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Video Interview Tips - 6 Tips to Prepare in 2024

Video Interview Tips - 6 Tips to Prepare in 2024

|Dec 16, 2020

Video interviews are becoming more and more popular with a greater number of remote jobs opening up. In the future, job seekers can expect them to become an even bigger occurrence, especially when applying to jobs in a different city or country. The setup and structure of a video interview are different from a traditional interview. If you want to learn more about what you can expect and get some video interview tips to help you prepare well, read on.

Pros and Cons of a Video Interview

Preparing for a regular in-person interview is a lengthy process. You have to prepare for the questions you are going to be asked. You must get your clothes ready and make sure these are appropriate for the job and company. There is also the travel to the venue, and you must arrive on time. During the in-person interview itself, you can expect to be in a room with one or more interviewers. You have to establish a good rapport, maintain good eye contact as you speak, and show them what you have to offer.

With a video interview, there are some new dynamics involved and some things you don’t have to worry about at all. Here are a few of the pros and cons of this stage of the job application process.

Video Interview

  • icon checkNo travel is required, so you cut down on the time and time
  • icon checkYou can have an interview in the comfort of your home
  • icon checkThe video interview gives you access to jobs in faraway places
  • icon checkIt can be a great first-round interview to establish if a second round in-person interview is needed
  • icon checkIt’s easy to schedule more video interviews back to back
  • icon timesYou don’t get to make the same in-person connection over video
  • icon timesTechnology and network are not always 100% efficient, which can disrupt the interview's smooth flow
  • icon timesYou have to find an ideal interview space and environment
  • icon timesYou must learn how to communicate effectively over video

The truth is that video interviews can be a lot more convenient, but they do take some getting used to. If you want to know how to prepare for a video interview and need help mastering the right video interview techniques, the tips below can help.

Tips for Video Interview Success

To prepare well for an upcoming video interview, you have to consider a number of things. The six tips here can help you feel more confident and up your performance.

1.  Prepare for the Interview Questions as Normal

Before we get into the unique aspects of this type of interview, there are some usual interview tips to cover. Firstly, you have to prepare for the type of questions you are going to be asked. You can tap into many resources to find sample interview questions for the job you applied for. Think about your answers to these questions and find someone to practice with you. Keep practicing until you can confidently answer the questions.

The second part of preparing for an interview is researching the company, what they do, and even gathering more information on the interviewers, if possible. You can talk to people in similar roles to hear their insight. Finally, it helps if you prepare a few of your own questions about the job and company.

Prepare for the Interview Questions as Normal

2.  Dress Appropriately

Are you wondering what to wear for a video interview? The good news is that the interviewers are also going to see the top half of you, depending on how you orient your camera. We still advise that you dress as if you were going to an in-person interview for that same job. This can help you get in the right frame of mind and feel more confident. Do some research on the job to see which of formal, semi-formal, or casual dress is most appropriate. Always dress for success.

Dress Appropriately

3.  Set Up the Environment

One of the most important video interview tips is to find and set up the right interview environment. You need a quiet and comfortable place where you are in control of the settings. You need a room to yourself with a good desk and office chair to use during the video call. Make sure the background noise is at a minimum.

Set Up the Environment

4.  Choose the Suitable Position

Once you have your computer set up on the desk, you have to find a good position. It’s important to decide how you are going to sit ahead of time and not when the interview is about to start. The wrong sitting position can influence your performance. The best way to control your sitting position and find maximum comfort is by getting an adjustable desk and office chair. You can alter the height of both to your desired level. You can also play around with various chair features, such as the tilt, headrests, and armrest, to get you into a comfortable and confident power pose.

Choose the Suitable Position

5.  Use a Monitor Arm

If this is your first video interview, you might want to consider investing in an office accessory like a monitor arm to improve your video interview setup. You can place the laptop camera in the most suitable position for good eye contact.

If you have a monitor, you can also move this around to the right elevation. You should position your screen correctly.

Use a Monitor Arm

6.  Do a Practice Video Interview

There is power in preparation. One of the best ways to get ready for a video interview is to practice. You can set up a one-minute video call with a friend to test out all of the tips above. They can give you feedback on your background, the noise level, your sitting position, eye contact, voice elevation, and anything else that an interviewer on the other side of the screen might notice straight away.

Figuring out how to prepare for a video interview can be a daunting task, but it gets better the more you practice all the video interview techniques described above. When it comes time for your interview, you are going to be your most confident self, thanks to the video interview tips.

Do a Practice Video Interview

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