How Important Is UL Certification for a Standing Desk?
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How Important Is UL Certification for a Standing Desk?

AutonomousAutonomous | Jun 20, 2022

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With the rise in a pandemic, your entire grocery list is being checked off online. Online shopping is today's trend where one clicks away on their favorite products, adds to the cart, pays, and voila, all from the comfort of their home. Even after the pandemic halted, many people are still not comfortable or up for the idea of dressing up and leaving their homes to shop in stores. Though online shopping is one of the best things about the modern era, it has certain risks and uncertainty.

Especially when you shop office furniture online, there are great deals and promises made by office furniture companies, and you can get a big discount when you purchase online. Still, other than the price, discount, color, size, and specifications of the product, have you ever thought about the importance of safety certification in furniture? A safety guarantee on a product gives you peace of mind, makes it suitable to be used in homes or offices, or prevents you from various deadly hazards.

This safety label is often recognized as the UL certification. This certification is considered highly reliable because of the multiple carefully planned ul certification requirements. It is backed by a third-party quality assurance testing company recognized as underwriters' Laboratories (UL). The purpose of UL is to ensure your house or office setup doesn't burn into chaos because you purchased a flammable or equally hazardous product.

What is UL Certification?

What is UL Certification?

Underwriter Laboratories, or UL, is a third-party certification company that has been in operation for over a century. UL was created in Chicago in 1894. They certify items to make the world safer for consumers and workers. They not only evaluate new products but also establish industry standards to follow while developing new ones.

As per the UL certification meaning, this label provides a sense of security that the product you are using has been tested and approved to be safe for you to use in your daily life. UL certification for electronics to an electric standing desk, office furniture to every other item that needs the use of electricity in your home, the label ensures that the product has been checked, whether the wire sizes are accurate, whether they are properly insulated or whether the product is constructed with a high level of safety in mind.

Why is UL Certification Needed?

Why is UL Certification Needed?

Using UL-certified equipment will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. This is because a product with the UL mark of certification has met the most recent design and safety requirements and regulations. It's not simply for items that need to be plugged into an AC outlet.

Other safety standards covered by the UL certification include testing for any residues of dangerous chemicals and excessive electronic emissions that could interfere with other electronic equipment. In layman's words, it works as a safety net, ensuring that a product has been thoroughly tested. Even though the law does not essentially require the UL certification of the country, many manufacturers or buyers who consider a product must meet UL requirements for their peace of mind.

This is why you will find the need for UL certification in many places, such as a standing desk buying guide and an employee purchase program where employees are provided with the comfort of a UL-certified product.

How to Identify a Real UL Certification from A Fake?

How to Identify a Real UL Certification from A Fake?

With claims like products being safe or tested, one can only find it rational that many manufacturers can get a UL fake label to sell their products without spending extra on them. Hence you need to realize the difference between a real and a fake UL certification.

A UL certification that is genuine has loads of information mentioned on it. You can find the area classification, the material type, the presence of the region, material properties, and the temperature class. You will also get details regarding the manufacturing company marked on the label. On the other hand, when it comes to a fake UL certification label, one or two things could be missing or might make no sense.

Importance of UL Certification for a Standing Desk

Importance of UL Certification for a Standing Desk

The guarantee of UL certification is needed in many cases. Still, for fitness products like a treadmill or an L-shaped standing desk, it is even more important to know whether or not a product meets the safety requirements.

This is because many tiny features manufactured in a standing desk can easily be considered normal, but they are harmful to the user. For instance, the 'fire and forget' feature is not at all welcome when it comes to a standing desk. This means that the desk should stop instantly when one presses a button to move a desk up or down a few inches and lifts their fingers.

A desk that moves after one press of a button, regardless if you have a finger on it or not, does not pass the safety requirements of a UL certification. This is because this tiny feature can make a product hazardous, especially in homes with kids involved. Moreover, this does not apply to desks controlled with the smartphone application or Bluetooth connectivity because these two qualities provide an even greater hold and control over the desk.

Secondly, a standing desk that doesn't have an anti-collision detector also fails the UL safety test. As for office treadmills, the treadmill's surface should be made to support the heavy volumes moving on its surface. Safety features are even more important in fast-moving equipment like an office treadmill. Another thing that affects the UL Requirements is the region where the product is being sold or tested.

The Autonomous Office Desks are UL Certified


Hence, while you might think you got a height-adjustable desk for cheap, a UL certification can help you realize the difference between a reliable and unsafe product. Reliable brands take care of such things in their name, which might be a bit costly for you. This is why ergonomic office brands come up with incentives like an Autonomous employee purchase program to give you the freedom to buy safe products for less amount.

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