Utilize Your Home Office With These Corner Decor Ideas
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Utilize Your Home Office With These Corner Decor Ideas

|Jan 2, 2024

Having wide open spaces in your living room or home office can mess up the entire look of the room. This is why you need to always have a few corner décor ideas to turn to when you have an empty corner that needs to be filled. 

In many cases, you can find a useful way to decorate a corner that is both aesthetic and functional. Adding a standing desk to an empty corner, for example, will cover up the blank space while giving you a place where you can get some work done. 

However, there are many other ways you can choose to decorate an empty home office corner space. This article will look at some of the most popular corner décor ideas in 2024. 

A Home Office: The Best Way to Use Extra Space at Home

Trying to figure out how to decorate a corner space is something many homeowners struggle with. In the end, most people will choose to simply leave the space wide open. While this works sometimes, especially when going for a minimalist look, it is not always the ideal choice for a modern room.

A much better alternative would be to use that additional space as a make-shift home office. Ever since emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have begun to appreciate the importance of having a comfortable place to work from home. 

As such, home office ideas are quickly becoming a major part of modern home design. If you have some free space in one of your corners, converting it to a home office may be one of the best moves you make this year.

A Home Office: The Best Way to Use Extra Space at Home

20 Ways and Ideas to Decorate Empty Corner in Home Office

Are you trying to come up with some corner décor ideas? If you need some inspiration, you have come to the right place. Get ready to convert that bare and boring corner into the perfect home office setup with these simple ideas: 

1. Add a Corner Desk

There is no better way to make great use of an L-shaped standing desk than by installing it in a corner and having somewhere to get some work done while at home. This is the kind of situation L-shaped desks are designed for, and you can find many different kinds available online. 

Depending on the desk dimensions and the amount of available space, you can include a few extra office accessories to make your small corner office setup a lot more comfortable and functional. Autonomous has some great corner-standing desks that you can consider.

Add a Corner Desk - corner decor ideas

2. Display Some Art

When coming up with empty corner ideas, one of the most popular choices that many homeowners love is to simply utilize the free wall space as a place to display some art. Empty corners have a way of drawing the eyes of your visitors, making this the perfect place to display some of that art that you are so proud of. 

It doesn't even have to be very expensive art. Even with a limited budget, you can find some unique and great-looking art pieces that will add an extra dimension to your room. 

3. Create Extra Seating

Simply placing a chair in the corner can create a cozy nook where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The simplest corner space ideas usually just involve placing a comfy chair in the open space. 

Having an ergonomic chair is one of the things most people focus on when designing a home office. However, a comfy and elegant armchair placed in the corner is also a very important addition.

Create Extra Seating

4. Install a Storage Cabinet

When coming up with corner décor ideas, always take the time to consider some of the important things that your home office needs. In that regard, one thing you can never have too much of is storage. 

You can buy or install a storage cabinet in your empty corner for storing paperwork, files, and other office accessories that would otherwise cause a lot of clutter in your home.

Install a Storage Cabinet - corner decor ideas

5. Create a Reading Nook

If escaping into the pages of your favorite book sounds like the perfect way to enjoy your free time, you need to have a reading nook in your house. When space is an issue, an empty corner can be the best place to set up your reading nook. Sometimes, all you may need are some extra rugs and cushions to create the perfect place to read.

Create a Reading Nook - corner decor ideas

6. Install a Bar Cart

Do you enjoy the occasional cocktail, wine glass, or whisky at the end of a long day? A bar cart may be just the thing you need. If you get one that is set on wheels, you can move it around the house with you and then return it to its corner waiting for the next time you feel the urge to use it. 

7. L-shaped Couch

Just like how L-shaped desk layout ideas will be perfect for an empty corner, you can also consider adding an L-shaped couch to the mix. The great thing about such a couch is that it allows you to utilize all the available space that would have otherwise been difficult to use as a sitting area. L-shaped couches can be squeezed snugly into a corner which will free up a lot more space in the center of the room.

L-shaped Couch - corner decor ideas

8. Picture Ledges

Some of the best empty-corner ideas will not cost you any money at all. If you have some cherished family photos that you want to display, an empty corner can be the best place to do so. Simply hang some on the wall or arrange a few framed photos on a picture ledge. 

9. Add a Side Table

If you do not want to invest in a corner desk setup but still want a way to fill up that empty space, you can simply buy a corner table big enough for that area. The good thing about a corner table is that it is an easy addition to your home office that can serve a lot of different purposes. You can use it to hold photos, accessories, flowers, or even decanters for your favorite whisky.

Add a Side Table

10. Add Some Mirrors

When you are dealing with a room that has limited space, one of the best corner space ideas that you can implement is to add some mirrors. Even a small and cramped home office can seem big and airy with the perfect placement of a few mirrors. By placing them in the corner, you also do not have to worry about someone hitting and breaking them as they walk by. The reflections of two or more mirrors that are facing each other strategically can make you feel as if you are working in a much bigger home office.

Add Some Mirrors

11. Bring in a Chaise

Just like an L-shaped couch, a chaise can be one of the most perfect corner décor ideas you can think of. Unlike other types of seating you are likely to have in your home office, a chaise is built for ultimate comfort and elegance. When you are having a busy day, it can be nice to take a break and lie down on your chair while you replenish your energy reserves. 

12. Floor Lamp

If space and funds are limited, you need to focus on small corner decorating ideas that do not cost a lot of money. In that regard, placing a floor lamp in the corner of your office can make a huge difference to the décor. 

Depending on how much you are willing to invest, you can even buy a luxurious RGB floor lamp that will be the envy of anyone who walks into the room. Floor lamps come in a wide range of styles and colors, so finding one that will be perfect for your décor should not be hard.

Floor Lamp

13. Store Extra Clothing

Finding places to store extra clothing can be hard. However, most people do not realize that you do not need an extra closet to store any surplus clothing items. With just a simple clothes rack and an empty corner, you can find the perfect place to store your clothes without making the rest of the room look unkempt. 

14. Indoor Plants

There are very few things that can add some life to a room better than a well-placed plant. You can choose any one of the many species of indoor plants that do not require a lot of sunlight to flourish. These can be perfect additions to your office if you are looking for small corner decorating ideas. 

In Eastern cultures, people believe that certain plants have healing properties or will bring the owner a lot of good luck. Whether you believe that or not, adding a bit of greenery to the room is never a bad idea.

Indoor Plants 

15. Fireplace

If you live in a cold climate, you need to consider adding a small fireplace to the corner of your office. This can be the perfect place to snuggle with a bowl of warm soup and a great book on those chilly winter nights. With some of the latest fireplace designs, you can go for an electric or gas-powered one, which means there will be no need to worry about smoke in your home office.

16. Get a Glass Table

One of the things you will need to address when decorating an empty corner is how to add a bit of extra light to an otherwise dark and dreary part of the room. In that regard, you need to consider simply adding a glass table.

If there is a window close by that lets in a lot of natural light, the glass table may be able to capture that beautifully. You can even place the glass table close to a floor lamp for some additional light.

Get a Glass Table 

17. Extra Shelves

Do you have a lot of books or other office accessories that require storage? With just a little bit of DIY, you can install some extra shelves on the wall. Such empty corner ideas provide a lot of functionality that every modern home office needs. 

18. Consider Wall Coverings

Wall coverings can be a great way to add some life and color to an otherwise dead and boring corner space. Ideas such as these do not cost a lot of money. Regardless of how limited your budget is, with a bit of patience, you will be able to find some affordable wall coverings that will make your office a lot cozier. 

19. Show Off Your Window

If you have a great-looking window, why not show it off? Many of the corner décor ideas in this article are about adding one accessory or another. However, you can achieve a lot more by not adding anything at all. Simply allow your beautiful window to be a lot more visible to anyone who walks into the room. This also has the advantage of letting in a lot more natural light, which is great for your well-being and productivity.

Show Off Your Window

20. Add a Wine Rack

The last of these small corner decorating ideas for home offices is reserved for wine lovers. You can invest in a classic wine rack where you can display some of your favorite bottles. A wine rack does not cost a lot of money, nor will it take you a long time to set up. This makes it the perfect option for homeowners working on a tight budget. 

Final Thought

Deciding how to decorate a corner is easy when you have the right ideas that are affordable and easy to implement. Just by adding a few accessories or furniture items, you can convert a boring empty corner into something that is the highlight of the room. If you are looking for some great ideas, you can visit the Autonomous page and take a look at some of the available furniture items.

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