Visit Logicfox Store for the Best Office Chair Shopping
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Visit Logicfox Store for the Best Office Chair Shopping

|Oct 7, 2022

The staff of Logicfox Furniture considers that its products satisfy all requirements of its users in terms of physique, mind, and spirit. The Logicfox team has made it its goal to always work toward improving human posture, and it aims to see the world built around good sitting. An ergonomic office chair must consider both the static and dynamic characteristics of the human physique.

These chairs should also offer their users adequate support and direction in various sitting postures, which is why the brand makes sure to design its office chairs in such a way. The S-shaped structure of the vertebrae in a normal sitting position helps to prevent unequal pressure on the intervertebral disc.

However, numerous individuals involuntarily lean forward when exhausted from their muscles, which increases the internal pressure on the vertebral bodies. Over time, this can result in spinal strain. In response to this, the brand works hard to manufacture Logicfox ergonomic office chairs suitable for your sitting position.

The Best Office Chairs You Can Shop From Logicfox

Even if working from the comfort of your couch sounds convenient, try doing it for several hours each day. Sitting with your laptop and other necessities directly in front of you is not feasible while attempting to rest in leisure. If you want to work remotely for an extended time, you must create an ergonomic workplace that you can utilize without compromising your shoulders, spine, or neck.

With that said, it is important to note that prolonged sitting is linked to lumbar health issues, per several studies on ergonomic office chair structure by Logicfox. The brand is deeply focused on the stress on the posterior portion, which is a weak point in human wellbeing. Due to their concerns with the health and well-being of an individual, Logicfox falls into the category of one of the best office chair brands in the world.

The Logicfox team frequently references ergonomic studies while making their design decisions. So that you can sit comfortably and be efficient in an office chair, this office chair store has partnered with Autonomous in a vendor collaboration through which anyone can purchase their chairs at a good price. With the best chairs we've evaluated, here are a few chair options to assist you in choosing the perfect one for your workspace.  

1. Logicfox Ergonomic Office Chair With a Saddle-shaped Sponge Seat

The Saddle-shaped spongy seat of this chair is made with a plush, thick cushion and a porous mesh body, which reduces leg strain and keeps your back cool while allowing you to sit for extended periods. This sponge-seat office chair has an exquisite ergonomic office seat layout. Its backrest structure is strong and long-lasting, and it has a tilt function with a flexible adjustment, enabling you to recline more easily. Additionally, the saddle seat office chair leans back smoothly and has a chair tilt variation of up to 40° along with 3 locking configurations. Your body receives a cozy realignment as a result. Additionally, it has a 1.2-inch height-adjustable headrest featuring arcs up/down capabilities capable of providing more flexible head support. Your neck and back will feel less pressure thanks to the soft sponge construction of the headrest. Additionally, it has ergonomic, multi-functional customizable armrests made of soft PU that relieve shoulder strain.

2. Logicfox Ergonomic Office Chair with Double Lumbar Support

The adaptable 2D spinal support is included in the double back support of this armchair. This is a superb design that the company refers to as Lumbar and Back Separation Layout. This ergonomic lumbar support office chair completely supports your waist while easing lower back strain. Additionally, it offers up to 40° seat tilt flexibility and numerous locking configurations. The armchair has flip-up armrests that you may use to optimize space savings and make your area neat and organized. You may raise the armrest or tuck it beneath the table at work or at home. It features two-dimensional lumbar support, which you can easily adjust. This great design gives your waist complete support and eases lumbar region problems. A fully permeable mesh covers the backrest, a very elastic taut mesh. Skin-friendly and airy couch textiles are used to create the armrest and cushion.

3. Logicfox Ergonomic Office Chair with a Saddle-shaped Mesh Seat

This ergonomically designed saddle-shaped seat is made of highly flexible mesh. The cushioning of this mesh seat office chair is more suited for your lower body. It uses a grid-weaving technique, which makes it more ventilated yet skin-friendly, and it offers enough support and compressive stiffness. It boasts a sturdy, dual-chair backrest. You may recline more easily thanks to the flexible adjustment of the backrest tilt. Furthermore, the 3-dimensional armrests of this armchair may be rotated by 35° in addition to being adjustable vertically and horizontally, front and back. The multi-functional customizable PU armrests provide comfort and reduce the pressure on your shoulders. The armchair passed rigorous tests for various loads, earning BIFMA safety accreditation.

Consider the Following Before Choosing an Office Chair

Consider the Following Before Choosing a Logicfox Office Chair

Certain elements might determine the difference between selecting a poor and an excellent office chair when picking one for an office. Let's review some key features when picking a nice office chair.

  • Ergonomics: The interplay between a chair and an individual is termed ergonomics. The person's body and mobility are not reactive in conventional office chairs. Therefore, an ergonomically designed creates a more relaxing and posture-perfect sitting environment by customizing its components to the occupant.
  • Size: A big chair may occupy much room in a co-working space. A smaller individual may feel uncomfortable while seated because of this. Consider a size that fits both your physique and your working area.
  • Comfort: Being at ease and free from discomfort is the condition of being comfortable. When feasible, compare armchairs in-person and determine how comfortable they are. What could be cozy for one individual could be unpleasant for someone another.
  • Durability: A sturdy item can survive typical daily use without necessitating a significant amount of repair or upkeep. Although more expensive, a sturdy chair will offer comfort and usefulness for longer.

Considering all of these elements, you may properly shop office chairs. After our research, we highly recommend you purchase an office chair from the Logicfox store online and see the difference between conventional office chairs and Logicfox office chairs for yourself.

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