A Well-Planned Seating Chart For Happier Employees
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A Well-Planned Seating Chart For Happier Employees

|Oct 31, 2022

Many people think of changing sitting arrangements as a nuisance. They don’t see the point of leaving their comfortable working stations to move to a different place they would need time to get accustomed to. They think of this as a waste of both time and energy. However, there must be some logical explanation behind why more and more offices are investing in creating the perfect seating chart for their employees. 

The Importance Of The Right Seating Arrangement

The Importance Of The Right Seating Arrangement

With the advancement in technology and research, it is becoming increasingly clear how much employees' well-being and happiness affect their work performance. According to research by the Harvard Business Review, the right seating arrangement can positively affect an employee's morale.

Here is everything you need to know about creating the right office seating chart and the benefits it brings to a company.

How To Create The Right Seating Arrangement?

The right seating arrangement can take a lot of time to develop. This is because it requires the perfect blend of individual employee skills and the most efficient use of space at an office. Here are some things that you should keep in mind while working on an office seating chart:

Department-wise seating can help

People working in the same department usually deal with the same kind of work. Making them sit together would allow them to consult each other in case of difficulty or confusion. This would be effective as people in the same department usually have the expertise and knowledge to advise each other.

The benefits of seating related departments near each other

Some departments need other departments to perform their tasks efficiently. The office layout should be set to allow the related department to sit together. This would save a lot of time as employees from different related departments could communicate with each other and get done with projects faster.

People with different temperaments

People with different temperaments can be made to sit together. This is because their different personalities complement each other and benefit the company. 

The Chinese Concept Of Feng Shui in Office Seating Chart

The Chinese Concept Of Feng Shui in Office Seating Chart

Feng Shui refers to the Chinese belief that our mood is dependent on and affected by our environment. Following the Feng Shui office layout can ensure that your employees are happy and more productive. Below are some tips on how to adopt his layout:

Keep plants

According to Feng Shui, plants help lift the spirit of a person. It says that plants absorb negative energy and give positive energy. Keeping some plants in your workspace will boost your morale and help you work more efficiently.

The direction of your desk is important

Turning your back towards your office door symbolizes turning your back against any opportunity that might come through that door. To avoid this in seating chart, you must position your office desk in a way that does not turn your back towards that office door.

Only some places are suitable for working

To work efficiently, you must avoid working from beds and sofas. Both of these places symbolize laziness and can cause you to feel lazy while working. This is why it is important to work from a proper office chair

Office Cubicle Layouts

Office Cubicle Layouts - seating chart

Arranging the seating plan of an office also includes getting the right cubicle layout. Here are some examples of different cubicle layouts.

Cellular layout

In this layout, employees are in their respective cells. This arrangement provides some privacy for them. It has also proved to be very beneficial in raising employee morale.

Open working space

This refers to employees using desks with little to no partition. This can help boost employees' morale by making communication with co-workers easier. This also provides transparency and allows managers to keep a check on employees more easily.

A low partition layout

This layout is a combination of the cellular and open working space. It has designated cells for employees to sit in. The exception is that the partition is lower. Even though it fulfills the need for privacy to some extent, it does nothing to cancel out the noise. This creates a distraction in the working place. 

The Best Office Setup

The Best Office Setup - seating chart

The best office setup for happier employees includes using the right office chair, desk, monitor, keyboard, and other accessories. Selecting the perfect furniture can be challenging. Here's a brief guide on how to select the best of each category:

Office desk

There are two types of desks. The sitting and the standing desks. The sitting desks have been in use for a long time. Recent studies have proved that sitting too much can cause health issues like back pain, diabetes, and obesity. These issues were why standing desks were created. A standing desk allows you to work while standing. While looking for a standing desk, try and find one that is adjustable so that you can select the right height and relax while working.

Office chair

Selecting the right chair can help you eliminate most of your fatigue-related issues. You need to find a chair with adjustable height, depth, armrests, and a headrest. A chair like this will keep you comfortable working throughout the day. 

Sometimes, you might need clarification as to if a piece of furniture will look good in your office. You can check this through an office furniture layout tool to check if any furniture would look good in your office. This will create a layout of the office with the furniture in it. 

Finally, as well-planned seating arrangements are known to be beneficial for the business, more and more software is being developed to deal with this issue in the best way possible. This is, again, to improve employee motivation. You can look at different office seating chart software to get the perfect seating plan.

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