What Are Gen Z Expectations in The Workplace?

What Are Gen Z Expectations in The Workplace?

|Aug 3, 2021

The corporate world has undergone a massive make-over: lots of technology, hybrid layouts, and more millennial employees. As a fresh, new addition in the office, Gen Z loves being recognized for its efforts. However, to hire more and retain Gen-Z people, organizations need to revamp the work culture they have and figure out gen z expectations in the workplace. Also known as the iGens, they reframe personal goals to fit in with a global system.

Who is gen z?  

who is gen z     

Both Gen-Z and the Millenials are the future workforces or the current hybrid office. Just to be sure that you’re on the same page, Gen Z’s are individuals born between1996 and early-mid 2000s. Millennials are born between 1980 and 1995. Both generations have their own differences that play out in the office. Here are some takeaways from the gen z expectation list.

  • Gen Zers are influenced by their parents as compared with the Millennials.

  • While Millennials prefer stability, Gen Z prioritizes getting the dream job.

  • Gen Z prioritizes education costs. 

What are the expectations managers need to focus on?

Most organizations put millennials and Gen Z'ers in the same bag, assuming that they are more or less the same. However, it’s the Gen Z'ers that demand much more, love technology, and have an inclusive mindset. It’s these three gen z characteristics in a workplace that make them ideal candidates. Their drive for learning on the job and challenges leads them to have higher expectations from the workplace. Learning how to work with gen z is critical to harnessing their technical capabilities and boosting their careers

1. Free thinking

free thinking

When learning how to deal with gen z in the workplace, you’ll discover that they possess strong viewpoints on a lot of topics. They love thinking ahead when making major decisions. This habit, combined with high enthusiasm, helped them to thin out of the box. If you look up the hybrid workforce meaning, you’ll find that this free-thinking works wonders for the new hybrid style of working.  

2. Workplace flexibility

woking flexibility

Gen Zs expect their office to have some level of cloud computing so that they can enjoy greater flexibility at work. This is because Gen Z's value their professional and personal lives that won’t compromise on their freedom. Employers can implement a flexible work schedule built on top of a sound technological foundation. Further, they can permit them to work on a project that they choose based on their capability. While they prefer a work-life balance, they also seek out work-life integration where they can take time off as needed.

3. Better work culture    

Gen Zs believe in standing up for something should the situation call for it. They observe, are intuitive, and act on genuine validation. They expect to see a similar mindset around them and from employers. This need for greater transparency in everything helps them make decisions that are right by them and correct course if it isn’t. Building this transparent work culture aids a Gen Z in your workplace and in keeping them 'on your team.' It increases their confidence in colleagues and employers and boosts their productivity.           

4. Development and learning

development and learning

Gen Zs are younger and, therefore, very curious. They love learning about anything new and make their learning needs a top priority. In the workplace, this translates into learning from experiences or when the need arises for growing professionally. Responsible employers will facilitate this with training, learning materials to support this growth.      

5. Technology first


Gen Z'ers live and breathe technology, so why not work with it as well? In a workplace, their productivity is dependent on it, and they prefer a work environment that uses lots of it or is even automated. Having the latest technologies and tools aids the organization’s workflow. Organizations might even consult Gen Z employees when implementing new technologies.

6. Flexible culture

Gen Z'ers don’t like a stuffy corporate culture and prefer applying a free thought process when working. So, managers could try channeling their enthusiasm towards goals via constructive feedback. Too much control is being exerted would drive them to look for work elsewhere. 

7. Salary and benefits  

salary and benefits

Salary is the priority across all demographics, Gen Z'ers included. Gen Z isn’t sure about salary negotiations when applying for their first job. They are concerned about job stability, work, money which, if not handled well by employers, may lead to lowered productivity, more healthcare costs, more sick leave, etc. As for the benefits, Gen Z expects medical insurance, paid vacation, financial futures at the minimum. If possible, they even seek out reimbursement, student loan assistance, and maternity benefits too. As they move up with experience, they are eager to look forward to intramural teams, gym memberships, stock options, etc.    

8. Work that adds value

Gen Z likes to feel that their projects and job duties as their top work considerations and when applying for a job. They aren't looking for a 9 to 5 cycle, but a job where their responsibilities make a difference.      

8. Mobility


Gen Z employees focus on professional development and learning but know that not all offices are equipped for it. As they seek out opportunities, they move onto other jobs knowing that a certain job is riddled with limitations. This mode triggers them to start working early on, building careers and job-hunting. Organizations that have a lot to offer scout out Gen Z candidates as early as possible. Most of them prefer not to wait for after graduation for a company to find them; they look for the companies. In this job search, they rely on online presence to rank companies: social media presence, career page, research destinations, etc. Employers that have a strong, responsible brand presence are more likely to attract younger employees.        

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