of people abandon them.

A small standing desk converter is a terrific method to see if you'd like to stand for a portion of your workday without spending hundreds of dollars. You also don't have to go through the hassle of replacing a whole desk only to discover that you don't enjoy standing while working.


Standing desk converters (most of the time) require zero to none assembly. This means they will not in any way increase the workload or pressure in your workplace. If you want to switch from standing to sitting, take it off the table or lower the platform.

Some desks are so easy to use that they can be folded into compact vertical shapes, easy to place anywhere you like. So with a standing desk converter, you might not need to dedicate an entire workstation after all.


While traveling, people on the go or working, this is hands down the safest and healthiest option to work ergonomically. Some compact standing desk converters are compact and light enough to take on and off your desk with ease. As a result, they can be used for a variety of purposes. And besides being portable, they are also very affordable and light on the pocket.

Multiple Choices

A standing desk converter can be made in a variety of ways. Desk risers, z-shaped bases, x-shaped bases, floating arms, single-surface items, electric converters, and post-and-tray converters are all available.

There are differences in design between manufacturers in all of these categories. With such a diverse selection of designs, a converter can meet practically anyone's requirements.

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